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Diablo III Cheats for PS3
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Diablo III PS3 Cheats

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Diablo III

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Life Potions 94%
Description: To get additional life potions, when you enter an area that gives you a life potion or chest, make sure to collect them. Now, leave the game and resume it. The place that you clicked on to get the previous potion will give you another potion every time. *** There may not be always a chest; if this happens, leave the game and resume it. Most of the time another chest will appear, and the treasure will vary from an item, to gold, or both.
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Removing Quest Text from Chat 94%
Description: To remove Quest Text from Chat, open the "Sound" options and uncheck the "Show Quest Dialog in Chat" option in the bottom right corner.
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Trophies 94%
How to unlock: To unlock PlayStation3 Trophy rewards, complete the listed tasks.

All That Glitters (Gold)Pick up 5,000,000 gold
Diablo III Platinum Trophy (Platinum)Collected all other Diablo III trophies
Hero of Sanctuary (Gold)Reach Level 60
The Prime Evil (Inferno) (Gold)Kill Diablo in Inferno mode

Demon Slayer (Silver)Reach Level 30
The Black Soulstone (Silver)Complete all quests in Act II
The Last of the Horadrim (Silver)Complete all quests in Act I
The Wages of Sin (Silver)Complete all quests in Act III
Victory & Sacrifice (Silver)Complete all quests in Act IV

A Life with Meaning (Bronze)Raise the Blacksmith to Level 10
Armed to the Teeth (Bronze)Equip all Inventory slots with items that have a minimum required level of 25 or higher
Azmodone (Bronze)Complete all the Azmodan triumph challenges
Bejeweled (Bronze)Combine gems
Breaking Not So Bad (Bronze)Use a merchant to repair an item
Butchered! (Bronze)Kill the Butcher in Normal mode
Butchered! (Inferno) (Bronze)Kill the Butcher in Inferno mode
Deep Pockets (Bronze)Pick up 500,000 Gold
Demon Slayer (Hardcore) (Bronze)Reach Level 30 in Hardcore mode
Diabolical (Bronze)Complete all the Diablo triumph challenges
Fresh Meat (Bronze)Complete all the Butcher triumph challenges
Friends with Benefits (Bronze)Fully equip 1 of your followers
Greed over Need (Bronze)Kill 100 Treasure Goblins
Just a Hobby (Bronze)Raise the Jeweler to Level 10
Legends of the Brawl (Bronze)Equip a legendary (orange) item
Made to Order (Bronze)Craft 5 items
Never Seen that Before (Bronze)Kill 1 of the unique enemies listed in the Never Seen That Before challenge
Out of the Shadows (Bronze)Complete all the Belial triumph challenges
Prepared for Battle (Bronze)Equip all Inventory slots with items that have a minimum required level of 60 or higher
Rarely There (Bronze)Equip a rare (yellow) item
Rite of Passage (Bronze)Reach Level 10
Shut Up and Take My Money! (Bronze)Buy each type of item from merchants
Space! I Love Space! (Bronze)Buy all stash upgrades
The Art of Conversation (Bronze)Complete all the main character, follower, & artisan conversation challenges
The Comfort of Strangers (Bronze)Recruit the Templar, Scoundrel, & Enchantress
The Coven Overthrown (Bronze)Kill Maghda in Normal mode
The Coven Overthrown (Inferno) (Bronze)Kill Maghda in Inferno mode
The Elitist (Bronze)Kill 500 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies
The Lord of Lies (Bronze)Kill Belial in Normal mode
The Lord of Lies (Inferno) (Bronze)Kill Belial in Inferno mode
The Lord of Sin (Bronze)Kill Azmodan in Normal mode
The Lord of Sin (Inferno) (Bronze)Kill Azmodan in Inferno mode
The Mad King's End (Bronze)Kill the Skeleton King in Normal mode
The Mad King's End (Inferno) (Bronze)Kill the Skeleton in Inferno mode
The Prime Evil (Bronze)Kill Diablo in Normal mode
The Prime Evil (Nightmare) (Bronze)Kill Diablo in Nightmare mode
The Prime Evil (Hell) (Bronze)Kill Diablo in Hell mode
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Farming Experience, Gold, & Items 93%
Description: To get farming experience, gold & items, select the Act I Quest The Legacy Of Cain - Explore Cellar segment. Take the waypoint to The Old Ruins and go north, then east. Go down the cellar to encounter a named mob (Captain Daltyn) and his minions. Kill him for at least 1 magic item and some coins. Loot the cauldron for at least 1 health potion. Talk to Leah for quest completion experience and gold. A loot chest also appears 40% of the time. Exit and repeat. The good thing about this method is that the pathway never changes. However, you will keep hearing a Tristram Militia whining about how he promised to save Marko and he did not.
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