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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X Cheats for Xbox
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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X Xbox Cheats

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X

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Unlock THPS1 Career 100%
To unlock the original Tony Hawk Career mode, get a Gold Medal in the Tampa Bay competition in the THPS2X Career mode.
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Mega Points: Glitch 100%
-Things you need for gltich to work:
Moon Phyisics
San Fransico Level(Carrer Mode TH1
Single Session or Carrer Mode

First get a charecter with the stats maxed. Go to the San Fransico Level and jump over the lomadbo gap. go down the street to the right. where
theres a cop car there a ramp in the corner. go off one of the sides and do a GRAB TRICK(must be a grab) you should go on the roof where you can do tricks non-stop. be sure not to fall off or you will half to get back up there(duh). you can spin so fast and get MEGA POINTS. our 2 biggest is: 869,153,375 point for one time
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Unlock NY Subway Level 100%
To unlock the NY Subway Level, get every single Tape in the THPS1 Career levels.
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Unlock THPS2X Career 100%
To unlock the Tony Hawk 2X levels, get Gold Medals in all 3 competitions in the THPS2 Career mode.
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Unlock Spider-Man 98%
To unlock Spider-Man, win the THPS2 Career Mode with 100% on all levels with a created skater.
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Unlock Officer Dick 98%
To unlock Officer Dick, win the THPS2 Career Mode with 100% on all levels with any skater (besides the created skater).
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Unlock everything! 59%
Go to a course, pause the game and hold down L


By: suffer(154)
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