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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Cheats for Xbox
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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Xbox Cheats

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

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All Levels 100%
stiffcomp - unlocks all levels for current skater
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Unlock hidden characters and cheats 100%
After entering the all levels cheat
for a skater. Choose the skater and go to the Cruise Ship level. Once it
begins press start and select, end run. After doing this you will unlock a
new cheat and deck. Keep on doing this with a different skater each time,
they must also have the all levels cheat activated.
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Secret Characters 100%
Weeatdirt - unlocks secret characters, after entry go to create-a-skater
menu and enter one of the following names
Aaron Skillman, Alan Flores, Andrew Rausch, Andy Nelson, Brian Jennings,
Captain Jennings, Chad Findley, Chris Glenn, Chris Rausch, Chris Ward,
Jonnor Jewett, Darren Thorne, Dave Cowling, Dave Stohl, Edwin Fong, Jerry
Jesdanun, Henry Ji, James Rausch, Jason Uyeda, Jeremy Anderson, Joel Jewett,
Johny Ow, Junky Saita, Kevin Mulhall, Lisa Davies, Mark Scott, Matthew Day,
Mick West, Mike Ward, Nicole Willick, Noel Hines, Nolan Nelson, Paul
Robinson, Pete Day, Racheal Day, Ralph D' Amato, Ryan McMahon, Sandy Jewett,
Scott Pease, Steve Ganem, Steven Rausch, Trey Smith, William Pease, Riley
Hawk, Spencer Hawk, 062287, Braineaters, Crashcart, DDT, Eastside, Frogham,
GMIAB, Gorilla, Grass Patch, Mini Joel, Pimpin Frank, Rastapopolous,
Skillzilla, Gi Skills, Stacey D
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Unlock Oil Rig 100%
To unlock the Xbox-specific Oil Rig Level, 100% the game with a single character. The Oil Rig is only available in Free Skate Mode.
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Unlock X-Ray the Skeleton 100%
100% the entire game twice to unlock the unusually scary skeleton X-Ray as a playable character.
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Level select 100%
Enter the options menu, then choose the "Cheats" selection. Enter "stiffcomp" to unlock all levels for the current skater. To unlock everything in the game, enter "stiffcomp" for every skater and play any level except the medal winning levels. Now, select "Start Run" then "End Run". This will win the game with the current skater. Do this with every character including one created skater to unlock everything in the game. When you get secret skaters, do the same thing to continue to unlock secrets.
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All Boards 100%
neverboard - unlocks all boards for current skater
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Unlock All Movies 100%
To unlock all of the movies in the game, go to the Cheats screen in the option menu. Enter the code ROLLIT to see all of the movies available.
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All Stats 100%
juice4me - gives all stat points to your current skater.
*they won't show up right away you will have to go to the change
appearance menu and put the stats up to their maximum.
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Juice4me 100%
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Secret Tape Surburbia 100%
This is a way to get the secret tape with out doing help the thin man goal. You might wanna have the moon physics cheat. When you start, swerve 180 and go back up the roll in. Before the branches, ollie high ang grind the rail for the secret tape.
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