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MLB 2K13 Cheats for PS3
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MLB 2K13 PS3 Cheats

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MLB 2K13

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Trophies 100%
Description: Complete the listed tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 TROPHY rewards:

Walk Off (Platinum)Unlock all Trophies
Home, Sweet Home (Bronze)Score 193 runs with your user profile
Chicks Dig It (Bronze)Hit 74 home runs with your user profile
Almost There (Bronze)Hit 37 triples with your user profile
Fanning the Flames (Bronze)Strike out 514 batters with your user profile
Set the Table (Bronze)Hit 68 doubles with your user profile
Productivity (Bronze)Get 263 hits with your user profile
Domination (Bronze)Save 63 games with your user profile
Production (Bronze)Drive in 192 RBI with your user profile
You Make Your Own Destiny (Bronze)Steal 139 bases with your user profile
As Good as a Hit (Silver)Walk 233 times with your user profile
Down But Not Out (Bronze)Get a hit with 2 strikes in a non-simulated game
Grab Some Pine (Bronze)Get a strikeout to end the inning in a non-simulated game
A Pitcher's Best Friend (Bronze)Turn a double play in a non-simulated game
To the Rescue (Bronze)Get a save with the tying run on base in a non-simulated game
Don't Call it a Comeback (Bronze)Win after being down by 4 after the 6th inning in a non-simulated game
The Start of Something Special (Bronze)Lead off an inning by hitting a triple in a non-simulated game
Stooges (Bronze)Strikeout all three hitters in the inning in a non-simulated game
No Hole too Deep (Bronze)Battle Back: Down 0-2, get walked in a non-simulated game
Throw First and Aim Later (Bronze)Miss your throw to first base with 2 outs in a non-simulated game
Take That (Bronze)Get an RBI after getting brushed back off the plate in a non-simulated game
My Main Squeeze (Bronze)Bunt the man home in a non-simulated game
Dual Threat (Bronze)Steal a base with a pitcher in a non-simulated game
I Came, I Saw... (Bronze)Hit a Walk-off Home Run in a non-simulated game
He Taketh Away (Bronze)Rob a Home Run by climbing the wall in a non-simulated game
The Road to Victory (Bronze)Get 3 consecutive batters on base in a non-simulated game
Mr. Consistency (Silver)Get a hit in all 9 innings in a non-simulated game
A Virtue (Silver)Face 10 pitches as the batter in a non-simulated game
One Man Show (Gold)Throw a No-Hitter in a 9 inning, non-simulated game
The Goal (Bronze)Accomplish a Team Season Goal in My Player Mode
Back to the Cage (Bronze)Get a Golden Sombrero (strikeout 4 times in 1 game) in My Player Mode
Payback (Bronze)Hit a home run off a former team in My Player Mode
Your Day (Bronze)Win player of the game in an MLB game in My Player Mode
This is Why I'm Here (Bronze)Be successful in a major league clutch moment in My Player Mode
The Call (Bronze)Get called up to the Majors in My Player Mode
A Job Well Done (Silver)Win 100+ games in a season in My Player Mode
2-Peat (Silver)Win Back to Back World Series in My Player Mode
The Top (Silver)Become the #1 ranked player in your My Player organization
The Star (Silver)Make the All-Star team in My Player Mode
The Hall (Silver)Make the Hall of Fame in My Player Mode
What's Your Ring Size? (Gold)Win a World Series in My Player Mode
You're Special (Bronze)Win a Season award in Franchise Mode. (play at least 20 games)
Remember Me (Bronze)Break a record in Franchise Mode. (play at least 20 games)
The Champs (Silver)Win a World Series in Franchise Mode. (play at least 20 games)
King of the Hill (Bronze)Get to the top of the Best of the Best ladder in Home Run Derby Mode
My Fellow Man (Bronze)Complete and win an online game
Count it (Bronze)Complete and win a ranked match
Upset Alert (Bronze)Use the Houston Astros in a completed ranked match
The Spice of Life (Bronze)Play 10 ranked matches using 10 different teams
The Team to Beat (Bronze)Beat the San Francisco Giants in a completed online match
The Road to Greatness (Bronze)Complete and win 3 ranked matches in a row
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