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Star Conflict Cheats for PC
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Star Conflict PC Cheats

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Star Conflict

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Steam Achievements 92%
Complete the following tasks to unlock the specified achievement:

*** How to view your achievements & stats in Steam: Select Community, then My profile, then View all my games, then select the game & finally select View stats.

Big BrotherAttach 5000 spy drones to enemy ships
BlitzkriegCapture the sector in less than 5 minutes
CarapaceDestroy 10 of enemy missiles
Cosmonautics DayWin 5 victories on the Cosmonautics Day
CracksmanEarn 500 beacon capture points
CrusherDeal 25000 damage to the enemy
CryptographerEarn 5000 beacon capture points
DestroyerDeal 100000 damage to the enemy
EngineerRestore ally beacons for 10000 points
ExterminatorDeal 1000000 damage to the enemy
Fire and forgetSuccessfully launch 100 missiles
Flawless VictoryWin the battle without losing a single ship
Got some more missiles?Destroy 1000 of enemy missiles
HackerEarn 10000 beacon capture points
Impenetrable defenceDestroy 10000 of enemy missiles
Iron curtainDestroy 100 of enemy missiles
JuggernautDeal 50% of the total damage dealt during the battle
Manhattan ProjectSuccessfully launch 50 nukes
MeteorCapture all the beacons in one battle
Missile maniacSuccessfully launch 5000 missiles
Missile salvoSuccessfully launch 500 missiles
Nuclear apocalypseSuccessfully launch 3000 nukes
Nuclear threatSuccessfully launch 250 nukes
Nuclear winterSuccessfully launch 1000 nukes
RepairmanRestore ally beacons for 1000 points
Rocket downpourSuccessfully launch 500 unguided rockets
Rocket hailSuccessfully launch 1000 unguided rockets
Rocket rainSuccessfully launch 100 unguided rockets
Rocket stormSuccessfully launch 5000 unguided rockets
RocketeerSuccessfully launch 1000 missiles
SafecrackerEarn 1000 beacon capture points
ScoutAttach 10 spy drones to enemy ships
ServicemanRestore ally beacons for 500 points
SingularityCapture all the beacons simultaneously
Special agentAttach 1000 spy drones to enemy ships
SpyAttach 100 spy drones to enemy ships
TechnicianRestore ally beacons for 5000 points
TerminatorDeal 10000000 damage to the enemy
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