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Pokemon Crystal

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Annons/Unowns 93%
In the back of each puzzle room in the ruins of Alph is a word formed by Annons/Unowns. They require you to do things in order to get into a back room. In one place, you must equip a Water Stone. In another, you must put a Houou/Ho-Oh 1st in your lineup. In another you must use an Escape Rope. In another you must use Flash. Once in the back room, pick up the items and fall down the hole to find a room with a message about Annon/Unown. Fall down the hole there to return to the Annon/Unown shrine.
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Suikun/Suicune 92%
Find a Suikun/Suicune in 3 different places (right out of National Park, below the bush by Mount Mortar, and up in Cianwood). Now, go to Tin Tower, and a Suikun/Suicune will appear to fight you.
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Mysterious Channel 13.5 91%
Use your radio in the ruins of Alph to tune into Channel 13.5. You will hear mysterious sounds made by the Annon/Unown.
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Serebii/Celebi 87%
Hook up the mobile adapter. Go to the communication center in Goldenrod City, and read the message on the lockers to the right of the room. They will talk about a present from the future. Leave and the blue-haired nurse will ask you to defeat all sixteen gyms in order to obtain the GS Ball.

Once you have done so, give the GS Ball to Kurt. The next day, he will give it back. Put it in the shrine in the Ilex forest and a level 30 Serebii/Celebi will attack you.
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Lugia 82%
Get the silver wing at at Brock's place talk to the old man. And he will give you a silver wing, and go to whirl island. and you can now find
lugia,that creature will attack if you talk to it. Gyaash!
By: erilsky(110)
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Walk through walk 80%
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Hint 80%
Start a new game then get the starter pokemon(cyndaquil is best for his) defeat the 1st 3 gyms the buy 70 pokeballs and 1 repel. then go to bill and he will say 'wow you mustve worked hard' and then he will say 'here take these' and he will give you 100 master balls and 251 pokemon
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GS Ball 75%
To get gs ball go to slowpoke well go to the end and you will find a mew kill it and you go to the dark cave and you will find ash defeat him he will give you magnet and start a new game and you will have gs ball
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Where to catch polygon 67%
Go to the cave between physical gym and team rocket base.
By: Blacuchops(15)
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Get lugia 64%
Get a silver feather then go to sea foam islands in there you will find lugia
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How to catch three types of pokemon by codes 60%
Add this in gameshark:
910104D2- bulbasaur
By: erilsky(110)
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How to get tyrogue 59%
Explore the mt.mortar until the end. Then you will battle a trainer with hitmon pokemons. Beat him,and he will give you tyrogue
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Rare candy 58%
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The 3 Ways To Kanto 57%
There are 3 different ways to Kanto. The easiest way is the Tohjo Falls route which is the water near New Bark Town. The ship is the most popular way to Kanto. First go to Prof. Elm after you beat Indigo League. He will give you the S.S Ticket for the ship. By the way he will also give you one of the 3 Kanto Stater Pokemon. The last and hardest way is Mt. Silver. To get there you will need all 16 badges from Johto and Kanto. Talk to Prof. Oak in Pallet Town and he grants you access to Mt. Silver.
By: ian22(240)
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In mt silver red will be found after you have 16 bages
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Where to find a trainer that has lvl 70-100 56%
Go to the cave near pewter gym or near the first gym with leaf green and fire red. go up and you will find a tiny hole.get in there and you will find a long road that will lead to champion ash
By: Blacuchops(15)
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When you get the 8th bage when in range prof elm will call go to lab prof elm will give it to you
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Go to lavender town get blue card off man go to snorlax play poke flute on radio then snorlax will attack
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How to get Dragonite 51%
Okay first beat Clair in Blackthorn City and she will say "No! You were just lucky.'' Then she will tell you to get a Dragon Scale. Tell her grandad all the correct answers and he will give you a Dratini. Raise it to level 35 an it evolves into Dragonair. Raise it to level 50 and it will evolve into a Dragonite. Dragonite can learn Wing Attack, Dragon Rage, Dragon Breath, and Tail Whip. Note: Give your Exp. Share to your Dratini for easy leveling. I have a level 58 Dragonite and it is my second strongest Pokemon.
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To get the full pokedex you need to capture MEW not kill it. Ok, to get Mew make shure you havnt defeated Hiker Anthony. If you havnt gone far in your game, or if you have, restart your game and choose Totidile. Go to mum and say YES to save money. once you do all that crap and when you have done the mr pokemon crap then do the 1st city gym. once you done it go through UNION CAVE. AT THE END OF THE CAVE, DON'T BATTLE HIKER ANTHONY! 1st go to the berry tree and pick it. it should be psncurberry or przcurberry or sumthing. NOW go and battle hiker anthony. Defeate him and go back into UNION CAVE. ALSO MAKE SHURE U HAVNT BEAT THAT GUY ON THAT HILL THING WITH THE LADDER BESIDE HIM! Once you get up to him battle him and defeate him. once you defeated him go down or up the ladder (which ever it is). walk 100 steps so bring a repel to make shure uve walked 100 steps exact. now go up(or down) the ladder then do it again. Then walk another 100 steps and your game should freeze. DON'T RESET UR GAME! As it will only freeze for a few seconds. Once it is unfrozen when you take 1 step it will lagg. after the step nothing will be wrong. take 1 more step and it will open the MENU thing. Close it and walk 1 more step. The battle thingy will come up and you will be in fight with MEW. Do whatever BUT DON'T KILL HIM ALSO U MUST USE SCRATCH! Use any ball to capture him.(IF MEW DOESNT APPEAR, THEN HE WILL APEER AT RANDOM AFTER YOU TALK TO ELM)! Make shure you have 1 free space for a pokemon. once captured it will appear there. Now save your game and walk 1 step. Save it again but when its saying SAVING GAME DO NOT TURN OF POWER..(or whateva it says) turn your game off. Once you turn back on and shizz you will be 1 step behind from when you wer saving and turned it off. Now walk back to the place you start at and go to professor Elm and talk to him. He will say some crap 1st then once hes finished talking talk to him again. This Time he says something like: "Wow! you got mew and FULL POKEDEX!" You will proboly think wha? full pokedex? After the talking check if you got full pokedex. It won't show All pokemon though. So now save your game INFRONT OF ELM. now press (A,B,SELECT AND START AT THE SAME TIME). your game will turn off but don't worry. Turn your game back on and Click NEW GAME. do all the shizz. once your in game check your pokedex. You will have 251 CAUGHT AND SEEN!. Now check your Party and the only thing in there will be MEW! it will have the mail thingy on it. check what item its holding and it will be master ball!


1 Space in your party.
Have a started game.
Not have a Rigged game.
Strong enough Pokemon to beat Hiker Anthony.
The guts to restart your game without having a hissy fit or being scared this won't work.

This Cheat is created by Ze PoKeMoN hAcKeR. If this cheat does not work do not complain because it worked for me. I did it a lot of times. 2008 Ze PoKeMoN hAcKeR
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The odd egg will hatch around goldenrod into togepi
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Cloning a pokemon and items 50%
You can clone pokemons and any items what you want... First made a pokemon hold an item... Change to an empty box in PC... Deposit your pokemon into that empty box and change the box... When you are changing the box it will ask you to save... During saving it will say "SAVING... DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER" exit before this sentence finishes... Start and continue the game... You can see the pokemon you deposited in PC is your party holding an item... And you can see that pokemon in PC holding an item... you can ask any doubts in this game and also in Gold and Silver...
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How to clone 46%
Put any one pokemon in an empty box, make sure you have a space clear in your party, then change boxs wait until it says \"saving do not turn off power\"turn it off and right back on , one should be in your party the other should be in the empty box
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Rare candy & Master ball chaets 45%
These codes really works but remember that not to enable both of them at a time. Because if you enable both they won't work.The codes are given below:
9101D8D8 - Master Ball(infinite)
9120D8D8 - Rare Candy(infinite)
By: DEmons(21)
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If you have Crystal Version you will notice the Game Thingy is see-through. Get one(or your only one) of your Gold or Crystal or Silver games and put it on a table in real life.

Now go any get a skrewdriver and a hammer (ONLY JOKESING ABOUT HAMMER :P) and bring the skrewdriver were the game is. Now use The skrewdriver to open up your game. Once you have opened your game, Take the battery out and put it back in. Now on 1 side of the green thingy, There is about 20 Gold-Line things. NOW! Scratch the 3rd thingy from the left, then scratch the 14th thingy then the 19th. If any come out don't worry because nothing bad will happen. now put the see-through thingy back together, if it doesnt go back together sticky tape it together. Now put your game into the slot thingy and turn your game on. continue your game and go to ELMS lab/building. Instead of going through the door go through the spot were your rival was standing at the start of your game. once your walking through his lab/building your floor might go all black and you might only see houses/buildings. IF that happens get off his lab/building and go through the door. and it will be fixed. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT, THE WALK-THROUGH-ANYTHING CHEAT/GLITCH!

Gold or Crystal or Silver version.
The guts to do this cheat/glitch without having a cry or a spaz.

This Cheat is created by Ze PoKeMoN hAcKeR.
If this cheat does not work do not complain because it worked for me. I did it a lot of times. 2008 Ze PoKeMoN hAcKeR
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How to get 99 master balls 42%
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Helpful tips on choosing your first pokemon 38%
*Chickorita is a harder pokemon to raise due to Viliot citys gym leader having a Pidgiot.
*Chickorita should be used by experinced players.
*Chickorita is Bulbasors counterpart.

*Cyndaquil seems to be the easier way to go for me but is not the strongest.
*When I began the game I chose this one so I tell beginniers should mostly chose this
*Cyndaquil is Charamanders counterpart but doesn't turn into a flying dragon....

*Totodile is the moderate choice. It is the most popular choice to. It seem to grow to be
the strongest choice.
*Alot of beginners chose this one. I think Totodile is a fine choice but I liked Cyndaquil
*Totodile is Squirtles counterpart.

Note: This is my on opinion not everyones
By: jenster1994(87)
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Togepi evolves early 33%
When togepi hatches from its egg use lots rare candies til it reaches lvl 25 and there you have toghetic
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How to get ho-ho quickly without any fightings or catching 31%
First you must make your pokemon lvl 70 and start a new game then get a chekarita and lvl it until it riches lvl 70 just like the other one dont save your file and continue the other one and go to secret cave a boy will give you an egg walk around and it will hatches into an ho-ho. it will work just like me ive dont it a hundred times
By: shikogener(8)
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Get celbi on crystal 31%
Get celibi on crystal get all 16 bages talk to woman in goldenrod radio tower get gs ball to shirine in ilex forest then lv30 celbi will appear
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Where to catch Raikou and Entei 30%
You can catch raikou the legendary thunder pokemon between the gym that uses gengar and steelix. use nidoking at the first pokemon place and nidoqueen at the second. when its about 10 - 15 minutes you will find raikou. you can find entei near right corner down of kanto.use rock type at the first pokemon place and physic or steel at the second slot.
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Rare candy rush 23%
There 2 ways to get rare cndys. 1...put rare cndy in 6th slot in bag,and fght missimingo(figure out by urself)beat it, unlimited! Or, clone. (Figure that out urself too)
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At lv16 the starter will evolve
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Put your game onto a table and go and get a hammer. here are steps:

1. Lift up the hammer.
2. Raise the hammer above your head.
3. Slam the hammer on top of your game.
4. Lift up the hammer again.
5. Raise the hammer above your head again.
6. Slam the hammer onto your game again.

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At lv 32 togipi will evolve into togetic
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Where to Find a Great Ball 20%
Exit Union Cave where you first enter, go straight up into the path that leads to nowhere then once you're all the way up take a step back and turn back around so there is on more space empty. Then press(A) and a great-ball should be there.
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Lots of cheats 17%
Full Pokedex in 5 mins!
Catch every pokemon but it will take you like 30 hours k?

Mewtwo AND Mew without trading: ! aa [[ MUST DO THIS ON WEDNESDAY ]]
Go to the unown place and save just outside one of the exits. Go in and beat all 3 puzzles (i'll be $%#@ed if I knew how to) and DONT SAVE FROM NOW ON! Fly to mums house and talk to her. Whatever she says (doesnt matter what), ALWAYS CLICK YES! Get a pen and paper, and take note of how many times you do this. You need to do it 63 times (EXACT) to be able to go forward. Once you have done it 63 times, go to Kanto region and fly to the Elite Four. Walk near where your rival tries to battle you, but QUICKLY press start! If you did it on time, then you will be able to see him standing there. Use one of your pokemon and press "Fly" (your pokemon needs fly, duh). Press start again and he will battle you. Kill him with a knife (not really), just defeat him and then walk out of Elite Four. Fly to Cerulean City and go into pokemon centre and deposit all of your best pokemon into box 3. If you dont have enough room (which you would), then just get rid of some of the pokemon you dont need (release them into the wild). You need to fill up Box 3 with pokemon and NONE OTHER BOXES MUST BE FULL! Walk out of the pokemon centre and press A, B, Start and Select at the same time (note you haven't saved, but your pokemon will still be in the boxes you chose, and the other pokemon you released will be in boxes 10 to 20. Some may be gone, but yea there you go). Start a new game and SAVE in front of your stove, then save in front of your house, then save in front of Professor Elm's House. Get up to the earliest place where you can see inside your PC. Check in boxes 3 to 20 and all of your pokemon will be there! Withdraw any pokemon above level 30 (preferably an unown, smoochum, pidgey, pidgeotto, pidgeot, sudowoodo or a flaaffy. If you withdraw one of these, the mewtwo and mew will be level 70. If you don't, your mewtwo and mew will be level 10) and then deposit your chosen starter pokemon into the box you withdrew the pokemon. Walk over to the sea (where you would usually surf to Kanto) and save in the highest spot you can walk, right up next to the sea. Then press (A) on the water next to you and YOU FIND MEW AND MEWTWO! Kill them both with your pokemon above level 30, and they are sent directly to Box 1 (THERE CANNOT BE ANY POKEMON IN BOX 1 OR 2~ ~~~ ! IMPORTANT ! ~~!@ ~!).

You have your MEW AND MEWTWO and are 2 steps closer to finishing your POKEDIX!

Get 1000 Master Balls (NEVER RUN OUT): [[ CRYSTAL VERSION ONLY ]]
Go to Goldenrod city, go into the casino place where you play the games. Save your game in the top left corner of the game (to the bottom of the desk). Now press (A), (B), (Select) and (Start) at the same time. Your game will reset BUT DONT PANIC~! because your pokemon are still there. Start a new game and choose girl. Put your name as Bl@inB. (NO FULL STOP) Then do everything and choose totodile as your starter pokemon. Attack one pokemon and kill it, use Scratch > Leer > Scratch > Leer > Scratch > Leer - until it dies. Make sure you use Scratch the same amount of times as Leer. Then battle another pokemon and keep using Leer. When your HP goes on 0, PRESS (A), (B), (Select) and (Start) BEFORE YOUR POKEMON FALLS DOWN~~!@@~!@~@!~@!~@!~@! Then start a new game again and save. Turn off your Game, and turn it back on. Click on Continue Game, but your game in the casino will STILL BE THERE! Check in your pack for the master balls, and you have 1000 of them! CONGRATULATIONS!
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Poin 12%
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