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Spartacus Legends Cheats for XBOX 360
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Spartacus Legends XBOX 360 Cheats

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Spartacus Legends

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Achievements 96%
How to unlock: To unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points, complete the listed Achievements.

An Educated Lanista (20 points)Completed the Tutorial fight
Beat Strong, Bloody Heart (40 points)Won 5 consecutive fights in Insulae district
Hardened for Battle (20 points)Defeated an opponent of Threat Rating 100 or higher
Legendary Victory (30 points)Defeated a legendary gladiator
Opened Gates, Bloodied Sands (20 points)Unlocked all arenas & fought in all arenas at least once
Rejected by Hell (20 points)Revived a dead Gladiator for the 1st time
Rich & Famous (80 points)Reached Level 50 Fame
The Champion of Capua (50 points)Defeated all Primus Fights in all districts for the 1st time
The First of Many Conquests (20 points)Conquered your 1st district
Vidi, Vici, Veni (20 points)Drove the crowd into a frenzy & won a fight by executing your opponent with a finishing move
Well-Versed in Weaponry (20 points)Won at least 1 match with each fighting style
Without Mercy (60 points)Performed 25 executions or slaughters
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Easy win 67%
When using warriors hand to hand combat is usefull. use top protecting armor and rush. the game wasnt programed for defending rushing only defence. so use no weapon equipted and get in close for huge combos. mash X and Y for best results close to people. when people use tridents or spears it is a pain. dodge by hitting Y UP ,Y DOWN, Y RIGHT ,or Y LEFT to get solid hits to win.
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