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Don't Starve Cheats for PC
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Don't Starve PC Cheats

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Don't Starve

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Unlockable Characters 100%
In Don't Starve, these are the different characters that can be unlocked:

Maxwell - The Puppetmaster
Wendy - The Bereaved
Wes - The Silent
Wickerbottom - The Librarian
Willow - The Firestarter
Wolfgang - The Strongman
Woodie - The Lumberjack
WX-78 - The Soulless Automaton

To unlock these characters, you have to survive for a certain amount of days and then die. It is recommended that you just try to survive as long as possible because you have to start all the way back over at 0 days survived when trying to unlock the other characters in the game.

Survive over 80 days and you should unlock everyone except WX-78. To unlock WX-78, you have to find and combine four wooden parts that are found in random areas across the game world.
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How to build the Accomploshrine 100%
To build the Accomploshrine, you need to find specific parts and then put them together.

The Accomploshrine is tied to two different trophies. The first is Look on my works, ye Mighty. This trophy is a Gold trophy. The other trophy is ...and despair! which is another Gold trophy. The latter trophy is awarded for using the Accomploshrine 725 times.

The attached video explains how to build an Accomploshrine. See the video: Cheat Video
Don't Starve cheat video Cheat Video
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