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Payday 2 Cheats for PC
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Payday 2 PC Cheats

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Payday 2

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

PayDay 2 Walkthrough Guide 98%
CheatMasters brings you the all-inclusive guide and faqs of PayDay 2, covering all tips and important info to get you a complete experience of Heisting - the PayDay way!

Read the Guide --> PayDay 2 Walkthrough [GUIDE]
By: Toebin(11280)
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Payday 2 Achievement help (1+2) (Spoilers) 96%
One of the first achievements you'll be able to obtain in this game, or Trophies for the Xbox 360, is "Coming in Hot"

To obtain this achievement, during the first part of the "Watchdogs" heist, as you throw the last of the Coke into the truck, you will receive a notification. It will say "The escape car is coming." When this is said, get into the car as quickly as you possibly can. If you get into it before it takes any damage, you will automatically obtain this one when you enter it.

The second achievement you will be able to earn actually also happens during the Watchdogs job! It is known as "Fish A.I." On the second day, make sure you have at least one extra bag of Coke. If you do, then grab one. Start making your way to the water. Once you are there, hit the correct trigger to launch it right in! If you have done it correctly, you will now have the achievement! Just be sure you have enough Coke to complete the level before you do so...

If this was done correctly, then congratulations on the new achievements, and may your achievements hunting continue!
By: Rpyleoh(196)
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