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FIFA 14 Cheats for PS4
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FIFA 14 PS4 Cheats

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FIFA 14 Guide 98%
Comprehensive guide for FIFA 14. Includes information on next-gen versions!

Read the Guide --> FIFA 14 [Guide]
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Trophies 100%
These are the trophies for FIFA 14 on PlayStation 4.

A Legendary Performance (Silver) - Win a game on Legendary after trailing at half time
Beast Mode (Bronze) - Straight Arm a Defender to protect the ball
Best Friends Forever (Silver) - Finish a season in Online Friendlies
Big Game (Bronze) - Win a Game of the Week in Highlights of the Week
Bling Ring (Silver) - Earn a trophy in Seasons
Bros Gonna Bro (Bronze) - Start a Co-Op Season with a friend
Challenging (Silver) - Complete a Match Day Challenge in Highlights of the Week on at least World Class difficulty
Chemistry Experiment (Bronze) - Apply your first Chemistry Style consumable in FUT
Collecting Silverware (Gold) - Win a division title in FUT Seasons
Control (Bronze) - Change your formation from the Team Management tile in Squad during your Career
Extra Effort (Bronze) - Score with a first time Sliding Shot
Fancy Some FUT? (Bronze) - Follow a Football Club News & Alert to start or enter FUT
First Mission (Bronze) - Send a scout on an area scouting mission
Football Legend (Platinum) - Unlock all other trophies
From Me to You (Bronze) - Gift a Football Club Catalogue item to a friend
Fuel for My Club (Silver) - Open 20 packs in FUT
Hey Look, a Free Gold Pack! (Silver) - Complete all Manager Tasks in FUT
I Could Do this Every Week (Bronze) - Challenge the Team of the Week in FUT
It's Mine Now (Bronze) - Redeem an item from the Football Club Catalogue
Just Dropped In (Bronze) - Play a Drop-in match in Pro Clubs
Legendary (Gold) - Become Legendary on one of the Skill Challenges in Skill Games
Long Term Signing (Bronze) - Apply a 99 match player contract from the Catalogue to any player in FUT
Moving on Up (Silver) - Earn promotion in seasons
On My Own (Bronze) - Complete a Be a Pro Challenge on any difficulty in Highlights of the Week
On Your Way (Silver) - Unlock 15% of the Pro Accomplishments in Pro Clubs
Passing on the Armband (Bronze) - Change your captain in FUT
Perfection (Silver) - Score a perfect Hat Trick (left foot, right foot, header)
Power and Movement (Bronze) - Score with a Curling Lace Shot
Rising Star (Silver) - Be featured in the Team of the Week in your career as a player
Seconds, Please (Bronze) - Win the ball back with a second chance tackle
Silver Lining (Silver) - Complete the silver stage of all skill games
Silverware (Silver) - Win a trophy as a Team Manager in Career
Skills to Pay the Bills (Silver) - Beat a friend's score in Skill Games
So Skilled (Bronze) - Unlock a single skill challenge in Skill Games
Started from the Bottom... (Silver) - Reach EA Sports Football Club Level 15
Teamwork (Bronze) - Win your first seasons match in Pro Clubs
Thanks, Tips (Bronze) - Follow a Football Club recommendation
We're Bros Now (Bronze) - Earn a player's loyalty in FUT by playing 10 or more games with him
What a Hit, Son! (Bronze) - Score with a Dipping Volley
Who Needs a Weak Foot? (Bronze) - Score with an outside of the foot shot
You Got Mail (Bronze) - Open up your inbox while advancing in career
You Struck Gold! (Silver) - Scout and find a player with any combination of three Global Transfer Network attributes in career
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