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Foul Play Cheats for XB360
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Foul Play XB360 Cheats

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Foul Play

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Achievements 100%
How to unlock: To unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points, complete the listed Achievements.

A Cult Classic (10 points)Completed Play 4
Amateur Dramatic (5 points)Leveled up for the 1st time
Amazing Scenes! (25 points)You achieved a x200 combo
Breathtaking Deeds! (5 points)You achieved a x50 combo
Court Wizard (15 points)12 Charms unlocked
Daemonologist (25 points)All Charms unlocked
Foul Players (25 points)Completed Play 5
Headline Act! (20 points)75 Stars collected
JaBaroni (10 points)Performed 100 Stunning Piledrivers
Kraken Show (10 points)Completed Play 3
Parlour Magician (5 points)First Charm unlocked
Roughly Tumbled (20 points)Performed 50 Cannonball Combos
Speaking Part! (10 points)25 Stars collected
Team Player (10 points)Equipped 2 Team Charms
Tested Trouper (10 points)Reached Level 6
Thespian Vampire Killers (10 points)Completed Play 2
The Stagehands Hate Me! (20 points)Performed 50 Stage Crasher moves
The Tools & the Talent (5 points)Played with 2 Charms equipped
"To Me, to You" (10 points)Performed 30 'Heads-Up' moves
True Thespian (20 points)Reached Level 12
Unbelievable Thrills! (10 points)You achieved a x100 combo
Undying on Stage (10 points)Completed Play 1
Unstoppable Force (10 points)Performed 100 Magnificent Combos
Up & Coming! (10 points)50 Stars collected
Vaudeville Legend! (25 points)All Stars collected
Well Rehearsed… (20 points)Performed 50 Perfect Scenes
Whitechapel Clairvoyant (5 points)6 Charms unlocked
Working the Wire Men (20 points)Remained in the air for 15 sec.
"You REALLY Love Me!" (5 points)You earned your 1st 5 Star performance
"You Should See My Backhand…" (15 points)Performed 50 Ace Returns
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Achievements 100%
These are the achievements for Foul Play on Xbox 360.

Undying on Stage (10G)Completed Play 1.
Thespian Vampire Killers (10G)Completed Play 2.
Kraken Show (10G)Completed Play 3.
A Cult Classic (10G)Completed Play 4.
Foul Players (25G)Completed Play 5.
Amateur Dramatic (5G)Leveled up for the first time.
Tested Trouper (10G)Reached Level 6.
True Thespian (20G)Reached Level 12.
Parlour Magician (5G)First Charm unlocked.
Whitechapel Clairvoyant (5G)6 Charms unlocked.
Court Wizard (15G)12 Charms unlocked.
Daemonologist (25G)All Charms unlocked.
"You REALLY love me!" (5G)You earned your first 5 Star performance.
Speaking Part! (10G)25 Stars collected.
Up and Coming! (10G)50 Stars collected.
Headline Act! (20G)75 Stars collected.
Vaudeville Legend! (25G)All Stars collected.
The Tools and the Talent (5G)Played with 2 Charms equipped.
Team Player (10G)Equipped 2 Team Charms.
BREATHTAKING DEEDS! (5G)You achieved a x50 combo.
UNBELIEVABLE THRILLS! (10G)You achieved a x100 combo.
AMAZING SCENES! (25G)You achieved a x200 combo.
Working the Wire Men (20G)Remained in the air for 15 seconds.
Well Rehearsed (20G)Performed 50 Perfect Scenes.
Roughly Tumbled (20G)Performed 50 Cannonball Combos.
JaBaroni (10G)Performed 100 Stunning Piledrivers.
"You should see my backhand!" (15G)Performed 50 Ace Returns.
Unstoppable Force (10G)Performed 100 Magnificent Combos.
The Stagehands Hate Me! (20G)Performed 50 Stage Crasher moves.
"To me, to you" (10G)Performed 30 'Heads-Up' moves
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