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State of Decay Cheats for PC
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State of Decay PC Cheats

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State of Decay

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

State of Decay Walkthrough Guide 93%
A walkthrough guide for State of Decay.

Read the Guide --> State of Decay Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12756)
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List of zombie types 64%
There are five different "special" zombie types in State of Decay. Killing all of them will net you an achievement called Get Yo' Freak On. Here are the zombies you have to kill to get this achievement:

1. Feral Zombie
2. Screamer
3. Juggernaut
4. Rotter
5. S.W.A.T. Zombie

All five of these zombies are going to be seen at some point in the game just by playing through the missions. You don't really have to go and seek any out.
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The Bruce (15G) 63%
Kill 3 zombies with an exploding propane tank.

Propane tanks are seen in numerous areas of the game. Find out and then trick a horde of zombies into chasing you and lead them right to the propane tank. Shoot it as they near it to blow up most of the zombies, and hopefully at least more than three of them.
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Double Dead (15G) 63%
Perform a hand to hand double kill special attack.

First, find a survivor with the Powerhouse skill. Conveniently, the first survivor of the game, Marcus, has that skill. There are other survivors you'll encounter later on that also have this ability.

Then level this skill up to level 6 or 7. Then you can upgrade their skills to learn the Double Kill skill. Now you'll be able to perform double kills with melee attacks. See the video: Cheat Video
State of Decay cheat video Cheat Video
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Get fame easy 60%
There is an achievement in the game to earn 500 Fame. Here is how you can get that achievement easy by building up a lot of Fame.

For one, doing the story missions gets a lot of Fame. But another way to get Fame is to build up all your skill levels. Use your weaker characters and build up their low-level skills and then just keep switching to new characters to keep building their skills and building up your Fame easy.
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Horde Hoard (20G) 60%
Destroy 10 hordes in one day.

Hordes appear on the map as moving blips that have a line of sight that is also outlined on the map. They can be spotted at survey points or just seen by exploring.

An easy way to kill them is by plowing them with vehicles. This will definitely destroy the vehicle after a couple of times, but it's not like they are in short supply.
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Torn Apart (10G) 60%
Get killed by zombies.

Survivors don't respawn in this game after they've been killed. They are just dead, and then you take control of another survivor. So find a survivor you don't like or care about and commit suicide with them by having them run right into a crowd of the undead.
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Badass (30G) 60%
Complete 50 missions or activities with the same character.

You don't have to switch characters ever, but you should to let your main character rest up. Use the other characters to build up supplies and then when your main character is ready to go again, switch to them and use the supplies collected by the other characters. If you just keep doing all the main and side missions with whatever your favorite character is, this will unlock eventually.
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Gotta Enjoy the Little Things (10G) 57%
Used a car door to kill a zombie

Zombies will jump on your car door a lot. You can press X to fling the door open. Get going at high speeds to spend them flying off. Alternatively, you can drive up by a zombie and whack them repeatedly with your door or with a lot of speed to kill them without even having them grab onto it.
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It Was Just a Police Action (10G) 57%
Find out what the Army's up to

Story mission
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Movin' on Up! (15G) 57%
Relocate your home base.

If you have a high enough population and enough construction materials, you should be able to relocate your home base at numerous areas in the game. In fact, there is a story mission all about moving your home base elsewhere, but you won't be able to actually move the base unless you have enough materials and a high enough population.
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How to specialize a skill 57%
After reaching level 7 in one of the different skill sets, you can check out that characters' skills in the menu by using the d-pad. Then you can choose to "Specialize" a skill to boost the stats and improve the skill even further.
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Avatar Awards 56%
How to unlock: To unlock the specified Avatar Award, complete the listed task.

Shark HoodieTrain another enclave at your dojo.
Swine & Bovine MaskBuild an outpost in a Swine & Bovine.
Zombie MaskVisit the cabins by Tanner Lake
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Gamerpics 56%
How to unlock: To unlock the specified Gamerpic, complete the listed task.

FeralKill a Feral zombie-type.
JuggernautKill a Juggernaut zombie-type
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Come and Knock On Our Door (10G) 56%
Convinced another enclave to join your community.

Basically, convince another survivor group to join up with your group of survivors. This will happen pretty much automatically just by going through the story missions.
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Best way to max out Cardio 56%
"Rule #1" is an achievement tied to maxing out your characters' cardio. Use one character and just have them run back and forth from left to left and right until your cardio is maxed out.

To make this even easier, you can do this at the very start of the game when you are playing as Marcus and not have to worry about replenishing your stamina with coffee or by switching out to another character.
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I Can See My House From Here (10G) 55%
Completed a survey activity.

Survey activities are when you can climb to the top of an elevated position, like a radio tower or water tower. You then hold LT and aim the cursor at the question mark icons that are all over the place to "discover" those locations or enemies. This will put these icons on the mini-map.
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Holy Rolling (10G) 50%
Escaped Mt. Tanner and found the survivors at the church
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Home Improvement (10G) 50%
Built a facility.

You will be taught how to do this as part of the main story missions. Open up your menu with the d-pad to get a look at your current home base. Then choose an area to create something new, assuming you have the right amount of manpower and the building materials, you should have no problem getting something built.
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Watch the Birdie! (10G) 50%
Distracted zombies to complete an objective

You'll gain various distraction items throughout your time with the game. Just use one and you'll get this achievement.
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Survivor (20G) 50%
Escape Trumbull County

This is accomplished by beating the final mission of the game, The Wall.
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Home on the Grange (10G) 50%
Play matchmaker for Quentin and Becca. See the video: Cheat Video
State of Decay cheat video Cheat Video
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Arrested Developments (10G) 50%
See things through at the courthouse.

Story mission.
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Pest Control (20G) 50%
Destroy 5 infestations in one day.

Build up your supplies for a couple of days so that you have a TON of ammo. Do it with one survivor so that when you are ready to tackle the infestations, you can switch to a fresh character that has no damage or fatigue or anything.

As soon as morning breaks, you will want to make your way to one of the infestations. They are marked on the map by houses that are covered in red. You'll want to wait for there to be five on the map before starting this.

To clear an infestation, you have to go through the entire building and kill every zombie inside of it. Once the zombies are clear, the Infestation has been clear, and you are free to turn this base into an outpost or do whatever you want with it.
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Manifest Destiny (15G) 50%
Build 8 outposts.

Outposts can be built in any location that can be infested. Clear out an Infested location, and then you can choose to build an outpost there if you want. Outposts can be taken over again by zombies, but don't worry, you don't need to have 8 outposts active at the same time for this achievement you just need 8 outposts activated at some point throughout the game.
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Ya Always Were An A-Hole Gorman (10G) 50%
Sacrifice your life in a blaze of glory.

First, get a grenade. Then get a survivor that you don't care about if they live or die. Then you need to find a group of zombies. Equip the grenade to your RB slot and run into the group of zombies and let them kill your character. You will then get the chance to pull the pin and blow yourself up to take out the zombies as well.
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Get Outta My Dreams (10G) 50%
Kill one of each freak zombie type with your car.
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Gun Thugs (10G) 46%
Help the Wilkersons resolve their differences
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How to get more survivors 43%
This is how to recruit more survivors to your team See the video: Cheat Video
State of Decay cheat video Cheat Video
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Cannibal Family Picnic (5G) 40%
Got to the Mt. Tanner Ranger Station.
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List of facilities 40%
Here is a list of facilities that can be built to get the Land Usage achievement:

Cooking Area
Dining Area
Watch Tower
Medical Area
Sleeping Area
Storage Area
Training Area
Work Area
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Vehicular Zombicide (20G) 40%
Run over 250 zombies.
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Cheat commands in a file 32%
Must create a file "config.cfg" at the main directory of "state of decay\"
you can use the notepad program to do it or any other text editor.
inside the file must have these lines:

pl_infinite_health = 1
pl_infinite_stamina = 1

then save and exit

start the game and ... there it is no health or stamina loss
By: jjcm2002(26)
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Unlimited health on v1.4 29%
Earn exactly 999 points and say hi to ed or any character that hurt. So they give you a bone with some plants and you eat it. Vision become blur for 10sec and now you got unlimited health
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