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Rising Storm Cheats for PC
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Rising Storm PC Cheats

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Rising Storm

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Steam Achievements 100%
How to unlock: To unlock the specified Achievement, complete the listed tasks. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community," then "My profile," then "View all my games," then the game and view stats.

A Helping HandGet 7 assists in a single round
A Sight for Sore EyesGain a melee kill with the binoculars
Advanced Leadership CampComplete the Commander training mission
Al Capone's ViolinUnlock the Level 50 Thompson
Armored CampComplete the Tank training mission
Ballistics ExpertGet 100 kills with the Type 89
Ballistics GeniusGet 1,000 kills with a Type 89
Banzai BusterAs an American soldier kill 5 Axis soldiers that are in a Banzai charge
BARtenderResupply 20 automatic riflemen
BBQ ChefGet 100 kills with the flamethrower
Bleed on Me?Make 50 enemies bleed to death
Blind FireKill 5 enemies with deflected flamethrower fuel
Bombs AwayKill 10 enemies with a single artillery call
Boo-yakaKill 12 enemies with the M12
Boot CampComplete the basic training mission
Bring the RainSpot an enemy who is then killed by mortar fire
Bringing a Sword to a Sword FightAs an American soldier, kill an Axis soldier wielding a Katana, with a Katana
Chicago TypewriterKill 10 enemies with the Thompson without reloading
Countdown RookieWin a Countdown Round
Countdown VeteranWin 100 Countdown Rounds
Exemplary ServiceReceive an in game promotion
Experienced CountdownWin 10 Countdown Rounds
Experienced FirefightWin 10 Firefight Rounds
Experienced TerritoryWin 10 Territory Rounds
Fighting the War on ChristmasParticipate in a successful territory capture on Commissars House
Firefight RookieWin a Firefight Round
Firefight VeteranWin 100 Firefight Rounds
FirefighterKill a flamethrower soldier using a melee attack
Firing BlindKill 1 enemy with a blind fire burst
Firing the Gats BronzeKill 10 enemies with a heavy, light, or tank mg
Firing the Gats GoldKill 100 enemies with a heavy, light, or tank mg
Firing the Gats PlatinumKill 1,000 enemies with a heavy, light, or tank mg
Firing the Gats SilverKill 50 enemies with a heavy, light, or tank mg
Fix Bayonets BronzeKill 5 enemies in melee combat
Fix Bayonets GoldKill 100 enemies in melee combat
Fix Bayonets SilverKill 50 enemies in melee combat
For Mom & Apple Pie!Win a round on every launch map as Allies in Territories mode
For the Emperor!Win a round on every launch map as Axis in Territories mode
Garand Master FlashUse the "ping trick" on an M1 Garand
GardenerKill 5 people in a single round with boobytraps
German Campaign 1Beat German Campaign Chapter 1
German Campaign 2Beat German Campaign Chapter 2
German Campaign 3Beat German Campaign Chapter 3
German Campaign 4Beat German Campaign Chapter 4
German Campaign 5Beat German Campaign Chapter 5
German Campaign 6Beat German Campaign Chapter 6
German Campaign 7Beat German Campaign Chapter 7
German Campaign 8Beat German Campaign Chapter 8
German CommanderComplete the German Campaign on any difficulty
HeroComplete the full campaign on hero
Hero of the Soviet UnionComplete a Russian online campaign with a victory
Honorary ServicePlay as a Hero in a match
How I learned to Love the BombKill 4 enemies with 1 grenade
Johnny on the SpotResupply a machine gunner
Kill Bill (or Hideki)Kill a Japanese opponent using the Katana
Kills BronzeKill 10 enemies (human)
Kills GoldKill 250 enemies (human)
Kills PlatinumKill 1000 enemies (human)
Kills SilverKill 100 enemies (human)
Knight's CrossComplete a German online campaign with a victory
Last Man StandingKill 10 enemies with the 1911A1 in a single round
Leadership CampComplete the Squad Leader training mission
Light My FireKill 10 Japanese with 1 tank of the flamethrower
Marksman BronzeObtain a kill over 100 meters with a bolt action rifle
Marksman GoldObtain a kill over 225 meters with a bolt action rifle
Marksman SilverObtain a kill over 175 meters with a bolt action rifle
Master ChefGet 1,000 kills with the flamethrower
Master of TutorialsComplete all of the training missions
One in the Hole!Kill at least 1 enemy after blind firing a grenade
Pop GunKill an enemy with the Nambu 14 pistol
RecruitComplete the full campaign on recruit or above
Sharpshooter BronzeKill 10 enemies with a sniper rifle
Sharpshooter GoldKill 100 enemies with a sniper rifle
Sharpshooter SilverKill 50 enemies with a sniper rifle
Smoke on the WaterKill someone with a flamethrower while he is in the water
SoldierComplete the full campaign on Soldier difficulty or above
Soviet Campaign 1Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 1
Soviet Campaign 2Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 2
Soviet Campaign 3Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 3
Soviet Campaign 4Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 4
Soviet Campaign 5Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 5
Soviet Campaign 6Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 6
Soviet Campaign 7Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 7
Soviet Campaign 8Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 8
Soviet CommanderComplete the Soviet Campaign on any difficulty
Stick It to TojoAs an Allied soldier, kill 100 Axis soldiers with a bayonet
StonewallComplete a defense mission while successfully completing the map without losing the 1st objective
Support CampComplete the Support training mission
Take a KneeKill 5 enemies with a single mortar round
Tank Gunnery BronzeDestroy an enemy tank at 900 meters with your tanks main gun as gunner
Territory RookieWin a Territory Round
Territory VeteranWin 100 Territory Rounds
To the Front!Participate in an online campaign
TOASTY!Kill 10 enemies with the flamethrower in 1 life
Tracked BronzeKnock the tracks off an enemy tank
Unhatched BronzeKill an exposed tank crewman
Unhatched GoldKill 25 exposed tank crewmen
Unhatched SilverKill 10 exposed tank crewmen
Up Close & PersonalAchieve a melee kill with a Type 96/99 LMG
VeteranComplete the full campaign on Veteran difficulty or above
Warm WelcomeKill 5 people in a Banzai charge within 10 sec. with the flamethrower
Whack a MoleKill 2 people using the same stationary MG within 15 sec.
WoodpeckerKill 5 enemies with 1 clip from the Type 92 HMG
Woody WoodpeckerKill 10 enemies with 1 clip from the Type 92 HMG
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