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Disney Infinity Cheats for XB360
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Disney Infinity XB360 Cheats

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Disney Infinity

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Achievements 100%
How to unlock: To unlock Xbox Liver Gamerscore points, complete the listed Achievements.

1 More to Go (10 points)Collect 15 Stars in 2 Play Sets
Acrobat (5 points)Stand on top of a stack of 4 Characters
All Modes (10 points)Drive a car, pilot a helicopter, and a ride a mount
All Star (25 points)Collect 15 Stars in 3 Play Sets
Almost There (25 points)Complete 3 Adventures to Silver standard
Another Happy Outcome (25 points)Complete the story in 2 Play Sets
Bonus Bank (10 points)Win 5 bonuses in the Disney Infinity Vault
Challenger (5 points)Complete the Easy level on all Challenges in a single Play Set
Challenges Conquered (25 points)Complete the Hard level on all Challenges in a single Play Set
Challenging (10 points)Complete the Medium level on all Challenges in a single Play Set
Character Elite (10 points)Level up 1 Character to Level 15
Character Elite Force (100 points)Level up 3 Characters to Level 15
Character Elite Set (25 points)Level up 2 Characters to Level 15
Character Plunder (4 points)Unlock 3 Character Chests
City Planner (10 points)Buy 4 Play Set buildings and place them in the Toy Box
Creator (5 points)Save 4 different Toy Box worlds
Defender of the Universe (10 points)Defeat 100 enemies throughout Disney Infinity
Doesn't This Look Better? (10 points)Customize 6 buildings in the Play Sets
Feat Master (15 points)Complete 75 feats
Feat Novice (10 points)Complete 25 feats
Full of Toys (10 points)Unlock 10 toys from Play Sets
Getting It Started (4 points)Complete a story mission
Graduate (10 points)Complete all Mastery Adventures
Great Communicator (10 points)Talk to mission givers 20 times throughout Disney Infinity
Import Master (10 points)Place a toy from a Play Set in a Toy Box you are hosting
Infinity & Beyond (10 points)Play 3 Play Sets & the Toy Box
It's All Gold! (100 points)Complete 3 Adventures to Gold standard
It's a Party (10 points)Play a 4 player game
It's a Start (10 points)Collect 50 Stars
Journey Complete (10 points)Complete the story in a Play Set
Multi-Tool! (10 points)Buy 2 Tools from 1 Play Set
New Friends (10 points)Play a 2-player game using 2 different Characters
Not Last! (10 points)Complete 3 Adventures to Bronze standard
Not Sorry? (10 points)Defeat 40 player Characters
Power Pack! (10 points)Buy 2 Packs from 1 Play Set
Power Up! (4 points)Place 1 Power Disc on the Disney Infinity Base
Sorry? (4 points)Defeat another player's Character
Spin Master (15 points)Take 20 turns in the Disney Infinity Vault
Spin Start (10 points)Take 10 turns in the Disney Infinity Vault
Star Extractor (5 points)Collect 15 Stars in a Play Set
Star Hunter (10 points)Get 18 Stars from Adventures
Team Work (5 points)Complete a story mission in a multiplayer game
That Was a Challenge (100 points)Complete 5 Challenges on Hard difficulty
The Champion (10 points)Win 1st Place in a multiplayer Adventure
That Was Easy (10 points)Complete 5 Challenges on Easy difficulty
That Was Rough (25 points)Complete 5 Challenges on Medium difficulty
There Is No "end" in Infinity! (100 points)Complete the story in 3 Play Sets
Toy Maker Extreme (15 points)Take 30 turns in the Disney Infinity Vault
Visit the Hall (4 points)Visit the Hall of Heroes
Wish Upon a Star (100 points)Collect 70 Stars in the Disney Infinity Starter Pack
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Can't get the super cannon? 33%
Take a spin in the toy volt!
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