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Move Street Cricket 2 Cheats for PS3
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Move Street Cricket 2 PS3 Cheats

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Move Street Cricket 2

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Trophies 100%
How to unlock: To unlock PlayStation3 Trophy rewards, complete the listed tasks.

5 Star (Gold)Win Knock Out tournament with all 5 Inning modes
Ace of All Trades (Gold)Win League & Knockout tournament with all 5 Inning modes
Veteran (Gold)Win League tournament with all 5 Inning modes

2X100 (Silver)Score a Double Century with a single batsman
All Rounder (Silver)Pass Level 10 in Sports Center
Blitz Krieg (Silver)Get opposition all out under 10 runs
Chase Me If You Can (Silver)Have 1 of the players of your team become the highest run scorer in a league
Destroyer (Silver)Have 1 of the players of your team become the highest wicket taker in a league
Graduated (Silver)Complete all tutorials
Predator Missile (Silver)Pass Level 10 in Aim the Wicket
Rage Against… (Silver)Pass Level 10 in Machine Attack
The Conqueror (Silver)Complete all challenges
The Wall (Silver)Bat 15 overs in a Box Cricket match without losing a wicket
Triple Cripple (Silver)Get the opposition all out in a 3 over match
White Swan (Silver)Pass Level 10 in Ugly Duck
Who’s the Man (Silver)Take 10 Wickets in a Double Innings match with a single bowler
Wood Pecker (Silver)Take 5 wickets in a match with a single bowler
Velcro Hands (Silver)Claim 50 Catches

50-50 (Bronze)Score a Half - Century with a single Batsman
Ambushed (Bronze)Win by an inning in Double Innings mode
Athlete (Bronze)Pass Level 1 in Sports Center
Challenger (Bronze)Win the 1st challenge
Consistency (Bronze)Maintain a run rate above of above 5 RPO throughout the innings
Double Ton (Bronze)Score a total of 200 runs in a single innings
Eye of the Tiger (Bronze)Score your 1st Direct Catch
First Hunt (Bronze)Score your 1st Wicket
Maiden Victory (Bronze)Win your 1st Exhibition match
K.O. (Bronze)Win Knock Out tournament with any Inning mode
One Tappi Out (Bronze)Score your 1st One Bounce Catch
Oriented (Bronze)Complete 1st tutorial
Party Player (Bronze)Complete 1 Multiplayer Exhibition match
Quack Quack (Bronze)Pass Level 1 in Ugly Duck
Sharpshooter (Bronze)Pass Level 1 in Aim the Wicket
Terminator (Bronze)Pass Level 1 in Machine Attack
Triple Threat (Bronze)Get a Hat-trick with a single bowler
Victory Lap (Bronze)Win League tournament with any Inning mode
Ultimate Winner (Bronze)Win League & Knockout tournament with any Inning mode
Won " Ton (Bronze)Score a Century with a single Batsman

There is 1 secret trophy.

Street Star (Platinum)Attain all trophies
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