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Kamen Rider: Battride War Cheats for PS3
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Kamen Rider: Battride War PS3 Cheats

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Kamen Rider: Battride War

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Trophies 100%
How to unlock: To unlock PlayStation3 Trophy rewards, complete the listed tasks.

Rider Ultimate (Platinum)I won all the trophies

?'s Finale! (Gold)Clear all missions in Chronicle mode
Figure Collector (Gold)Unlock all figures
Master Rider (Gold)Clear all Rider Road mode

Veteran Rider (Silver)Clear 10 Rider Road mode

..... You Are Responsible for All ..... & Snow on the Road of Heaven (Bronze)Clear VS Fear Most mission in Chronicle mode
Beginner Rider (Bronze)Clear 1 Rider Road mode
For Agito, for Human! (Bronze)Clear Soul Meet Called mission in Chronicle mode
For Smiles! (Bronze)Clear Empty Our mission in Chronicle mode
Here We Go! Boy! (Bronze)Clear Doji Kurau Demon Sounds mission in Chronicle mode
I, Calling On! (Bronze)Clear Love & Reveal Now Management (otherwise), mission in Chronicle mode
I Fight Fate! (Bronze)Clear Double Joker mission in Chronicle mode
I Have to Decide Your Destiny! (Bronze)I have defeated 50 boss body
I'm Became a Rider to Protect the People! (Bronze)Clear Thought of Thought of Brother Sister mission in Chronicle mode
I Promise, I Am the Last Hope of You! (Bronze)Clear As the Order of the Phoenix mission in Chronicle mode
It's Rider Passing! (Bronze)Clear the Most Annoying Guy in the Universe mission in Chronicle mode
Now, Kazoero the Sins of You (Bronze)Clear Scaled Out All mission in Chronicle mode
Space Kita~tsu! (Bronze)Clear Graduation from This Control mission in Chronicle mode
There Is No Dream for Me, I Could But to Protect (Bronze)Clear ... Dream? My mission in Chronicle mode
The Rider Will Help Each Other (Bronze)Clear Arm Grab & Pants Medals & Tomorrow mission in Chronicle mode
The Well, Do You Earn (Bronze)Shop point have become more than 100,000
Well, It Is Lunch Time! (Bronze)Total kills become more than 5,000
Well, It Is Show Time! (Bronze)Clear the 1st mission in Chronicle mode
Ze Go Kiba~tsu! (Bronze)Clear Of Memory Wake Up Fang mission in Chronicle mode
Ze Shake Off! (Bronze)Mileage of the bike has become more than 42.195 km
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