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Go Home Dinosaurs! Cheats for PC
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Go Home Dinosaurs! PC Cheats

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Go Home Dinosaurs!

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Steam Achievements 100%
How to unlock: To unlock the desire Achievement, complete the listed tasks. To view your Achievements and Stats in Steam, select "Community," then "My profile," then "View all my games," then the game and view stats.

All the Steaks!Get all 180 Steaks - 3 Steaks on each level
C-C-C-CoconutsCollect a chain of 10 coconuts without stopping
Close CallDefeat the last Dino in a level within 6 inches of the BBQ
Clothes Make the GopherBuy all the clothes in Shoppy's store
Go Home BrunoSend 100 Bruno Stegosauruses home
Go Home CompySend 1,000 Compies home
Go Home CrashSend 100 Crash Pteranodons home
Go Home DinosaursSend 10,000 Dinos home
Go Home HankSend 100 Hank Ankylosauruses home
Go Home PeteySend 250 Petey Pteradactyls home
Go Home TinaSend 250 Tina Triceratops home
Go Home ToddSend 250 Todd Rexes home
Go Home VesaSend 100 Vesa Velociraptors home
Gophersplosion3 Steak Level 1-12 using only Splodey Barrels
Having a BlastExplode 50 BBQ dynamite
Heavy Is the HeadSend King Rex home
Historical ReenactmentSend 10 Dinos home with a single meteor
I Have the Power!3 Steak Level 3-19 using only Power Ups
Just Work Around It3 Steak Level 3-11 without clearing any rocks
More Like Mr. NO-manSend the final boss home
Powerful Pair3 Steak Level 1-19 using only 2 cards
Shoppasaurus RexBuy all the powerup cards in Shoppy's store
T-Rex Gauntlet3 Steak Level 2-19 using only Teleporter Twins and Crushers
The Age of QuarrelSend Steg Vicious home
Thrifty3 Steak Level 2-6 using only cards that cost 3 coconuts or less
To the Dino Store!Visit Shoppy's store and buy an item
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