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Dragons and Titans Cheats for PC
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Dragons and Titans PC Cheats

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Dragons and Titans

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Steam Achievements 98%
These are the achievements for Dragons and Titans on Steam.

AdvancedCompleted the Advanced Training scenario
Ancient ProtectorKill an enemy dragon near a friendly Obelisk or Shrine
Battle PowerUpgrade all Abliities to their max in one match
Battle WornComplete 50 multiplayer matches
Bronze MedalEnd a multiplayer match with the 3rd highest total Score
Champion of the TitansScore 10 Kills on enemy dragons in a match
Combat HealsRestore 6000 health on other dragons without dying
Cut your teethKill 10 Minions across all matches
Death StrikeKill any enemy with a single attack
DefilerDestroy an enemy Obelisk or Shrine
DominationKill 5 Dragons without dying in an online match
Dragon HuggerEnd a match with the fewest total dragon kills
Dragon RageScore 10 Assists on enemy dragons in a single match
Dragon WhispererPlay a match without dying to Minions or Turrets
Dragon WingKill an enemy dragon near an allied dragon
Dragon's PrideKill 50 Minions across all matches
Dragon's TouchKill 10 dragons at point blank range
Epic Dragon LordEnd 5 consecutive matches at the top of the Scoreboard
Eye of the LeprechaunEnd a match with the highest Gold collected
First BloodKill 1 Minion.
First Victory of the DayAn additional bounty for continuing the daily fight
Freedom!Score the final hit on the enemy Cage
Glorious StrikeDestroy an enemy Elemental Tower
Gold MedalEnd a multiplayer match with the highest total Score
Hero of the TitansAssist in destroying the enemy Cage and releasing your Titan
Hoard Sweet HoardTake 10,000 Points of Damage without dying or returning to hoard
HoarderDeposit 10,000 Gold in a single match
Hyperion's HonorClosed Beta Tester, we bestow you with Hyperion's Honor
ImmortalEnd a match without dying and at least 1 kill
Killing SpreeKill 3 enemy dragons without dying
LegendComplete 1000 multiplayer matches
Legendary AssassinFinish a battle with a K/D ratio better than 1.0
MassacreKill all 5 enemies at the same moment in an online match
Minion DestroyerScore 50 Kills on enemy Minions in a single match
Minion HunterKill 1000 Minions across all matches
Minion RageKill 100,000 Minions across all matches
Minion's BaneKill 1,000,000 Minions across all matches
Minion's NemesisEnd a match with the highest total Minion kills
PeacebringerKill the Chaos Titan in an online match
ProvenCompleted the Proving Grounds scenario
PvPComplete a PvP match
ShamanRestore 1000 health on other dragons during a match
Silver MedalEnd a multiplayer match with the 2nd highest total Score
Tactical WyrmEnd a match with the highest K/D ratio
Terror of the SkiesComplete 10 multiplayer matches with a 21 or better Kill-to-Death ratio
Titan's DefenseKill an enemy dragon near your own Titan
Tower DefenseKill an enemy dragon near a friendly Tower
Tower Destroyer IDestroy 100 Towers in online matches
Tower Destroyer IIDestroy 500 Towers in online matches
Tower Destroyer IIIDestroy 1,000 Towers in online matches
VeteranComplete 100 multiplayer matches
Victory MedalDefeat the enemy team in glorious battle and free your Titan!
Worthy RiderComplete 10 multiplayer matches
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