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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2 Cheats for PC
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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2 PC Cheats

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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2 Cheats

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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Cheats 100%
Enter one of the following codes to activate the listed cheat function.

Effect Code

Enable boxes1 [Alt ] + [Ctrl] + B

Toggle rain [Alt ] + [Ctrl] + R

Toggle wind [Alt ] + [Ctrl] + W

Toggle snow [Alt ] + [Ctrl] + S

Restore Health [Alt ] + [Ctrl] + H

Auto camera [Alt ] + [Ctrl] + C

Display frame rate [Alt ] + [Ctrl] + F

Toggle lightning [Alt ] + [Ctrl] + L

Magnify on/off [Alt ] + [Ctrl] + V
Red boxes indicate non-moving dead fields;

yellow boxes are possible animal locations;

green boxes are animals. Green boxes on the video will indicate the kill zone.
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Weapon sighting coordinates 100%
Press [Alt ] + [Ctrl] + T while at the target range and ready to shoot. Fire to display targeting coordinates in X-Y format.

Use the cursor keys to adjust the coordinates until they are set to 0-0. The weapon is now sighted in.
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