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Kingdom Hearts Cheats for PS2
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Kingdom Hearts PS2 Cheats

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Kingdom Hearts Cheats

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Kingdom Hearts

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99 Puppies Guide 100%
Description: Pongo and Perdita have had their 99 dalmatian puppies scattered by the chaos caused by the Heartless and they need you to find them all. So we went ahead and found them so you wouldn't have to.

Read the Guide --> 99 Puppies [GUIDE]
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Knight's Shield: Default 100%
Stout Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Smasher: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Mythril Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Gigas Fist: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Golem Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Onyx Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Adamant Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Herc's Shield: Beat the Hercules Cup.
Genji Shield: Beat Yuffie in the Hades Cup.
Defender: A rare item dropped by Defenders in Hollow Bastion.
Save the King: Beat the Hades Cup time attack.
Donald -- Rods
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Hint 100%
To win the boss kurt zisa in agrabah you will have to summon tinkerbell as soon as you get off of the carpet. Since tinkerbell can fight with you and heal the whole party when you fight it makes the fight alot easier.
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*Item Synthesis Guide 100%
Description: It wouldn't be a Square Enix game if they didn't have you playing long after you've beaten the last boss, right? Running around, collecting some obscure items in order to create the ultimate weapon so that you can beat the hardest boss in the game…which is usually not the last boss.

Read the Guide --> *Item Synthesis [GUIDE]
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Find Torn Pages/ Unlock Mini-Games 100%
After completing the 2nd Traverse Town quest, an old book appears in Merlin's House. Specifically, it is a copy of Winnie-the-Pooh, although it is missing a few pages. To restore the different locations to Pooh's world, and in the process unlock a wide selection of mini-games and hidden items, find the following Torn Pages:
Traverse Town: Rescue 51 Dalmatians.
Agrabah: Dark Chamber in the Cave of Wonders.
Monstro: Chamber 6.
Halloweentown: The bookcase in the Doctor's Lab.
Atlantica: Ariel's Grotto.
Note that you can find the pages in any order -- the sections of the Wood are unlocked in the same order regardless of which pages you bring back when.
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Lady Luck 100%
Go to wonderland and go to a bazzarr room that is on the wall you will see candles but not the one that you had to fight the boss with and {make sure you know white trinity} and then light them and a picture will show in the fram and then examine it and do the trinity and there you got the lady luck and all new keybalde.
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Hints 100%
In order to win the phantom in Neverland you must use your magic. First, go to the cabin tinker bell will be there but you must switch to Peter Pan in order to chat to her so you will have to trade either Donald or Goofy. Then after talking to her it'll cut to a cinema and you will see the phantom. When you lock on to him it'll be his heart but it will appear and dissapear at times. When his heart is blue use blizzard, red fire, yellow lightning, and when it is a pale white color just take as many hit you can get out of him. By the way, if at any time you see numbers above your head or the head of your party use the stop spell on the clock. Try to be at a high level when you battle him at least Lev 65 and have many hi potions with you in case.
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Mage's Staff: Default 100%
Morning Star: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Warhammer: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Shooting Star: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Magus Staff: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Silver Mallet: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Grand Mallet: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Wisdom Staff: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Lord Fortune: Get every summon and visit the Fairy Godmother.
Violetta: White Trinity in Olympus Coliseum.
Wizard's Relic: A rare item dropped by Wizards in Hollow Bastion.
Dream Rod: Acquire every spell and visit Merlin.
Save the Queen: Beat the Hades Cup solo.
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Hidden Keyblade : Oblivion 100%
After completing everything in the Grand Hall of Hollow Bastion, make a second trip back and once there, close the the heart shaped door/portal, on each side of it attached to the wall are small walkways leading up above the entrance door. At the top is a chest containing Oblivion.
By: ObscureGamer(95)
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Munny munny man 100%
When you have unlocked hollow bastion if you are above level 60-70 kill as many defenders as you can you will get round about300 munny each defender and you can get them in end of the world in da collusem
By: georgebush(16)
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Sora -- Keychains 98%
Kingdom Key: Default.
Jungle King: Clear Deep Jungle.
Three Wishes: Clear Agrabah.
Crabclaw: Clear Atlantica.
Pumpkinhead: Clear Halloweentown.
Fairy Harp: Clear Neverland.
Wishing Star: Go back to Traverse Town after clearing Monstro and see Geppetto at his shop in District 1.
Spellbinder: See Merlin after acquiring Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard.
Metal Chocobo: Beat Cloud in the Hercules Cup.
Olympia: Beat Phil, Pegasus, and Hercules Cups.
Divine Rose: Seal Hollow Bastion and see Belle in the Library.
Oathkeeper: Chat to Kairi in the Secret Waterway after the 1st trip to Hollow Bastion.
Oblivion: In the Grand Hall in Hollow Bastion, during the 2nd trip.
Lionheart: Beat Leon and Cloud in the Hades Cups.
Ultima Weapon: Synthesize at the Item Shop.
Goofy -- Shields
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New Weapons 98%
Sora, Donald, and Goofy acquire new weapons as they go through the game -- Keychains for Sora, Shields for Goofy, and Rods for Donald. Some are acquired as a matter of course, while others are rare and require a little wandering out of the way. Also, periodically go back to the Item Shop in Traverse Town to see the nephews' new stock. Here's where to find what:
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Glitches 98%
Freeze Timer in the Hercules Cup
When you reach Hercules in the Hercules Cup, press start then select
restart. When the match restarts the timer will freeze. This only happens
in the Hercules Cup.
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To Unlock Deep Dive in Final Mix 98%
*Note that this is different than normal version of Kingdom Hearts. You
can only view this movie in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. According to the
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Final Mix Beginner : You can not get Deep Dive 98%
Final Mix Mode : Complete Hades Cup, Sealed All Keyholes (Including 100
acre Wood), Get all heartless into your Jimmy's memo (that means you have
got to defeat Kurt Zisa and Phantom), Found all trinities, found all 99
Dalmatians, and complete the Jimmy's memo (every single detail of
characters, and complete the mini games avaliable)
Final Mix Proud : Sealed all Keyholes including 100 Acre Wood, and clear
the Hades Cup

After you see the end credits, Deep Dive will be unlocked.
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Secret Ending 96%
To get a secret ending movie, win the game with 99 Dalmatians, all Keyholes locked including the Hundred Aker Wood, and the Hades Cup completed.
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Easter Eggs 96%
Bonus Movie
Win the game with all keyholes, 99 Dalmatians, all of Ansem's
Reports, and the Hades Cup to receive an alternate ending.
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Easy Restart 96%
Hold L1, R1,L2,& R2 to reset the game more easier.
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Hint 94%
If you beat 4 bosses and then start a new game and and do not get the sword you will get all the sheilds, keychains, and staffs with infinite HP,MP and AP. This is a very quick and easy cheat but if your scared about beginning a new game dont worry with these adjustments you will be able to get back to were you were in no time.
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Easy Restart 94%
Hold L1, L2, R1, R2, Select and Start
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Go to the hotel in traverse town then hit the bell at the front desk (three times)then the person will say "no vacancy" after that examine the pictures on both sides of the hallway then the person will say"paintings are great...."go to the front desk again hit the bell three more times and he will tell to hit the clock go to the green room and above the doorway(to the red room)will be the clock jump up and hit the clock keep doing this until you hear the dinging noise and you will get a mythril just thought you might want to know I know its not that cool
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Easy boss kills (only works when with 2 other characters) 75%
Lock on to the boss and run around in circles doging its attack while pressing triangle repeatedly. Pressing triangle when locked on to an enemy gets the others 2 attack it as much as possible so you will only need 2 hit the boss right at the end 1ce or twice 2 kill it!
By: jimjim4052(54)
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Ice Titan-defeated! 75%
To beat the Ice Titian,it took me afew tries,but eventually I got him. When he shoots those spikey ice-things,block. Then after a few reflects, he'll go down. This is the time to hit his head. it's his only weak point. When he roars MOVE! He'll shoot an ice storm at you, and the only way to dodge it is to get in a corner and stay there. Also, if you dodge his ice storm, you may want to heal if you've taken damage. After a few rounds of head-barrage,he'll go down. There will be a cutscene, and if you're playing on the Final Mix,you'll get the Diamond Dust keychian.
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Riku at Hallow Bastion, the second fight 75%
First, get to level 49 and have all of the abilities equipped except for Strike, Sonic, Dodge Roll, and Gaurd. Your going to need the Metal Chocobo. Constantly attack him without mercy and when you feel you need to, heal yourself using cura. When he only has one bar of life left, use Arcanum on him. After that, don't stop attacking. He wont take long after Arcanum. Below where my stats and equipment when I fought him.
Hp: 51
Mp: 6
Ap: 24
Str: 38
Def: 28
Lv: 49
Weapon: Metal Chocobo
Equipment: Brave Warrior, White Fang, Raven's Claw
By: sj65(373)
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All phil cup contestants 75%
Seed team enemies
9 junglevice 4 powerwild 3 soldier
8 monkey and magic 1 powerwild 2 green requiem 2 red nocturne 5 yellow opera
7 big feet 1 hammerlegs 4 power wild
6 magic alert 5 red nocturne 5 yellow opera
5 nightwalkers 1 large body 5 powerwild
4 hard hitters 1 gauntlets 3 blue rapsody 4 shadow
3 indomitable 2 large body 6 green requiem
2 wild corps 1 gauntlets 1 hammerlegs 4 powerwild
1 shadow battalion 1 armored torso 4 yellow opera 4 bluerhapsody
By: zemuspi(18)
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When you have donald and goofy and you can go to destiny island jump on top of the shack with the save point inside on destiny island just rapidly press circle(jump)and eventuly youll get higher higher higher and higher once youve had enough of jumpin(theres no limit how high youll go)will you fall back down?NO!youll stand in midair!(even though youve stoped that dont mean ya cant go higher.)......................................................................................................had enough moon walkin?to get down press jump once and youll float down..................................................................................changed your mind and wanna go back up?press jump again and youll stop in midair

try it its a hoot
By: pacdude3000(116)
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MAJOR helper 60%
1. on the island first fight the girl with the evil jump rope-of-doom untill you level up
2. same thing for kid with red thingy
3. next unfortunately do this method on the spanish dude with the ball
4. I'm sorry to say I want you to do this on Riku (and beat him!):
5. untill you are able to fight all 3 at once just do it ):<
6. tragically fight the "triple trouble untill you are level 30

this is easier then you think it is
By: mark724(7)
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Beat Leon &Yuffy in the pegasis cup 60%
To beat this round is pritty tough First make shure your about a levle 20 When the battle starts aim for yuffy first or here ninja stars will make short work of you. hit her quickly because yuffy has a specal healing abilty that she will use if she can. Once Yuffys down It's time to take on leon . Hit him hard and fast and watch out for his fireball attack. When his health is half-way gon Leon will cast a spell and his sword will almost triple in size be on your toes other wise you'll be dead in seconds
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Hey Listen Up!!!(Check It Out) 58%
This issue is only sora's stuff

This is the best Kindom Hearts Cheats Guide ever
Yes....I know This Game Is over 5 years old but man...its a great game(well made)lots of sercrets,cheats,hidden maps and its got the best story

Sora's weapons (All Of Them)
How to find all Keyblades(No Finial Mixs)

Ultima Weapon Synthesize all the items at the Moogles Workshop, and it will be an item you can synthesize.
(Oblivion)...(In a chest in Hollow Bastion's Grand Hall)
(Oathkeeper)... (Talk to Kairi in the Secret Waterway in Traverse Town)
(Divine Rose)... (Talk to Belle in the Hollow Bastion Library)
(Lady Luck)... (In a White trinity mark in Wonderland)
(Lionheart)... (Beat Leon and Cloud in the Hades Cup)
(Metal Chocobo)...(Defeat Cloud in the Hercules Cup)
(Spellbinder)... (Speak to Merlin after getting all first level(Fire, Blizzard etc)magic)
(Wishing Star)... (Save Pinnochio from Monstro, and Geppetto gives it to you in his house in Traverse Town)
(Fairy Harp)... Seal Neverland...(Keyhole)
(Pumpkinhead)... Seal Halloween Town...(Keyhole)
(Crabclaw)... Seal Atlantica...(Keyhole)
(Three Wishes)... Seal Agrabah...(Keyhole)
(Jungle King)... Seal the Deep Jungle...(Keyhole)
(Olympia) ...(Complete all the cup tournaments at the collessium)

Soras magic and upgrades (No Finial Mixs)

(Stop) Defeat Parasite Cage in Monstro
(Graviga) Defeat Hades in the Hades Cup
(Gravira) Defeat Oogie Boogie(second form)
(Gravity) Finish the Phil Cup
(Curaga) Talk to Aerith in the library in Hollow Bastion
(Cura) Defeat Shadow Sora in Neverland
(Cure) Defeat Clayton in the Deep Jungle
(Thundaga) Defeat Cerberus the second time in the Hades cup
(Thundara) Defeat Ursula(large form)
(Thunder) Finish the barrel smashing training in the colliseum
(Blizzaga) Defeat Behemoth in the Hades Cup
(Fira) Defeat Jafar(genie form) in Agrabah
(Blizzard) Find all 4 pieces of evidence in Wonderland
(Firaga) Recieve during chat with princesses in Hollow Bastion
(Blizzara) Defeat Jafar(normal form) in Agrabah
(Fire) Defeat Guard Armor in Traverse Town
(Stopga) Defeat the optional boss, Phantom, in Neverland
(Aeroga) Find all 99 of the Dalmations
(Stopra) Finish the "Pooh's Swing" mini game in 100 Acre Woods
(Aerora) Located in the room behind a Yellow Trinity in Neverland
(Aero) Defeat Opposite Armor in Traverse Town

Sora's Summons (no Final Mixs)

Speak to Leon early at Secret Waterway. After that, you will have to go to Merlin's house and talk to Fairy God Mother.

Seal Agrabah's keyhole

Obtain the Watergleam Gem from a chest in Monstro's Mouth, then give it to the Fairy Godmother

Receive the Naturespark Gem by playing Pooh's Hunny Hunt, then give it to the Fairy Godmother

Defeat Dragon-Maleficient to obtain Fireglow Gem, then give it to the Fairy Godmother

(Tinker Bell)
Seal Neverland's Keyhole

All matches in Colliseum (No Final Mix)

(Phil Cup) Seal Traverse Town keyhole
(Pegasus Cup) Complete Monstro
(Hercules Cup) Seal Halloween Town and Neverland keyhole
(Hades Cup) Seal Hollow Bastion keyhole and unlock all other tournaments
(Platinum Match) Seal Hollow Bastion keyhole
(Gold Match) Complete the Hades Cup

All Sora's Hidden Abilities(No Finial Mix)

(Ars Arcanum) Beat Captain Hook
(Ragnarok) Beat Riku the second time in hollow bastion
(Dodge Roll) Obtained from Goofy after beating Guard Armor
(Strike Raid) Beat the Pegasus Cup
(Trinity Limit) Beat the Hades Cup
(Cheer) Obtained by collecting certain items in Hundred Acre Wood
(Sonic Blade) Obtained from Cloud after beating Cerberus

Sora's (Torn Pages)

(Torn Page 1) Traverse Town: Rescue 51 Dalmatians
(Torn Page 2) Agrabah: Dark Chamber in the Cave of Wonders
(Torn Page 3) Monstro: Chamber 6
(Torn Page 4) Halloweentown: The bookcase in the Doctor's Lab
(Torn Page 5) Atlantica: Ariel's Grotto

(How fast you can level up)This is Cool
How fast you level up in the game depends on what you told Wakka, Tidus and Selphie at the very beginning of the game. EG: Afraid of getting old, Want to be strong, Want friendship. Depending on what is displayed after you select the 3 options is how fast you will level up. Heres the list of what is displayed and what happens:

>If you start at dawn: Less EXP will be required to level up UNTIL you reach lvl 40. After lvl 40, more EXP will be required to level up than usual.

>If you start at midday: Normal amount of EXP is required to level up all the way from lvl 1 to lvl 100. This is the most balanced option.

>If you start at dusk: More EXP is required to level up UNTIL you reach lvl 40. After lvl 40, less EXP will required to level up than usual.

Do you want to be level 30 on the first level...
Well... on the island fight walka
dont hit him...hit the balls he throws at you
u get 1 point eva ball he throws at you
(I got to level 100)

(Short Cut) (Tazan Level)
Do you want to be at the tree house then short cut to the place where you fight clayton in one jump
welll ....
U r at the tree house go to the left corner of it
near the entrance
Jump off while movin around the tree house
and you will fall and be where you fight clayton
(it works)

Find thousands of potions (on first level)(no final mix)

On the first level (the islanD)
FIGHT all three of the dude you can fight ex walka.... (not riku)
after fight the guy with the stick bout ten times
then he will say fight all three of us
u will get a potion for this
u can do it as many times as you like (i got 99 )

(Easy Reset)
If you want to get into another game, but don't want to spend a ton of time reseting the console, then press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start and Select at the same time.

All of the 99 Dalmatian locations

1-3 Traverse Town District 3: Look behind the magic shop. You have to get Glide to get them.

4-6 Traverse Town District 2: Use the Trinity move behind the item shop.

7-9 Traverse Town District 1: You can find them in a chest. Use Item Forge.

10-12 Traverse Town Sewers: Look for stairs going up in the sewers. The box is close.

13-15 Wonderland: Go to Queen's courtyard. Find a chest near the exit in the ceiling.

16-18 Wonderland: Go into the forest. There will be a blue chest in the trees.

19-21 Wonderland: Use the exit that is up and Glide to Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

22-24 Olympus Coliseum: Look for a Trinity mark at the entrance, then activate it.

25-27 Deep Jungle: When you jump over the hippos, look for a chest near a vine.

28-30 Deep Jungle: Go into the high jungle and look for the dogs in the tree branches.

31-33 Deep Jungle: Activate the Trinity mark near the exit in the jungle nest.

34-36 Deep Jungle: Activate the Trinity mark near exit of the camp.

37-39 Agrabah: Go into Aladdin's house and find a chest.

40-42 Halloween Town: The chest is in the pumpkin patch.

43-45 Neverland: Go to the Big Ben area. Fly and look for puppies behind the starting

46-48 Agrabah: Go into the fourth market square and use High Jump to get it.

49-51 Agrabah: Go into the magic cave and Glide to the pedestal.

52-54 Agrabah: Get Aladdin in your party and activate the crystal in the treasure room.

55-57 Monstro: In the third area, you can see it near the upper exit to the sixth area.

58-60 Wonderland: Return to the Queen's courtyard, then go to the pot in the dining

61-63 Hollow Bastion: Finish every challenge, then go to the lab to get the puppies.

64-66 Halloween Town: Reach the doors next to the platform in the pumpkin patch to
reach the crypt and chest.

67-69 Halloween Town: Look underneath of the stairs in one of the houses.

70-72 Halloween Town: Located in the big pumpkin statue. Jump and Glide to get it.

73-75 Monstro: Look for a red chest in the mouth.

76-78 Monstro: Go to the upper platforms in the third area and look around. Then, jump
and Glide to the chest.

79-81 Monstro: In the second area, look for a chest on a barrel in the high area.

82-84 Neverland. Go into the ship and go to the middle of the room near the brig.

85-87 Neverland: Active the Trinity mark inside the ship.

88-90 Neverland: Located in the captains quarters, on the bed.

91-93 Hollow Bastion: Located near the falls.

94-96 Hollow Bastion: Located outside of the castle. Open the emblem door, then jump
into the moving elevator.

97-99: Use Gravija, then get the floating chest outside the castle.

Item synthesis list
Note: The following can be done after you lock Hollow Bastion.

Blaze Gem: Fat Bandit, Bandit (Agrabah, Cave of Wonders)
Blaze Shard: Red Nocturne (Monstro and possibly other worlds)
Bright Crystal: Defenders (Various places Traverse Town Hotel has 3 in the hallway)
Bright Gem: Search Ghost (Halloween town and other worlds as well)
Bright Shard: Green Requiem (Deep jungle)
Frost Gem: Sea Neons (Atlantica)
Frost Shard: Blue Rhapsody (Wonderland)
Gale: Angel Star, Invisible (End of the world screen before final rest save point)
Lucid Crystal: Dark Ball (Various worlds )
Lucid Gem: Gargoyle, Wight Knight (Halloween Town)
Lucid Shard: Shadow (Various worlds)
Mysterious Goo: White (Deep Jungle, in front of tent)
Power Crystal: Wyvern (Various worlds )
Power Gem: Pirate, Air pirate, Battle Ship (Neverland)
Power Shard: Power Wild, Bouncy Wild (Deep Jungle)
Shiny Crystal: Wizard (Various worlds)
Spirit Gem: Air Soldier (Wonderland)
Spirit Shard: Soldier, Large Body (Agrabah)
Thunder Gem: Aqua Tanks, Screwdrivers (Atlantica)
Thunder Shard: Yellow Opera (Wonderland)
Black/Blue Fungus (Various worlds)

1. climb to the roof of the accessory shop.
2. hit the fan in the item shop.
3. Blue trinity near the item shop.
4.crack open the blue safe in district 1 after finishing the area the first time.
5. jump on the the awning of the shoe store in districe 1
6.After locking the traverse town keyhole,look at the paper on the wall in the item workshop.
7/8Cast Thunder on the wires in district 3,then step on the three buttons in the gizmo shop to set it in motion.Examine the clock wall to get two cards.
9.Also after locking the traverse town keyhole,climb to the top of the gizmo shop and follow the path from roof to roofand take the secret entrance to district 3.there's a postcard in the corner.
10.After clearing monstro,Geppetto sets up shop in district 1. Go and look at a pot on his shelf for the last card.

Secret Bosses
Sephiroth: The Platinum Match at the coliseum becomes available after locking the hollow bastion keyhole.
Ice Titan: The Gold Match at the coliseum shows up after beating the hades cup.
Phantom:Visit the clock tower in Neverland after locking the hollow bastion keyhole.
Kurt Zisa:Talk to the Carpet in aladdin's house after locking the hollow bastion keyhole.

To get a secret endin movie,beat the game with 99 dalmatians,all the keyholes locked in cludin the hundred aker wood,and the hades cup completed.

(Hidden blueprints)
this is how to get the hidden blueprints for Gummi mode:
Geppetto - Defeat parasite cage (2nd battle) inside Monstro, then speak to Geppetto

Cid - Defeat 500 heartless, then speak to Geppetto

Cactuar - defeat 1000 heartless, then speak to Geppetto

Yuffie - defeat 1500 heartless, then speak to Geppetto

Aerith - defeat 3000 heartless, then speak to Geppetto

Leon - defeat 4000 heartless, then speak to Geppetto

Hyperion - defeat 5000 heartless, then speak to Geppetto

Chocobo - visit Geppetto's house 30 times, then talk to Pinocchio

all others - in Gummi mode, there is a 10% chance that the opponents will leave their blueprints behind

Sora's Ability's
If you choose the sword:
sword: Lv 9 combo plus 1
Lv 12 vortex
Lv 15 scan
Lv 18 blitz
Lv 21 berserk
Lv 24 counter
Lv 27 air combo 1
Lv 30 aerial sweep
Lv 33 Treasure magnet 1
Lv 36 Guard
Lv 45 MP haste
Lv 48 Critical plus 1
Lv 51 second chance
Lv 57 MP rage
Lv 60 Treasure magnet 2
Lv 63 Jackpot
Lv 66 MP rage 2
LV 69 Lucky strike
Lv 72 Combo plus 2
Lv 75 Air combo 2
Lv 78 Critical plus 2
Lv 84 Combo plus 3
Lv 90 Critical plus 3
Lv 96 combo plus 4

If you choose Shield:
Shield: Lv 9 scan
Lv 12 Treasure magnet 1
Lv 15 MP haste
Lv 18 counter
Lv 21 Critical plus 1
Lv 24 Guard
Lv 27 aerial sweep
Lv 30 Treasure magnet 2
Lv 33 MP rage
Lv 36 berserk
Lv 39 Lucky strike
Lv 48 second chance
Lv 51 MP rage 2
Lv 54 Jackpot
Lv 57 vortex
Lv 60 Air combo 1
Lv 63 blitz
Lv 66 Combo plus 2
LV 69 Critical plus 2
Lv 75 Air combo 2
Lv 78 combo plus 2
Lv 84 combo plus 3
Lv 90 Critical plus 3
Lv 96 Combo plus 4

If you choose Rod:
Rod: Lv 9 Guard
Lv 12 Scan
Lv 15 Lucky strike
Lv 18 second chance
Lv 21 Counter
Lv 24 jackpot
Lv 27 Treasure magnet 1
Lv 33 blitz
Lv 36 MP rage
Lv 39 Treasure magnet 2
Lv 42 combp plus 1
Lv 45 vortex
Lv 48 berserk
Lv 51 critical plus 1
Lv 57 Air combo plus 1
Lv 60 aerial sweep
Lv 63 MP haste
Lv 66 MP rage 2
LV 69 Critical plus 2
Lv 75 combo plus 2
Lv 78 air combo plus 2
Lv 84 combo plus 3
Lv 90 Critical plus 3
Lv 96 Combo plus 4

White Mushroom signs
Shivering: Cast Fire
Fanning themselves: Cast Blizzard
Light over their head: Cast Thunder
Floating in the air: Cast Gravity
Spinning around: Cast Aero
Laying on the ground: Cast Cure
Completely motionless: Cast Stop

By:Cheat Expert
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The 2 rumers 50%
I found some rumers for this game online. here they are:

1. you can play as riku if you beat the game 10 times.
2. you can get cloud in your party. it has somethin to do with selling the metal choc

Note: don't get your hopes up! It they may not be are true.
By: 987654321y(56)
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Hint: beat riku(ansem) at hollw baston 48%
When you aare fighting riku wair for im to jusm then attack after he lands (but keep moving). when he carges his power up keep running and jumping. with this you will easly beat riku.
By: jayman2(16)
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How 2 beat Leon at he start (easy) 47%
Wen your at the destiny island keep versing the guy with the beach balls wen he throws the beach balls hit them bak and you will get 1or 2 exp. keep doin that till your about level 12 then complete the rest of the island part. wen you verse leon you will probably win easy!
By: robbo(231)
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Omega arts 47%
When you beat behemoth and lock hollow bastion you get an accesorie it is omega arts if you wear it while you fight Sepiroth you get extra hp.
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Sora's ultima weapon 46%
1st synthesize all 24 items and have these items: 5 lucid gems, 5 power gems, 5 thunder gems, 3 mystery goo, and 3 gale then go to the item workshop then talk to the moogle and synthensize
By: zemuspi(18)
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Big dark thing! 45%
All you do is go up to him and take your sheild, hit R1 and you always win!
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Beating riku {hollow bastion}{ansem} 43%
Just beat really hard on him until he gets really powerful and says 'Show me real darkness' then he charges stay on the opposite side of the keyhole eventually he will stop chargeing then he is almost totally vomerable so hit him as much as you can then just keep doing that until he dies.
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Unlock new charcters 43%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Easy money 42%
Get to riku once he is super evil and fight a lot of wyverns there sort of hard to beat if you are a low level but they spit out a lot of money
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Unlimited health!!! 40%
Hi guys I have found a cheat that gives you unlimited health on the game...
I'd say that you already have one like this but it is not the same...
anyways!This glitche is very hard to do and also it is very hard cos you have to do it exactly in the right spot or else it wont work...
What you do is:...
1.Go to the whale on the map
2.go onto the ship in the whales mouth
3. stand on the very middle of the plank
And these are the buttons that you press...


I know that it seems impossible but I did it I just got really bored went onto the plank and then I got it and what it does is it makes you life go the hole way across the screen and you cant lose any health. thanks again bye
By: Answer giver(13)
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Easy leveling up 39%
U can level up easy by beatin the time limite figt in pegsus cup then keep on versing leon and yuffie
By: robbo(231)
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Kill the mushrooms 38%
If u see those weird mushroom guys you can kill them useing a specific spell to get a prize
By: MADDEVIL1(2159)
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Defeat Bosses easily! 38%
Ok this cheat will help you like it helped me its not really a cheat though. First get your sora up to level 20 something 20-25. Your sora would learn scan this ability is really helpful because you can see the bosses health. all you do is equip it a WALLA! you'll get a better advantage and you did all that training to level up.
By: i am cool(441)
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Vampire!!! 38%
When you go two halloween town, get sora up so you could see his face and you see that sora's a vampire!
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Defeat Maleficent Easily! 33%
When malificent is on her hovering stone thing just jump on it and attack. this way is better than hitting the stone because if you hit the stone she uses her meteor and she summons some heartless. Also make sure your using the beast instead of goofy.
By: i am cool(441)
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Extra life 26%
Get hundred mushrooms in first town and sell them in second.
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Ree 15%
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