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Child of Light Cheats for PS4
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Child of Light PS4 Cheats

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Child of Light

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Trophies 100%
These are the trophies for Child of Light on PS4.

Comedy (Bronze)Rubella joins Aurora's Party
Capilli Catch (Bronze)Finn joins Aurora's Party
Sweet Sister (Bronze)Norah joins Aurora's Party
Bolmus Bond (Bronze)Robert joins Aurora's Party
Kategida Kindred (Bronze)"engus joins Aurora's Party
Piscean Promise (Bronze)Gen joins Aurora's Party
Tragedy (Bronze)Tristis joins Aurora's Party
Tenth Birthday (Bronze)Achieve level 10 with Aurora
Perfectionist (Bronze)Upgrade a skill to its highest level
Master Oculist (Bronze)Craft Oculi
Scene Stealer (Bronze)Execute 3 Surprise Strikes
Showstopper (Bronze)Interrupt 3 foes at the same time
Winged Fury (Bronze)Devastate 5 foes
Explorer (Bronze)Find and open 30 coffers
Perfect Sonnet (Bronze)Collect all Confessions
Grassroots (Bronze)Finish 3 Lemurian Requests
Starcatcher (Bronze)Recover the stars
Over the Moon (Bronze)Recover the moon
Sunrise (Bronze)Recover the sun
Coronation (Silver)Dethrone the Queen of the Night
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