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Wipeout: Create and Crash Cheats for XB360
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Wipeout: Create and Crash XB360 Cheats

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Wipeout: Create and Crash

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Achievements 100%
These are the achievements for Wipeout: Create and Crash on Xbox 360.

Wipeout Designer (10G)Create your own Wipeout Course
Wipeout Maestro (20G)Create 5 Wipeout Courses
Challenge accepted! (10G)Entered a Wipeout Course code in Course Creator
Rigged (10G)Get a Gold Ballsy Cup on any of your own Wipeout Course
Director's Cut (20G)Play and complete a full 4 Rounds of My Wipeout Episode
WipeOuch! (5G)Your first wipeout! (Can be achieved by any player in Multiplayer)
Maximum Wipeout! (5G)Try Wipeout Max and fail miserably…AH! Ah!, sorry!
Maximum Victory! (40G)Beat 10 rounds of Wipeout Max in a row! Whaaaaaaa?!?!?
Boot-Camped! (20G)Finish Episode 1Ballsy's Boot Camp
Disgusting Yumminess (20G)Finish Episode 2Second Helpings
Scurvictory! (20G)Finish Episode 3Wipeouts Ahoy
New Sheriff in Town (20G)Finish Episode 4Wilder West
Yucked-out (20G)Finish Episode 5Zombie Halloween
A Classic Achievement (20G)Finish Episode 6Classic Wipeout 2013
Wipeout Heroes (20G)Finish Episode 7Knights of the Ball
So Fabulous (20G)Finish Episode 8Glamland
Gnome's Nightmare (20G)Finish Episode 9Forest of Mayhem
Sandwich (20G)Finish Episode 10Tiki's Revenge
Sooo Cold! (20G)Finish Episode 11Glacier Gauntlet
We spared no expense (20G)Finish Episode 12Prehistoric Panic
Hey there, Smallsy! (5G)Collect your first Smallsy
Love those balls! (10G)Collect half Smallsy
Got some serious balls! (20G)Collect all Smallsy
Ring-a-ling (5G)Collect all the rings in a round
Ring-a-ding (10G)Collect all the rings in an episode
Ring-a-ling-a-ding-ding (20G)Collect all the rings in all 12 episodes
Cup-o-balls (5G)Get your first Ballsy Cup!
"It's a good start" Cupllection (10G)Get at least 4 Bronze Ballsy Cups!
"Itsy-bitsy" Cupllection (15G)Get either 16 Bronze or 8 Silver Ballsy Cups!
"You're doing Okay!" Cupllection (20G)Get either 32 Bronze, 16 Silver or 8 Gold Ballsy Cups!
"Getting there" Cupllection (25G)Get either 48 Bronze, 32 Silver or 16 Gold Ballsy Cups!
"Whoa, Incredible!" Cupllection (30G)Get either 48 Silver or 32 Gold Ballsy Cups!
"Ballsy King" Cupllection (40G)Get 48 Gold Ballsy Cups!! Are you kidding!?
Bragging Rights (5G)Complete a Course of the Day
Trial by Fire (10G)Finish one episode on Black and Blue Mode
Amongst the best (40G)In Black & Blue Mode, earn a Gold medal in all Rounds of 6 Episodes
The stuff legends are made of (80G)In Black & Blue Mode, earn a Gold medal in all Rounds of each Episodes
Powered up! (10G)Get each of the interview Power Ups at least once. (Can be achieved by any player in Multiplayer)
Big Spender (10G)Spent 100,000 Ballsy bucks
Humongous Spender (10G)Spent 500,000 Ballsy bucks
Giganticus Spender (10G)Spent 1,000,000 Ballsy bucks
Open Audition (10G)Purchase every Contestant
Lead Layout Manager (10G)Purchase every Theme and Layout for the Course Creator
Chief Obstacler (10G)Purchase every Obstacle for the Course Creator
Whacky Wardrobe (10G)Purchase every Costume piece
Every other day men and women (2)G)Play as each character at least once. (Can be achieved by any player in Multiplayer)
Flabbergasting Contestant (80G)Get half the Medals
Best contestant that ever lived (100G)Get all Medals. Whoa!
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