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Just Dance Kids 2014 Cheats for XB360
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Just Dance Kids 2014 XB360 Cheats

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Just Dance Kids 2014

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Achievements 100%
These are the achievements for Just Dance Kids 2014 on Xbox 360.

A Star is Born (10G)Danced to 1 song in Just Dance
It Takes Two (10G)Danced to Team High Score with 2 or more players
Shake it Out (10G)Danced to Freeze and Shake
Mix Master (10G)Created a User Playlist in Playlists mode
Raccoon Power (10G)Got 4 stars in three songs containing a raccoon in the video in Just Dance mode
Just My Style (10G)Created 1 original dance in Just Create mode
New Steps (10G)Danced to 1 original dance made in Just Create mode
Terriffic Ten (10G)Danced a total of 10 times in Just Dance
Fantastic Fifty (10G)Danced a total of 50 times in Just Dance
Tune Traveler (30G)Danced to all the songs once
Great at Create (30G)Earned 10,000 points in a user-recorded dance
Step it Up (30G)Earned 4 stars in a dance without showing next move icons
Shutterbug (30G)Had 20 photos taken while dancing
Wiggly Winner (20G)Earned 4 stars in Get Ready to Wiggle in Just Dance mode
Freeze Champ (20G)Earned 4 stars in The Freeze Game in Just Dance mode
Tiki Talents (20G)Earned 4 stars in The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room in Just Dance mode
I Love Bacon (20G)Earned 4 stars in Footloose in Just Dance mode
B-Rockin (20G)Earned 4 stars in Get Down On It in Just Dance mode
Funny Bones (20G)Earned 4 stars in Day O in Just Dance mode
Intergalactic (20G)Earned 4 stars in Fireflies in Just Dance mode
Hey Ay Ay Ay! (20G)Earned 4 stars in Shout in Just Dance mode
Light Hearted (20G)Earned 4 stars in Give Your Heart a Break in Just Dance mode
What About Nine? (20G)Earned 4 stars in 789 in Just Dance mode
Dance Your Cares Away (20G)Earned 4 stars in Fraggle Rock in Just Dance mode
Mouse Party (20G)Earned 4 stars in Hickory Dickory Dock in Just Dance mode
Light it Up (20G)Earned 4 stars in Hit the Lights in Just Dance mode
Magical Moves (20G)Earned 4 stars in Magic Carpet Ride in Just Dance mode
Movin' n' Groovin' (20G)Earned 4 stars in I Like to Move It in Just Dance mode
Shiny Dancer (20G)Earned 4 stars in Make It Shine in Just Dance mode
Delicious Dancing (20G)Earned 4 stars in Party In the Kitchen in Just Dance mode
Pow, Pow, Pow, Pow! (20G)Earned 4 stars in Power Ups in Just Dance mode
Stars Up (20G)Earned 4 stars in Put Your Hearts Up in Just Dance mode
Picture Perfect (20G)Earned 4 stars in Ready or Not in Just Dance mode
Skip Hop Hooray! (20G)Earned 4 stars in Skip To My Lou in Just Dance mode
Forest Magic (20G)Earned 4 stars in We Go Well Together in Just Dance mode
Arrr! (20G)Earned 4 stars in A Pirate You Shall Be in Just Dance mode
Merry Mary (20G)Earned 4 stars in Mary Had A Little Lamb in Just Dance mode
Fire Away (20G)Earned 4 stars in Hit Me With Your Best Shot in Just Dance mode
Hot Feet (20G)Earned 4 stars in Walking on Sunshine in Just Dance mode
Solid Gold Moves (20G)Earned 4 stars in The Hustle in Just Dance mode
Pet Tricks (20G)Earned 4 stars in Do You Love Me in Just Dance mode
Solved It (20G)Earned 4 stars in Problem in Just Dance mode
You Got That (20G)Earned 4 stars in One Thing in Just Dance mode
Out of This World (20G)Earned 4 stars in Interstellar Simon in Just Dance mode
Happy Hundred (20G)Danced a total of 100 times in Just Dance
Stay Frosty (10G)Danced to songs in Freeze and Shake 50 times
I Heart Create (10G)Danced to any songs made in Just Create 50 times
All-Star Team (40G)Earned 30,000 or more points in all songs in Team High Score
Frosty Freezin' (40G)Earned 12,000 or more points in all songs in Freeze and Shake
Superstar (50G)Earned 4 stars in all songs in Just Dance
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Just Dance 2014 Guide 100%
A Guide for Just Dance 2014!

Read the Guide --> Just Dance 2014 [Guide]
By: Toebin(12758)
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