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Freefall Racers Cheats for XB360
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Freefall Racers XB360 Cheats

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Freefall Racers

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Achievements 100%
These are the achievements for Freefall Racers on Xbox 360.

One Tiny Step (10G)Finished a Race
SHHBLAMO! (10G)Used a Power Up
BOOOOOOST! (10G)Used Adrenaline Boost
One Giant Leap (10G)Won a Race
Friendly Rivals (10G)Played split screen competitively
Buddy Up (10G)Played split screen as a Team
Go Team! (10G)Played as a team and came 1st and 2nd
Near Miss (10G)Finished less than 1 2nd behind 1st place
Double Boost (10G)Activated Adrenaline Boost when in a Jet Stream
Completionist (20G)Raced all Tracks
The Honor Roll (10G)Didn't use a power up during a race
Dastardly (10G)Used 5 power ups during 1 Race
Treasure Chest (10G)Unlocked all Tracks and Characters
Alter Egos (20G)Raced as all the characters
Power Up (20G)Used 8 different Power Ups
Underdog (40G)Went from last place to first place and won!
Fantastic Antics (20G)Won Arctic Antics at Hard difficulty
Champion (40G)Won all Tracks
Super Champion (40G)Won an Easy Circuit at Hard difficulty
Ultra Mega Champion (80G)Won a Hard Circuit at Hard difficulty
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