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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Cheats for XB360
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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z XB360 Cheats

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Guide 100%
Relive Goku's adventures in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. Use this guide to complete every mission in the game.

Read the Guide --> Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z [Guide]
By: Toebin(11241)
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List of playable characters 100%
List of playable fighters in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

Adult Gohan
Android 16
Android 17
Android 18
Android 19
Captain Ginyu
Cell Jr.
Dr. Gero
Frieza Soldier
Future Trunks
Future Trunks - Sword
Kid Buu
Kid Gohan
Majin Buu
Super Buu
Teen Gohan
Tien Shinhan
Ultimate Gohan
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Unlockable Characters 100%
These are the unlockable characters in Battle of Z that you don't unlock just by beating the missions.

Bardock - Mission 44, A Rank
Beerus - Mission 59, S Rank
Cell Jr - Mission 58, A Rank
Kid Buu - Mission 35, S Rank
Super Saiyan 2 Goku - Mission 36, S Rank
Super Saiyan 3 Goku - Mission 39, S Rank
Whis - Mission 59, S Rank
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How to equip cards and items 100%
As you play the single player, you will unlock cards and items for use. To equip any of these items, press Y (triangle on PS3 and Vita) over a character's icon on the mission select screen.

This will take you to another screen. Choose to customize the character. You are then given the opportunity to put cards in various slots, edit the character's color, and also give them an item to use in the next mission.
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How to use Energy Share 100%
At the end of most battles, an energy portal will appear in the sky. Mash on the B button to send energy into the sphere. The amount of energy you can put into the sphere depends on how much energy you built up at the top of the screen throughout the fight and how much you can mash on the B button before the time runs out.

Successfully doing this will earn you Premium Points that you can use to buy Premium Items.
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Battle Elite (15G) 100%
Clear a difficulty level 5 mission without retrying.

You go into each mission with a set amount of lives. These lives are shared with your AI partners and co-op partners. If you lose all of your lives, then you lose the game.

Each time you die once, it is considered a "retry". So what this achievement/trophy is basically asking is that you complete a difficult level without you going down once.
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How to Chase enemies 100%
On Xbox 360:

LB + Y

On PS3:

L1 + Triangle

On PS Vita:

L + Triangle

After successfully landing one of the combinations above, you will have to press Y or Triangle again and then you will "chase" the enemy. In co-op, this will potentially start a chain.
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Purchasing items 100%
Items are separated into two different categories. One category is Premium Collection and the other is just called Item Collection. After an item is unlocked, it can then be purchased either DP or PP.

DP are points that can be used to buy items in the Item Collection category. It is easier to come by these points. PP is used by completing Energy Share.
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How to revive allies 100%
If an ally is knocked out, go over to them and click in the right stick. Then press Y or Triangle (depending on platform) to use a Revive Soul. The Revive Soul will then revitalize your fallen ally.
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