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Mega Man X6 Cheats for PSX
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Mega Man X6 PSX Cheats

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Mega Man X6

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Megaman X6: X5 Zero Appearance, using some X5 skills 100%
On every stage, there are 2nd pass and teleporters. but to get the X5 zero appearance easily, enable the ultimate armor to get to nigtmare zero( because if you have an ultimate armor, you can get to zero easily(in Amazon Area)). jump `n` use invincible dash because it will extend your jumping in the hole which is above you after deafiting the third insect w/c summons ants and also attacks you with a boomerang saber just like dynamo who uses boomerang saber. Now, after getting to the teleporter, but don`t forget that in amazon area, there is an unseen reploid or what ever robot who need a help. Now going back to the topic, if you fight zero, he will be using his old saber( w/c his saber is still not yet a saber like in star wars,) and he will be using some X5 moves like
C-flash W/C is not C anymore but it is a straight flash. zero will also be using his special moves but not yet upgade and he still stand straight Before attacking unlike on X6, zero is using special move but his special move or SM are upgarded and he shoot it faster than X5. Zero will also be using his old equiped Csword as Sword extend. Remember, nightmare`s weakness is X`s all new saber. oh and one more thing, when you fight him, he dashes like on X5 when he is on a nightmare mode(purple dash).
By: gem115herrera(114)
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Unlock Ultimate Armor X 98%
To unlock the Ultimate Armor X, go to the Title Screen and press start. On the
next screen, press LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT. Then start the game to have this
groovy new armor.
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Cheats 97%
Dark Hunter: After pressing start enter L1, L1, L1, R2.
Ultimate Armour for X: After pressing start enter Left, Left, Left, Right.
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Unlock Nightmare Zero 95%
To unlock Nightmare Zero, press START at the title screen. At the next screen,
press L1, L1, L1, R2. Then as you progress through the game and rescue Zero,
you will play as him, but in his Nightmare form.
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Blade and Shadow armor Parts 80%
Alrighty, look above for you to know the locations of Blade and Shadow armor parts. They are pretty strong armors.

Blade Armor
Leg Part - Located in Commander Yammark's stage
- you recieve this part by going right on the first drop
where a mantis blocks your path

Body Part - Located in Shield Sheldon's stage
- take the path that leads you down, don't take the path to
the right(leads to Shield Sheldon). After you take the
downward path, go through the laser puzzle then there
will be a wall that is false and you can walk through, do a
long dash jump(there is also an invisible platform in the
middle of the pit) to get to it.

Arm Part - Located in Infinity Mijinion's stage
- this is probably the easiest part to get, after you defeat
the second battle with Illumina you will teleport, go left
and the arm part will be right there.

Helmet Part - Located in Ground Scarab's stage
- this part is easy to get but aggrevating to find because
the totem poles send you to a random location, but it is
in your path through the location it is in.

Shadow Armor
Leg Part - Located in Blizzard Wolfgang's stage
- This part is located past one of the avalache's that fall
from the ceiling, you can use the Blade Armor or the
Ultimate Armor to get it, use the Nova Strike with the
Ultimate Armor to dash over to the ledge and the part will
be on your right or dash upwards with the Blade Armor from
the bottom of the icy hill over to the ledge.

Body Part - Located in Rainy Turtloid's stage
- there are two maybe three ways to get this part
1.) This one doesn't require much skill, lure one of the
bats with the bombs over to the narrow spikes, let one
of the bombs hit you and dash across the spikes
2.) This one requires more skill(not recommended for you
MMX beginners), with the Blade Armor, time it so that
you will suspend in the air so that you can air-dash
past the spikes without dying(if you don't think you
timed it right dash up and try again)

Arm Part - Located in Blaze Pheonix's stage
- You will need the Blade Armor for this one, after you defeat
the second miniboss make your way up, jump up the wall a bit
if the metal blocks aren't there then use the air-dash and
dash upward and the part will be above you, if the metal
blacks are there, catch a ride on one of them to get up to
the ledge and the part will be above you.

Helmet Part - Located in Metal Shark Player's stage
- you will need Hyper Dash, the Blade or Ultimate
Armor, and Ice Burst or ground Dash to get this part. After
you get to the end of the second compressor you will need to go
left and quick because there isn't much space, then go down
the ladder and head right, use ice burst to get some length
on your dash jump to get on the other side of the pit, if
there are red, black, and blue blocks you can push the black
blocks to dash jump across the pit.
By: gem115herrera(114)
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Get the body part of shodow in turtoild`s stage 67%
Alright, let me give a good tip for you(especially for begginners) to get the shadow armor(body part) in rainy turtoild`s stage. Just enabled the ultimate armor cheat(left,left,left,right) and when you gety to turtoild`s stage(the part where you will get the shadow armor body parts), just press down button and then use the invinsible dash or giga attack of ultimate that part of stage, you don`t need blade armor anymore(except for the other stage). I will also tell you the blade and shadow armor parts next time.
By: gem115herrera(114)
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Zero: why does zero have adouble jump in X6? 20%
It`s simple. Zero`s double jump came from Grizzly slash. if you want zero to be like a X5 Zero form, enable black zero cheats ( that is if you want ) and equip zero the sword extend and zero will loke like the X5 zero form but you can`t change zero`s skills and zero is a fast shooter unlike in X5.
By: gem115herrera(114)
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