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Sniper Elite 3 Cheats for PS4
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Sniper Elite 3 PS4 Cheats

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Sniper Elite 3

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How to tag enemies 100%
Tagging enemies is simple enough. Simply pull out your binoculars by clicking in the right analog stick. Then aim the cursor at an enemy unit. Pull the right trigger to tag them so you can keep track of their movements even when you aren't using your bnioculars.
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Sniper Elite III Guide 100%
Find all of the collectibles and complete every mission in Sniper Elite III!

Read the Guide --> Sniper Elite III [Guide]
By: Toebin(12756)
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Sniper Elite III - Tips for Becoming a Sniper Elite Guide 100%
Sniper Elite III is a bit harder now as environments are more open and enemies are better at finding where you are, so you need more tactical options in order to address these additional scenarios. This guide will help you do just that!

Read the Guide --> Sniper Elite III - Tips for Becoming a Sniper Elite [Guide]
By: Toebin(12756)
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How to relocate 100%
If you get spotted by enemies, you will need to relocate. Relocating is done by going a certain distance away from where you were last spotted. A counter on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen will let you know when you're far enough away to be considered "relocated".
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Indestructible 100%
This achievement/trophy requires you to complete a mission after having lost 500 units of health.

To accomplish this, make sure you go into the mission with at least two bandages and two medical kits. At that point, all you have to do is purposefully take damage, heal yourself, purposefully take damage, heal yourself, and repeat and then complete the mission.
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Trophies for Sniper Elite III 100%
This is a list of achievements for Sniper Elite III.

A shot in the dark (Silver) - Completed all the long shots
Advantage: Sniper (Bronze) - Get 30 kills from sniper nests
An ode to Rube Goldberg (Bronze) - Got 20 chain reaction explosive kills
Archivist (Silver) - Found all the war diaries
Casual reader (Bronze) - Found 50% of the war diaries
Charlie's Challenge (Bronze) - Get a testicle-shot from over 100m away
Competitive streak (Bronze) - Played 10 competitive multiplayer matches
Conserving oxygen (Bronze) - Hold your breath for an hour
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ratte (Bronze) - Completed Mission 6
Dedicated soldier (Gold) - Completed 100% of the campaign on any difficulty
Definitely no "90-day wonder" (Bronze) - Attained a ran of Sergeant (level 11)
Demolition Man (Bronze) - Completed Mission 7
Double tap (Bronze) - Incapacitated 2 vehicles in Kasserine Pass within 5 seconds
Double the distance (Bronze) - Sniped enemies over a cumulative distance of a double marathon
End of the 'lein' (Bronze) - Find and kill the visit General (Mission 3)
Ghost of Tobruk (Bronze) - Clear the mountain pass without alerting the enemy (Mission 1)
Hard as nails (Silver) - Completed the game on Sniper Elite difficulty
Hidden and dangerous (Bronze) - Completed a campaign mission without being seen (excluding Tobruk)
Highly decorated (Bronze)- Earned 1 of every ribbon in competitive multiplayer
I Fort this would be difficult (Bronze) - Get to the informant without being spotted (Mission 4)
I Siwa you did there (Bronze) - Make the target officer's death look like an accident (Mission 5)
In the nick of time (Bronze) - Completed Mission 5
Indestructible (Bronze) - Completed a mission after losing over 500 units of health
Long way down (Bronze) - Throw an enemy off one of the bridges (Mission 8)
Make it go boom (Bronze) - Killed 20 enemies by shooting explosives
Nesting instinct (Silver) - Found all the Sniper nests
No refuge (Bronze) - Completed Mission 4
Nothing is optional (Silver) - Completed all the optional objectives
Officer material (Silver) - Attained a rank of Second Lieutenant (level 31)
Oscar Mike (Bronze) - Relocated 100 times
Pest Control Specialist (Bronze) - Completed Mission 8
Platinum Trophy (Platinum) - Win all other trophies to take your place as the world's greatest sniper
Prepared for any eventuality (Bronze) - Create and save 4 loadouts
Regular soldier (Silver) - Completed the game on Marksman difficulty
Sniping with friends (Silver) - Completed the campaign in co-op
Tactical distractor (Bronze) - Distracted 20 enemies with flint or rocks
Tagged (Bronze) - Tagged 100 enemies or vehicles
The Everyman (Bronze) - Completed all the challenge missions
The gathering (Silver) - Found all the collectible cards
The Gazala Gallop (Bronze) - Completed Mission 1
These are a few of my favorite things (Bronze) - Got a kill with each offensive item
This is my rifle... (Bronze) - Customized 1 rifle
Three birds, one stone (Bronze) - Destroy all 3 bomb dumps at the same time (Mission 7)
Through the fire... (Bronze) - Completed Mission 3
Through the looking glass (Bronze) - Killed 10 snipers before they see you
Time to reload (Silver) - Completed the game on Cadet difficulty
True sniper (Gold) - Completed the game on Authentic difficulty
Wait for it (Bronze) - Killed 10 enemies with flint-triggered detonations
Well, well, well (Bronze) - Hid a body in each of the wells in Gaberoun
Wonderwall (Bronze) - Completed Mission 2
You'll try anything once (Bronze) - Played 1 mission in each mode (campaign, challenges, competitive multiplayer)
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How to get the Double Tap achievement/trophy on Mission 6 100%
This achievement/trophy wants you to destroy two vehicles within five seconds in Kasserine Pass. You need to basically get to the end of the mission. Destroy the enemy in the truck with the turret and then destroy the Tiger Tank that spawns near the end of the mission. At that point, there will be two vehicles that move in close to one another so you can easily destroy them one right after another.
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End of the lein 100%
To kill the visiting general in Mission 3, you need to collect all of the War Diaries for the mission first.

Once you have the War Diaries, the general will appear at the last anti-air emplacement that you're supposed to destroy. Simply mark all of the targets across the canyon with your binoculars and you'll be notified which one is the visiting general.

At that point it's just a matter of kiling him.
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Ghost of Tobruk 100%
It's actually extremely easy to get this achievement/trophy, which is to complete mission 1 without being spotted. Simply use the Welrod as well as stealth takedowns a lot. It helps if you go through the mission first regularly to get an idea of what to expect in terms of how enemies will be moving and the like.
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How to make the target officer's death look like an accident 100%
An achievement/trophy for mission 5 requires that you make the death of a target look like an accident at the end of the mission. Follow the target to a truck with some explosive barrels in the back and then shoot the barrels when he gets close to them. That's all that needs to be done.
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All collectibles 100%
Find every collectible in the game, including war diaries, collectible cards, sniper nests, etc. See the video: Cheat Video
Sniper Elite 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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How to hold your breath 100%
To hold your breath, first be aiming down the sights. Then tap RB. This is called "focus time", and it is when your shooter is holding his breath.
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Chain reaction kills 100%
Chain reaction kills are kills in which something other than a direct bullet kills an enemy.

This could mean blowing up explosive barrels or vehicles they're by, or even shooting the grenades on their hips.
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Sniper Nests 100%
Find all of the Sniper Nests in the game.

Note that the sniper nests have to be reached and then "activated" before they count.

Cumulatively kill 30 enemies from sniper nests for an achievement/trophy called "Advantage: Sniper". See the video: Cheat Video
Sniper Elite 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Weapon Upgrades 100%
Find all of the weapon upgrades in the game.

Weapon upgrades are always on enemy soldiers, so loot absolutely everyone you kill just to be safe. You'll know when you collected an upgrade because it will pop up in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to confirm as much. See the video: Cheat Video
Sniper Elite 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Long Shots 100%
Find and complete all of the long shots in the game.


Sometimes the long shots glitch and the person you're supposed to shoot doesn't appear. If this happens, you need to reload your checkpoint until they appear.

Sometimes they don't appear, but yet the game gives you the long shot anyway. Check your collectibles to see if it has been counted for the mission or not. See the video: Cheat Video
Sniper Elite 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Offensive items 100%
The achievement/trophy entitled "These are a few of my favorite things" requires that you get a kill with every single offensive item in the game--the game mode doesn't matter.

This is a list of the weapons you'll need to get kills with in order to unlock this achievement/trophy:

Cable Mine
Gewehr 43
Land Mine
Lee-Enfield Mk. III
Luger P08
M1 Garand
Mine S
MP 40
Sten MK. II
Welbey MK. IV
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Well, well, well 100%
This achievement/trophy wants you to dump at least one dead body into each of the wells in Mission 2. See the video: Cheat Video
Sniper Elite 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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