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The Wolf Among Us Cheats for PS3
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The Wolf Among Us PS3 Cheats

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The Wolf Among Us

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Trophies 100%
These are the trophies for The Wolf Among Us on PlayStation 3.

Full Moon (Platinum)Earned every Trophy in every episode of The Wolf Among Us
Welcome to Fabletown (Bronze)Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 1
Wolf in Sheriff's Clothing (Bronze)Completed Chapter 2 of Episode 1
The Long Goodbye (Bronze)Completed Chapter 3 of Episode 1
The Frog or the Prince? (Bronze)Completed Chapter 4 of Episode 1
Panic in the Parlours (Bronze)Completed Chapter 5 of Episode 1
A Light Snowfall (Silver)Completed Episode 1"Faith"
Novice Librarian (Gold)Unlocked all Book of Fables entries in Episode 1
Right to an Attorney (Bronze)Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 2
Breaking Point (Bronze)Completed Chapter 2 of Episode 2
Sisters (Bronze)Completed Chapter 3 of Episode 2
Made Them Cry (Bronze)Completed Chapter 4 of Episode 2
Can I Get a Fresh Set of Towels? (Bronze)Completed Chapter 5 of Episode 2
No Respect for the Dead (Silver)Completed Episode 2"Smoke and Mirrors"
Apprentice Librarian (Gold)Unlocked all Book of Fables entries in Episode 2
Promising Leads (Bronze)Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 3
Belly Full of Stones (Bronze)Completed Chapter 2 of Episode 3
What Big Eyes You Have (Bronze)Completed Chapter 3 of Episode 3
Huff and Puff (Bronze)Completed Chapter 4 of Episode 3
Severe Case of Lycanthropy (Bronze)Completed Chapter 5 of Episode 3
The Enchanted Land of New York City (Silver)Completed Episode 3"A Crooked Mile"
Journeyman Librarian (Gold)Unlocked all Book of Fables entries in Episode 3
Once Upon a Time (Bronze)Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 4
There Was a Wolf (Bronze)Completed Chapter 2 of Episode 4
Who Ruled The Land (Bronze)Completed Chapter 3 of Episode 4
He Was Much Feared (Bronze)Completed Chapter 4 of Episode 4
But Soon He Mended His Evil Ways (Bronze)Completed Chapter 5 of Episode 4
And All Were Happy (Silver)Completed Episode 4"In Sheep's Clothing"
Master Librarian (Gold)Unlocked all Book of Fables entries in Episode 4
Beginning of the End (Bronze)Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 5
This House of Straw (Bronze)Completed Chapter 2 of Episode 5
A Silver Bullet (Bronze)Completed Chapter 3 of Episode 5
My Last Cigarette (Bronze)Completed Chapter 4 of Episode 5
The North Wind Blows (Bronze)Completed Chapter 5 of Episode 5
Happily Ever After (Silver)Completed Episode 5"Cry Wolf"
Grand Master Librarian (Gold)Unlocked all Book of Fables entries in Episode 5
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The Wolf Among Us Guide 100%
Take control of Bigby Wolf and explore the land of Fables in The Wolf Among Us.

Read the Guide --> The Wolf Among Us [Guide]
By: Toebin(11722)
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Unlock all Book of Fables entries in Episode 1 100%
To unlock all the Book of Fables entries in Episode 1: Faith and get the achievement "Novice Librarian", simply play through the chapter once, making any choices you want, until reaching Chapter 2.

In Chapter 2, be sure to check the file on Bigby's desk to learn about Bluebeard. This will then unlock his Book of Fables entry. Now continue to play all the way through to the end of the chapter. All the other entries will unlock just by naturally playing the game, except for one.

When fighting with Grendel in the bar, you can choose to either rip his arm off or spare him. Each action unlocks one entry. So what this means is that you have to use the "Rewind" feature to create a second save file where alternate choices can be made. Create that file and choose to jump right in to Chapter 6.

Choose the action opposite of the one that you chose previously. This will be enough to unlock the final Book of Fables entry for Episode 1.
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Unlock all Book of Fable entries in Episode 2 100%
In Episode 2, Chapter 2, there is an interrogation scene. You can choose to be nice or mean during the interrogation process.

One time pick the mean choices that abuse the prisoner. It will culminate in Crane confronting Bigby. The game gives you the choice to punch Crane, so choose to do just that. This will unlock the first entry.

Go back through and this time be nice to the prisoner that is being interrogated. This will end with Bluebeard attempting to take over and be more violent in the proceedings. Choose to pull Bluebeard off of the prisoner, which will result in a short QTE battle and unlock the second entry.
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Unlock all Book of Fables Entries in Episode 3 100%
To unlock all the Book of Fables entries in Episode 3: A Crooked Mile, there are some steps that need to be taken. This Episode seems to have more missable entries than the other two.

Chapter 2 - Don't interrupt Snow's eulogy. Examine the cards on the nearby desk while she gives her eulogy.

Chapter 3 + 4 - Choose to go to Crane's apartment first. Then examine the statue of the Headless Horseman on his desk. Secondly, choose to go to the offices of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

Chapter 5 - This entry is the only one that will require you to go back through and play twice, or at least go back to this chapter. You have a choice at the end of the chapter to either burn the tree or leave it be. One option will get you one entry, and the other option will get you the other entry.
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Unlock all Book of Fables entries in Episode 4 100%
It is possible to get all of the Book of Fables entries for Episode 4: In Sheep's Clothing in a single playthrough.

In Chapter 2, you get a choice to go to the pawn shop or to the butcher's shop first. You'll want to choose to go to the pawn shop first. In the pawn shop, check the display case on the right. There is a pin cushion in there. Examine the pin cushion to get the hidden Book of Fables entry.
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Unlock all Book of Fables entries for Episode 5 100%
Episode 5 only has one Book of Fables entry that can be missed.

During the conversation with Bloody Mary in the metalworks area, you are given two dialogue options or the chance to hit her. Choose the dialogue options instead of hitting her.

All of the other Book of Fables entries will be unlocked automatically.
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