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Killzone: Mercenary Cheats for PSV
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Killzone: Mercenary PSV Cheats

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Killzone: Mercenary Cheats

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Killzone: Mercenary

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Killzone: Mercenary Guide 100%
Killzone comes to PS Vita with Killzone: Mercenary. And we have a guide to walk you through it!

Read the Guide --> Killzone: Mercenary [Guide]
By: Toebin(12760)
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Come In (Bronze) 100%
Visit Blackjack's Armory during a mission

The armory chests are represented on the map by a yellow smiley face icon.
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Cutting Edge (Bronze) 100%
Brutal Melee 12 enemies consecutively

Just keep melee attacking enemies one after another. This can be accomplished by getting close to an enemy and pressing Triangle or using the touchscreen.
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Deflector (Bronze) 100%
Perform a Brutal Melee counter gesture in Multiplayer

In multiplayer, when someone tries to hit you with a melee attack, you sometimes get the opportunity to counter the attack if you touch the screen or press Triangle fast enough.
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Executioner (Bronze) 100%
Ensure Dr. Savic dies in Hostile Takeover

You can choose to leave Dr. Savic be or you can execute him with a shot to the head. Make the choice to kill him.
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Collateral Considered (Bronze) 100%
Complete 'The Package' without any civilian casualties

The "civilians" in this mission are the scientists. Just be careful when shooting so that you do not shoot any scientists by accident.
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Firewall Down (Bronze) 100%
Complete a VAN-Guard hack, making no mistakes

There are numerous times throughout the campaign when you are given the opportunity to hack. These hacking missions are simple enough. Look at the triangles and then choose the corresponding triangles on the sides of the screen to best match the hacking symbols in the center.
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Get Your Filthy Hands Off (Bronze) 100%
Kill an enemy while they are interrogating a teammate in Multiplayer

You can tell an enemy is interrogating a teammate because it will look like they are locked up in a melee kill position. Kill that enemy before they can finish off your partner to get this one.
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Ghost (Bronze) 100%
Brutal melee an enemy from behind whilst using the Ghost VAN-Guard

You can purchase the Ghost VAN-guard from the armory. After purchasing and equipping it, you can become invisible. While invisible, kill an enemy from behind. Pretty simple really.
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Heads Up (Bronze) 100%
Get crushed by an incoming VAN-Guard capsule

VAN-guard capsules are capsules that are given to you in single player and multiplayer that contain new gadgets, or VAN-guards. Simply stand in the area where one is falling from the sky to get this trophy.
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I Want That One (Bronze) 100%
Make a purchase in Blackjack's armory

Use Blackjack's armory and then purchase something from it. This can be anything from a resupply of ammo to a brand new gun.
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Insertion Denied (Bronze) 100%
Kill all troops before they rappel out of a dropship

The easiest way to do this is in the first mission. At the part where the two dropships crash through the roof, just focus your attention on one of the dropships. This should give you plenty of time to wipe out all the enemies as they come out of it.
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Is it Safe? (Bronze) 100%
Interrogate an enemy

Enemy interrogation will be taught to you as part of the tutorials in the first mission of the game. To interrogate an enemy, make sure that they are of Officer rank, which you can tell by their blip on the radar, which will show them with multiple arrows instead of just one. Then sneak up behind them and when you go for a melee attack, it will instead start the interrogation process.
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Man vs. Machine (Bronze) 100%
Destroy the Helghast Tank without using a D-Charge in 'Justice for All'

The tank is the final enemy in the mission Justice for All. To destroy it without using explosive charges, you're going to want to revisit this mission after building up enough funds to purchase rocket launchers and other explosive weapons to destroy the tank that way.
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Marksman (Bronze) 100%
Kill an enemy at long range

It is hard to gauge what the game means exactly by "long range", but the best for this one is to obviously use sniper rifles. It is likely that you'll get this trophy by accident, so don't worry about actively trying to get it until you've already gone through the campaign once.
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Redeemer (Bronze) 100%
Rescue an injured teammate in Multiplayer

When a teammate is bleeding out, approach them and press Triangle to heal them.
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Reprieve (Bronze) 100%
Ensure Dr. Savic lives in 'Hostile Takeover'

Instead of killing Dr. Savic in this mission, make sure he makes it out alive.
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Spangled (Bronze) 100%
Recover after being tranquilized by an enemy in Multiplayer

This one may need to be boosted. Otherwise you just have to hope that someone eventually shoots you with a tranquilizer gun and that you make it away from them before they can kill you in your weakened state.
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