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Dead Rising 3 Cheats for XBOne
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Dead Rising 3 XBOne Cheats

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Dead Rising 3

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How to level up 100%
In Dead Rising 3, you level up by completing missions, helping stranded survivors, and killing zombies. When you level up, you earn Attribute Points that can then be spent to upgrade Nick.
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Survival Training 100%
On the map, there are black stars that indicate locations of Survival Training. They task you with killing zombies with specific weapons under a time limit. You are awarded medals based on how well you complete the trials.

There are three achievements attached to Survival Training. There is one each for earning 25 bronze medals, 25 silver medals, and 25 gold medals.
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Dead Rising 3 Guide 100%
Full walkthrough for Dead Rising 3!

Read the Guide --> Dead Rising 3 [Guide]
By: Toebin(11204)
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Dead Rising 3 - Psycho Missions Guide 100%
Strategies for every Psychopath boss fight in Dead Rising 3!

Read the Guide --> Dead Rising 3 - Psycho Missions [Guide]
By: Toebin(11204)
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Dead Rising 3 - Side Missions Guide 100%
Find and complete all Dead Rising 3 Side Missions with this guide!

Read the Guide --> Dead Rising 3 - Side Missions [Guide]
By: Toebin(11204)
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Dead Rising 3: Untold Stories of Los Perdidos Guide 100%
Dead Rising 3: Untold Stories of Los Perdidos are four DLC episodes that showcase the stories of four different survivors during the Los Perdidos zombie outbreak. This guide will walk you through them all.

Read the Guide --> Dead Rising 3: Untold Stories of Los Perdidos [Guide]
By: Toebin(11204)
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List of super combo weapons 100%
This is a list of combo weapons in Dead Rising 3 in alphabetical order:

Big Bomb - RPG + Propane tank
Bigger Bomb - Big Bomb + Grenade
Boom Bear - Freedom Bear + Dynamite
Buffet Cart - Drink Cart + Ham
Cuddly Bear - Freedom Bear + Portable Stereo
Death Mask Reaper - Grim Reaper + Reaper Mask
Decoy Bear - Pushy Bear + Portable Stereo
Drink Buffet Cart - Buffet Cart + Large Soda
Electric Shout - Power Shout + Battery
Electric Staff - Battery + Traffic Light
Electrofire Staff - Electric Staff + Propane Tank
Electroice Staff - Electric Staff + Liquid Nitrogen
Elemental Staff - Electrofire Staff + Liquid Nitrogen
Enormous Bomb - Huge Bomb + Microwave
Fire Reaper - Grim Reaper + Gasoline Canister
Flame Mecha Dragon - Mecha Dragon + Firecrackers
Freedom Bear - Robot Bear + LMG
Grim Reaper - Scythe + Katana Sword
Grisley Bear - Provoked Bear + Wheelchair
Huge Bomb - Bigger Bomb + Gasoline Canister
Massive Bomb - Enormous Bomb + Laptop
Meat Buffet Cart - Buffet Cart + Lettuce
Mecha Dragon - Dragon Head + Pistol
Mecha Dragon Blade - Mecha Dragon + Katana Sword
Power Shout - Pylon + Speaker
Provoked Bear - Boom Bear + Portable Stereo
Pushy Bear - Freedom Bear + Wheelchair
Super Shout - Pylon + Speaker
Tactical RC - RC Helicopter + Machete
Tactical RC Bomber - Tactical RC + Grenade
Tactical RC Gunner - Tactical RC + Assault Rifle
Tactical UAV - Tactical RC Gunner + Grenade
Ultimate Buffet Cart - Drink Buffet Cart + Lettuce
Ultimate Grim Reaper - Death Mask Reaper + Gasoline Canister
Ultimate Mecha Dragon - Flame Mecha Dragon + Katana Sword
Ultimate Shout - Super Shout + Battery
Volatile Bear - Boom Bear + Wheelchair
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How to find blueprints 100%
Collectibles in Dead Rising 3 are fairly easy to find. When you are in an area, all the nearby collectibles appear on your map. Blueprints are represented by blue icons with gears in the middle of them.
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Fashion Plate (5G) 100%
Collect 100 different clothing items.

In the game, there's over 100 clothing items. So to get this one, just throw on whatever outfits you come across during your playtime. You will get the achievement in no time.
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Gang Banger (5G) 100%
Lead a full posse of 5 survivors.

The only way that you can have five survivors with you at a time is to upgrade your Mechanic and Smarts attributes fully. This will allow you to have five survivors at once. Then go to the survivor bulletin board at one of the safe zones and choose to have five survivors come with you.
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Killing zombies 100%
Dead Rising 3 has numerous achievements that are attached to zombie killing totals. Unlike the older games where your zombie killing total reset after each playthrough, Dead Rising 3 keeps track of the zombies you have killed across the entirety of your time with the game.

The highest it goes is 100,004 zombies killed for an achievement worth 30G (humorously called Left 100,004 Dead). The easiest way to kill a lot of zombies at once is with the Turret Rig. Just get a Turret Rig and go around slaughtering the zombies by the thousands.

Of course, you shouldn't grind for this achievement until you've already gotten the other ones as many other achievements will have you killing lots of zombies anyways.
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Help Wanted (10G) 100%
Add 5 survivors to the survivor bulletin board.

At safe zones, there are bulletin boards that keep track of all the survivors in the game. It doesn't matter if the survivors are dead or not, the fact that you saved them will be recorded and they will stay on the bulletin board.

To recruit survivors to your team, you first have to complete the side mission associated with them.
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Man of the People (10G) 100%
Save 15 stranded survivors.

There are many times when playing the game that you will come across stranded survivors that are surrounded by hordes of zombies. Killing all of the zombies in the radius will allow the people to run free. They won't join your group, but you do get a nice PP bonus for saving them.
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Master Mechanic (10G) 100%
Create every combo vehicle.

Here is a list of combo vehicles in the game in alphabetical order:

Junk Bike
Junk Car
Junk Truck
Mobile Locker
Party Slapper
Turret Rig

The blueprints are found right near the cars that are needed to create the combo vehicles. The only way you can get the Mobile Locker blueprint is when you've completely upgraded your inventory, which is done when you reach level 50 in the game.
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Nightmare Master (75G) 100%
Complete chapter 7 in Nightmare Mode.

Nightmare Mode is basically classic Dead Rising. There is a time limit on everything that is much stricter than in Story Mode, which still has time limits for the side missions, albeit ones that are not even close to as strict.

Simply complete up through chapter 7 in Nightmare Mode. You do not have to beat Overtime (Chapter 8) to get this achievement.
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Them's the Facts (30G) 100%
Complete the Facts.

What this means is complete Chapters 1 - 7. Chapter 8 is Overtime mode.
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Counter Terrorist (10G) 100%
Infect all Safe Zones.

This is done in Episode 1 of the DLC, Operation Broken Eagle. At some point, you will be able to infect the Safe Zones. Go to them and press B to infect the safe zones.

On the map, they appear as a yellow icon with a black star-looking symbol in the center of the yellow icons.
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Eyes in the Sky (10G) 100%
Hack all ZDC Cameras

This is also done in the Operation Broken Eagle DLC. There are numerous cameras throughout the city. You interacted with them as Nick for an achievement as well.

Anyway, to hack the cameras, just go up to one of them and press B. This will hack the camera. It only takes a second. They appear as thick yellow circles on the map.
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How to burn propaganda posters 100%
In Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel, the second DLC expansion for the game, one of the main objectives is to burn down all the ZDC propaganda posters that are plastered throughout the city.

Usually when it comes to collectibles, all you have to do is go up and press B to interact with the.m This is not the case with the burning of the propaganda posters. You need to hit them with something flammable, mainly Molotov cocktails.

They appear on your mini map as collectible icons just like any other collectible in the game, and they are always easy to spot on walls. Once you find one, equip a Molotov and chuck it at the poster. If it hits close enough, the poster will burn up and you can check another one off your list.
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How to rescue survivors in Fallen Angel 100%
Groups of survivors are being rounded up for execution in Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel. In order to save these groups, you first need to kill the lone merc executioner. Then you have to make sure that zombies do not kill them, or else you won't be able to get the "Guardian Angel" achievement that is associated with the Episode 2 DLC for Untold Stories of Los Perdidos.

Anyway, after getting all the danger out of the way, go to each individual survivors and press B to undo their binds. They will then run off and it will count as you saving them.
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No Peeking! (10G) 100%
Destroy all ZDC Cameras.

In Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel, there is a goal to destroy even more ZDC Cameras. Like in the main game, the ZDC cameras can be destroyed very easily. Just shoot them or even throw objects at them to destroy them.

The ZDC cameras are all marked on your map, so they should be a breeze to find.
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Defeat all the Captains 100%
In Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising, you have to fight Captains as part of side missions. Defeat all of them (they will all be pointed out to you as you go through the story missions) to get this achievement.
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Destroy all Emergency Phones 100%
Like the other DLC packs and the main game, you have something to destroy in Chaos Rising. In Chaos Rising, they take the form of Emergency Phones.
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PP Trials 67%
PP is the name of XP in Dead Rising 3. There are many PP trials in the game that basically task you with doing something for X amount of times and then you will earn a bunch of PP as a result.

There is an achievement attached to these called Almost Famous that is worth 25 GS. Check them from the pause menu. A checklist is kept for you in-game so you can keep track of which ones you have left.
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How to unlock Mega Man X Outfit 50%
Beat the game once to unlock the Mega Man X outfit.
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Collector (5G) 50%
Pick up 250 different weapons.

Weapons are lying around all over the place in Dead Rising 3. All of your weapons are stored in the weapons locker. Combo weapons also count as new weapons.
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Customizer (5G) 50%
Create 5 combo vehicles.

Combo vehicles can be created throughout the game. The blueprints that you can use to combine these vehicles are always found by the vehicles that serve as the ingredients. So whenever you find a blueprint to create a new combo vehicle, you'll be right in the vicinity to cobble that vehicle together.
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