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Beyond the Dead Cheats for iP
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Beyond the Dead iP Cheats

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Beyond the Dead

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Beyond the Dead: Guide from a Beta Tester 100%

The beginning of the game walks the player through the basics of gameplay. How to evolve, what buttons do what, the basis. Here is a guide for everything else they don't cover.

Important tips:

1) Power isn't everything in your survivors. I made this mistake early on with my Mounted Policeman. Great attack/defense but his special only activated 4% of the time. Not worth training these characters. (Example: My hardest hitting unit stats are roughly 55,000 attack. My lowest is 14,000 attack. I have other survivors that exceed my lowest.... Why not use them? Because my lowest unit has a special that states: "45% chance to increase strongest survivors attack by 35%." That adds on 8,800 damage.)

2) For some reason they don't mention the 'Shake and Collect' ability. Shake your iPad/iPhone and collect all silver/units on the screen.

3) Join an alliance early! Alliances give you bonuses to your survivors stats that you will find useful.

4) Watch your can/bottle usage. When you are a low level your character levels quickly. With each level earned, your energy and adrenalin replenish. It could be wiser to wait a minute or so and level up rather then waste a bottle or can.


When you first start out in the tutorial you will be asked to upgrade your mailman. Finish this, but then do not continue trying to evolve and upgrade him as you will be collecting a lot of uncommon units early on in the game, with far better stats to upgrade/ evolve..

A lot of players kept their mailman and trained/evolved him..first mistake!

If you can, the best way to upgrade a survivor to the maximum stats, is to follow the following guideline:

You need 8 units. Fully train all 8 units and evolve them to level 2. Fully train these and continue. Here it is broken down to numbers.

Level: (50/50) Evolve 1 + Level (50/50) Evolve 1 Level: (50/50) Evolve 2 + Level (50/50) Evolve 2 Level: (50/50) Evolve 3 + Level (50/50) Evolve 3 Level: (50/50) Evolve 4 + Level (50/50) Evolve 4

There are debates about how efficient this method is. Arguments are mostly based around the fact that gathering 8 units is near impossible, or that farming the materials take way too much time. The choice is yours.


you will have to train your party to increase your stats , for this you will need training equipment and survivors. The best place to find these is attacking the 1 energy point zombies in hospital and military outpost maps..(if you think this is time consuming now, wait until you have to start training epic survivors) "always training"

A simple trick to add more is to add 9 survivors (the last survivor added must be scrolled far enough right that you cannot see your training equipment) and then scroll back to the beginning and you can add ALL of your training equipment. BEWARE: It will also open up the boxes to add in even more survivors. Do not do this. The game doesn't allow this and will sometimes crash.


PvP win streaks, early in the game, are far easier then when you are at a higher level. These streaks do not go off of your actual level, but off the stats of your survivors. Completing these streaks award you with cans and crates which contain (hopefully!) better survivors. His is another great reason to be in an alliance. I don't believe the system factors in the additions the alliance gives you... I could be wrong.

In the PvP system, you are matched with 3 players that are around your partys level of attack and defense. If all 3 you don't feel as if you could beat, simply train a survivor. Even using a single item/survivor/serum will populate a new list of players for you. Repeat until you have 'found your guy'.


Start building your base and try upgrading your silver trailors early on This helped me gain a good income early on in the game. After that I started upgrading transformers and soon had enough silver to cover all outgoings.. Always be building and upgrading buildings..


there is a fantastic and really helpful guide written by MIDNIGHT in the top section of this page titled "unit list" check this out!

Hopefully by now you are strong enough to begin to decide on an alliance and get a quick head start on players that may have joined the same time as yourself..


The Skill Tree is a little tricky to master, but when you get the hang of it, can make or break your battle. A hardcore player is constantly resetting the Skill Tree to appeal to whatever task is at hand. Invest into whatever skills your survivors use, and skip the others. Skills that collect more money from Zombies are pretty much useless at higher levels, so watch out for those. The Skill Tree is EXTREMELY LITERAL. In each branch there are a set of skills that read "+1% chance to avoid skills used against your party by (Ranged/melee/specializations).". Read these carefully... USED AGAINST your party. There are nearly no skills that are actually used against your party. The majority of skills are buffs for your own party... making these skills worthless.

There are skills that help you, in different circumstances. Example: The skill Lucky Break is worthless PvP. Never activates. During a Boss battle, Lucky Break hits 100% of the time! Always change your skills to reflect what you are doing!
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Beyond the Dead Walkthrough Guide 96%
With Beyond the Dead, it's the survival of the fittest. This guide will help you keep your forces in tip top shape, and try to make the most out of the post-apocalyptic world.

Read the Guide --> Beyond the Dead Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12695)
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