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Alien Rage Cheats for PC
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Alien Rage PC Cheats

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Alien Rage

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Achievements 98%
The following is a list of achievements for Alien Rage on Steam.

A Serious ManComplete single player campaign on Hard difficulty
Apex PredatorReach a player score of 25,000,000
ArachnophobeDefeat Vorus God Mech
Armed and CompletionistUse all weapons
Away GamePlay as an alien in a multiplayer game
BehemothDefeat GX-7 Destroyer Prototype
Books on TapeFind all audio recordings
BridgelayerLower the bridge
Called a MeetingSurvive the Heavy room
Can't HomidecideKill an enemy with every weapon
Do You Feel Lucky?Play entire campaign using only the pistol
DominatorWin 10 multiplayer games
Driving Angry80 Kills While Piloting Mech
Explosive Personality500 Kills With Explosions
Fire! Fire!1000 Promethium Containers Destroyed
FortifiedTake out the bunker
GangbusterDefeat AA-19 Combat Mech
Giant KillerDefeat Vorus Centurion
GodlikeReach a player score of 50,000,000
Going SoloPlay entire campaign using only 1 weapon
GuardianDefeat DF9 Sentry Mech
Hard HeadedCompletely recover from damage 3 times during a multiplayer match
HardcoreComplete single player campaign on Brutal difficulty
HoarderFind all weapons
Home TeamPlay as a human in a multiplayer game
ImmortalNever die during a single multiplayer match
It's Personal250 Kills With Melee
JuicedUnlock first Perk
Mellon Baller500 Total Headshots
No Stone UnturnedComplete single player campaign on all difficulty levels
OverdriveDefeat Mk XII Heavy Mech
Pitching MachineDefeat Vorus Primus
Point & ShootFind a new weapon
Press ALL the Buttons!Use every weapon's secondary fire mode
Press the Button!Use any weapon's secondary fire mode
Property DamageDestroy the security control room
Relentless1500 Total Kills
SecuredDefeat Security Turrets
ShowdownDefeat Vorus Gladiator
Spin ControlSet the docking tower centrifuge to overdrive
Supreme BeingGet the most kills during a single multiplayer match
TenaciousComplete single player campaign on any difficulty level
The Exterminator25 Kills Using Mech To Step On Enemies
There Can Be Only YOU!Get the most kills AND never die during a single multiplayer match
Trying New ThingsFind an alien weapon
Utility BeltUnlock all player perks
Walk in the ParkComplete single player campaign on Normal difficulty
Welcome to the PartyJoin a multiplayer game
When Titans FallDefeat all Bosses
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