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Zumba Fitness World Party Cheats for XB360
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Zumba Fitness World Party XB360 Cheats

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Zumba Fitness World Party

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Achievements 100%
The following is a list of achievements for Zumba Fitness: World Party on Xbox 360.

Merengue Pro (10G)Complete "Learn the Steps" Merengue
Salsa Pro (10G)Complete "Learn the Steps" Salsa
Cumbia Pro (10G)Complete "Learn the Steps" Cumbia
Reggaeton Pro (10G)Complete "Learn the Steps" Reggaeton
Bollywood Pro (10G)Complete "Learn the Steps" Bollywood
Samba Pro (10G)Complete "Learn the Steps" Samba
Zumba Diploma (20G)Complete all tutorials
Bronze Star (10G)Complete a low intensity single song with five stars
Silver Star (20G)Complete a medium intensity single song with five stars
Gold Star (30G)Complete a high intensity single song with five stars
Join the Party (15G)Complete your first Zumba World Party song
Total Dancer (50G)Play and complete every song
World Traveler (40G)Collect all Passport Stamps
Bronze Class (10G)Finish a Short Class
Silver Class (20G)Finish a Mid-Length Class
Gold Class (35G)Finish a Full-Length Class
Zumba Fan (30G)Play Zumba World Party on at least two different days in a single week.
Zumba Lover (40G)Play Zumba World Party on at least four different days in a single week
Zumba Aficionado (50G)Play Zumba World Party for twelve hours in a month
Goal Completer (20G)Complete a goal
Zumba Expert (10G)Get above 80% technique in one song
Zumba Pro (25G)Get above 80% technique in three songs
Zumba Master (40G)Get above 80% technique in ten songs
Zumba Duo (20G)Complete a Full Class with two players
Duo Stars (35G)Finish a two player song with ten Stars
Bronze Choreographer (20G)Create a Playlist
Silver Choreographer (30G)Have two custom playlists in your Custom Playlist Menu
Gold Choreographer (40G)Have four custom playlists in your Custom Playlist Menu
Completionist (80G)Unlock every achievement
Locksmith (80G)Unlock all bonus videos
Brazilian Funk Pro (10G)Complete "Learn the Steps" Brazilian Funk
Hula Pro (10G)Complete "Learn the Steps" Hula
Burlesque Pro (10G)Complete "Learn the Steps" Burlesque
Irish Dance Pro (10G)Complete "Learn the Steps" Irish Dance
Capoiera Pro (10G)Complete "Learn the Steps" Capioera
Wish You Were Here (20G)Earn all postcards
The Collector (50G)Earn all souvenirs
Shared Completer (30G)Complete a shared goal
Hip Hop Pro (10G)Complete "Learn the Steps" Hip Hop
Pop Pro (10G)Complete "Learn the Steps" Pop
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