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Soul Calibur 2 HD Online Cheats for XB360
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Soul Calibur 2 HD Online XB360 Cheats

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Soul Calibur 2 HD Online

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Achievements 100%
The following is a list of achievements in Soul Calibur 2 HD Online on Xbox 360.

Tale of Sword and Soul (10G)Unlock All the Achievements
Flame Wielder (10G)Victorious over Inferno in Arcade
Swordsman's Soirae (20G)Unlock All Characters
Guard Breaker (10G)Successful Guard Break
Ephemeral Battle (10G)Guard Impact Triple Success
The Abyss (10G)Ten Ring Out Victories
Azure Soul (15G)Three Successful Soul Charge Hits
One Shot is All (10G)Ten Victories in Extra Survival Death Match
Hard-earned Fortune (10G)Victorious in Sudden Death
Sturm und Drang (10G)Standard Time Attack Cleared
Comrade in Arms (10G)Team Battle Cleared
Comeback Kid (10G)Ten Successful Counter Hits
Mind's Eye (10G)Five Successful Throw Escapes
Moment's Notice (15G)Used Guard Impact against a Guard Break move
Eternally Unscathed (15G)Twenty Perfect Victories
Bloodluster (20G)Ten Thousand Hits
First Trial (5G)First Trial Point Cleared in Weapon Master
Soul-Consuming Sword (20G)Acquired Complete Soul Edge in Weapon Master
Soul Calibur (30G)Acquired Soul Calibur in Weapon Master
Incessant Swordsman (5G)Became Lv 6 "Platinum Neophyte" in Weapon Master
Legendary General (5G)Became Lv 40 "Gold Mercenary" in Weapon Master
Edge Master (20G)Became Lv 72 "Iron Edgemaster" in Weapon Master
Skilled Shopper (5G)Purchased New Weapon in Weapon Master Shop
Expert Style (10G)Obtained New Costume in Weapon Master Shop
Master of Arms (30G)Obtained All Weapons in Weapon Master
Exemplary Fortitude (20G)Defeated 50 Male Characters
Resplendence (20G)Defeated 50 Female Characters
Mark of the Gladiator (5G)First Victory in Online Mode
Against All Odds (20G)Won 5 Times in Online Mode
Battlefield Luminary (10G)Fought 10 Times in Online Mode
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Play as Assassin 100%
How to unlock: First beat the game once. Then make your way back through the game to the Castle of the Damned stage. This time around, your enemies will be significantly faster than before. Defeat them and then you will unlock the Assassin character to play in the various game modes.
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Unlock Cervantes 100%
How to unlock: Complete Chapter 3.
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Unlock Charade 100%
How to unlock: Beat Charade in Chapter 3.
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Unlock Berserker 100%
How to unlock: Beat the game. Then replay sub-chapter 1. Defeat the boss here a 2nd time through to unlock him as a playable character in the other game modes.
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Unlock Seung Mina 100%
How to unlock: Beat Chapter 6.
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Unlock Siegfried 100%
How to unlock: Unlock the 3rd costume for Nightmare. Then start a battle playing as Nightmare. Win a match with the costume equipped.
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Unlock Sophitia 100%
How to unlock: Complete chapter 4.
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Unlock Yoshimitsu 100%
How to unlock: Complete Chapter 2.
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Unlock sub-chapter 2 100%
How to unlock: Beat Chapter 4. Then go back to chapter 4 and replay any of the available missions.
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Extra Arcade Mode 100%
How to unlock: Beat Arcade Mode.
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Extra VS Mode 100%
How to unlock: Complete Extra Arcade Mode.
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Extra Survival Mode 100%
How to unlock: Win 10 times in Survival Mode.
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Extra Practice Mode 100%
How to unlock: Complete Weapon Master Mode.
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Extra VS Team Battle Mode 100%
How to unlock: Complete Extra Team Battle Mode.
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How to taunt 100%
How to: Press any of the face buttons while the stage for the next battle is loading.
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