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The Guided Fate Paradox Cheats for PS3
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The Guided Fate Paradox PS3 Cheats

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The Guided Fate Paradox

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Trophies 100%
Description: Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation trophy rewards.

Thou Art God! (Platinum): Obtain all trophies and you shall be awarded with this.

Additionally there are forty four secret trophies.

Exceeded 100 million damage! (Gold): Obtained after exceeding 100 million damage.
Defeated Prince Yamato! (Gold): Obtained when you defeat Prince Yamato in the Martial Arts dungeon (EX advanced).
Defeated Laharl! (Gold): Obtained when you defeat Laharl in the Extra dungeon.
Obtained all items (Gold): Obtained once you have collected all the different items.
Holy Icon God (Silver): Obtained when you fill the whole Divinigram with Holy Icons.
Holy Artifact God (Silver): Obtained once you have collected all Holy Artifacts.
Divine Release Observer (Silver): Obtained once you have seen all Divine Skills.
Defeated Zeus! (Silver): Obtained when you defeat Zeus in the Martial Arts dungeon (advanced).
Defeated Hades! (Silver): Obtained when you defeat Hades in the Martial Arts dungeon (intermediate).
Welcome to The Guided Fate Paradox! (Bronze): You watched the opening movie! Now enjoy the game!
Cleared 1st Wish (Bronze): Guided the fate of the first believer.
Cleared 3rd Wish (Bronze): Guided the fate of the 3rd believer.
New Partner, Please! (Bronze): Obtained once you take someone other than Lilliel into a dungeon.
Cleared 8th Wish (Bronze): Guided the fate of the eighth believer.
God's Duty Complete (Bronze): Obtained when you clear the main story.
To the Martial Arts Dungeon! (Bronze): Obtained when you first enter the Martial Arts dungeon.
Defeated Axel! (Bronze): Obtained when you defeat Axel in the Extra dungeon.
Defeated Pirohiko! (Bronze): Obtained when you defeat Pirohiko in the Extra dungeon.
Defeated Nisa! (Bronze): Obtained when you defeat Nisa in the Extra dungeon.
Defeated Asagi! (Bronze): Obtained when you defeat Asagi in the Extra dungeon.
Defeated Valvatorez! (Bronze): Obtained when you defeat Valvatorez in the Extra dungeon.
Defeated Raspberyl! (Bronze): Obtained when you defeat Raspberyl in the Extra dungeon.
Defeated Buddha! (Bronze): Obtained when you defeat Buddha in the Martial Arts dungeon (beginner).
I...can't...stop! (Bronze): Obtained after entering the machine 100 times.
Body Modification Newbie (Bronze): Obtained when you place your first Holy Icon.
Divine Summon Newbie (Bronze): Obtained when you summon an item set for the first time.
It only makes you stronger (Bronze): Obtained when your Total Level goes up after you faint.
The power to guide fate (Bronze): Obtained when you use God Mode for the first time.
Burst Veteran (Bronze): Obtained when you Burst equipment 100 times.
Reckless (Bronze): Obtained after fainting 3 times after telling an angel to "Fight as you see fit!"
It's different (Bronze): Obtained when you find an Irregular Floor the first time.
God likes it rough (Bronze): Obtained when you use the Enemy Boost Shop.
Gold Crab (Bronze): Obtained when you defeat a gold crab.
Nice flow (Bronze): Obtained after directing God Energy to flow more than 30 tiles away to a Holy Artifact.
Store regular (Bronze): Obtained when you spend more than 100,000 GP at the store.
Thief (Bronze): Obtained when you steal items 10 times.
Exceeded 100,000 damage! (Bronze): Obtained after exceeding 100,000 damage.
To a revolution! (Bronze): Obtained after defeating 1,000 enemies.
Reached 9,999 Total Level (Bronze): Obtained when your Total Level reaches 9,999.
Achieved Divine Equip +99 (Bronze): Obtained after boosting a piece of equipment to +99.
Master Thrower (Bronze): Obtained after throwing the enemy 50 times.
Hoarder (Bronze): Obtained after placing over 10 Holy Artifacts on the Divinigram.
Millionaire (Bronze): Obtained after depositing over 1 million GP in the bank.
Kill the toughies (Bronze): Obtained after defeating 50 strong enemies.
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Angel partners 100%
Description: Complete the listed task to unlock the specified partner.

Minamo: Complete floor 30 in the Survival mode dungeon.
Mysiel: Complete the game and start a New Game+.
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