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The LEGO Movie Videogame Cheats for XB360
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The LEGO Movie Videogame XB360 Cheats

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The LEGO Movie Videogame

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Cheat codes 100%
The following is a list of cheats for The Lego Movie Video Game. Go to the cheat menu and input the following password to unlock the characters listed.

Effect Code
Emmet (Pajamas)HJ4C21
Emmet (Lizard)UOOAQY
Emmet (Clown)FNHLTK
Emmet (Old West)NIHX2B
Vitruvious (Young)BC2XJ5
Green NinjaOSSVNI
Lady LibertyA76DN7
Abraham LincolinF3VG47
Swamp CreatureBID12F
Lord VampyreKGJ4DU
Panda GuyNG73OM
Mrs. Scratchen-postUP7HJQ
Larry the BaristaK7TDXJ
Gallant GuardFXP9AN
Robo Swat (Laser)GFH2F8
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Unlockable costumes 100%
The following is a list of cheats that you can use to unlock new costume items.

Effect Code
Blacktron Fan and Musical Pants
(Rescue Reinforcements)
Angry Kitty and Construction Pants
(Emmet's Construct-o-Mech)
6LK78NN9 or HVLH63VL
Johnny Thunder and Super Secret Pants
(Super Secret Police Dropship)
Robo Pilot and Astro pants
(Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!)
6LK3RRY4 or HVL4TB94
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Bonus Room 100%
How to unlock: Beat the story mode.
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Unlockable characters 100%
The following is a list of characters that you can purchase in the game and their price.

Astro Kitty200,000 studs
Biznis Kitty150,000 studs
Bruce Wayne50,000 studs
Calamity Drone500,000 studs
Calimity Drone500,000 studs
Cardio Carrie10,000 studs
Caveman100,000 studs
Cleopatra150,000 studs
Demolition Guy50,000 studs
Deputron150,000 studs
Dr. McScrubs10,000 studs
El Macho Wrestler100,000 studs
Emmet (Clown)50,000 studs
Emmet (Lego Piece)50,000 studs
Emmet (Pyjamas)50,000 studs
Emmet (Shower)50,000 studs
Emmet (Surgeon)50,000 studs
Emmet (Trash Can)50,000 studs
Emmet (Woodsman)50,000 studs
Executive Ellen10,000 studs
FemBot150,000 studs
Frank the Foreman25,000 studs
Gallant Guard50,000 studs
Garbageman Grant10,000 studs
Good Cop (Scribble Face)300,000 studs
Gordon Zola10,000 studs
Green Ninja250,000 studs
Hank Haystacks25,000 studs
Hot Tub Harry50,000 studs
Ice Cream Jo10,000 studs
Ice Cream Mike10,000 studs
Kabob Bob10,000 studs
Lady Liberty150,000 studs
Lord Business (Minifigure)1,000,000 studs
Lord Vampyre100,000 studs
Ma Cop25,000 studs
Magician100,000 studs
MetalBeard (Minifigure)250,000 studs
Michelangelo100,000 studs
Mummy100,000 studs
Native100,000 studs
Pa Cop25,000 studs
Panda Guy150,000 studs
Plumber Joe10,000 studs
President Business1,000,000 studs
Prospector25,000 studs
Robo (Construction)75,000 studs
Robo (Demolition)100,000 studs
Robo Cowboy125,000 studs
Robo Fed25,000 studs
Robo Skeleton150,000 studs
Robo SWAT (Armour)125,000 studs
Robo SWAT (Laser)50,000 studs
Robo SWAT (Rocket)125,000 studs
Robo SWAT50,000 studs
Shakespear100,000 studs
Sharon Shoehorn10,000 studs
Sheriff-Not-A-Robot500,000 studs
Sir Stack-a-Brick50,000 studs
Taco Tuesday Guy10,000 studs
Test Dummy100,000 studs
Tomahawk150,000 studs
Velma Staplebot50,000 studs
Vitruvius (Ghost)750,000 studs
Where Are My Pant? Guy10,000 studs
Wildstyle (Space)75,000 studs
Wiley Fusebot125,000 studs
Witch150,000 studs
Wyldstyle (Hood)50,000 studs
Yeti100,000 studs
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Achievements 100%
The following is a list of achievements for The Lego Movie Video Game on Xbox 360.

Cover Your Butt! (20G)Complete Prologue - The Prophecy
Lets Get Craaazzzyyyy (20G)Complete Level 1 - Bricksburg Construction
Darn Darn Darn Darny Darn! (20G)Complete Level 2 - Escape From Bricksburg
Are You A DJ? (20G)Complete Level 3 - Flatbush Gulch
Freeze, Turkeys! (20G)Complete Level 4 - Flatbush Rooftops
Rest In Pieces (20G)Complete Level 5 - Escape From Flatbush
No Frowny Faces (20G)Complete Level 6 â€" Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land
Every Man For Himself! (20G)Complete Level 7 - Attack On Cloud Cuckoo Land
You Can't Build 'Em All At Once (20G)Complete Level 8 - Escape From Cloud Cuckoo Land
Why Are My Pants Cold and Wet? (20G)Complete Level 9 - The Depths
This Bedoubled Land Couch (20G)Complete Level 10 - Infiltrate The Octan Tower
See You Later Alligator (20G)Complete Level 11 - Put The Thing On The Thing
Found Your Pants, Series Is Over (20G)Complete Level 12 - Broadcast News
I Am A Master Builder! (20G)Complete Level 13 - Back From Reality
Release Every Micro Manager! (20G)Complete Level 14 - Bricksburg Under Attack
You Can Still Change Everything (20G)Complete Level 15 - The Final Showdown
Honey, Where Are My Pants? (30G)Collect all pairs of Pants (Single Player)
You Are The Special (30G)Achieve The Special in every level (Single Player)
Welcome To Bricksburg (30G)Collect all of the Red Bricks (Single Player)
Build Things Only You Can Build (30G)Collect all Golden Manuals
Including, But Not Limited To (20G)Purchase all Master Builders
The Special People In Your Life (40G)Purchase all Characters (Single Player)
Always Read The Instructions! (30G)Complete all Instruction Builds in Story Mode
Midas Touch (20G)Complete all Golden Instruction Builds
Business Business Business (50G)Earn 1,000,000,000 studs
Everything Is Awesome! (100G)Achieve 100% completion
Really hard? This be Impossible! (20G)Destroy 50 enemies as MetalBeard
The Opposite Of Happiness (20G)Defeat 20 enemies as Rage Unikitty
Ah! The Kragle! (20G)Kragelize 10 people with the Kragle gun
Building Bad (10G)Attempt a Master Build-It with a Non-Master Builder
Pow Pow! Bullet Bullet! Gun! (20G)Defeat 30 enemies as Emmet Cowboy
Ayayaya! (5G)Defeat 20 enemies as Sheriff Not-A-Robot
I Could Sing This Song For Hours (20G)Score 21 awesome dance moves in the Construction Site dance mini game
No Way, This Is My Jam. (20G)Score 21 awesome dance moves in the Kragelizer dance mini game
Firestarter (20G)Make a Fire
First Try! (20G)Complete an Instruction Build without losing any studs
I Am The Computer (20G)Collect all studs in any hacking mini-game
Wear Clothes… Check! (5G)Customise your character
A House Divided (5G)Play as Abraham Lincoln and Lady Liberty
SPACESHIP SPACESHIP! (10G)Complete all Master Builds in Server Room as Benny.
I Super Hate You Right Now (10G)Play as Superman and Green Lantern
It's Just Business (5G)Use Lord Business Legs Machine
The Prophecy, I Made It Up! (10G)Switch from Vitruvius into Ghost Vitruvius
END OF THE LINE! (10G)Shoot Emmet with Robo Skeleton
Glues Your Daddy? (10G)Use the Kragle Gun to shoot Ma and Pa Bad Cop in the Relic Room
To The Invisible Jet! (20G)Find and destroy the Invisible Jet
Grrrg! (10G)Smash a chair as Bad Cop.
Too Bad! (10G)Switch from Good Cop (Scribble Face) to Bad Cop
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How to start a fire 100%
There is an achievement/trophy that is related to starting fires. In the hub worlds, there are spots that can be set on fire. They are marked by brown bricks with a fire symbol in their center. Use Kabob Bob to light the fires. Just go to these fire bricks and hold the button that appears on the screen.
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All pants 100%
Pants are some of the collectibles in The Lego Movie Video Game.

This is how to find all of the pants in the game. See the video: Cheat Video
The LEGO Movie Videogame cheat video Cheat Video
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Find all Red Bricks 100%
In The Lego Movie Video Game, red bricks are one of the collectible types for you to gather.

Here is how to find all of the Red Bricks in the game. See the video: Cheat Video
The LEGO Movie Videogame cheat video Cheat Video
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How to find Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet 100%
The Invisible Jet is not hard to find. In the level Cloud Cuckoo Land, at the very beginning when you get on the black cloud, go to the right.

The jet is here, though it is invisible. You can see the rain hitting the jet, so it is somewhat easier to see. Smash it into pieces to get the achievement/trophy called "To the Invisible Jet!"
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The Lego Movie Video Game Guide 100%
Solve all the puzzles with this guide for The Lego Movie Video Game!

Read the Guide --> The Lego Movie Video Game [Guide]
By: Toebin(12756)
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All Golden Manuals 100%
How to find all Golden Manuals in The Lego Movie Video Game. See the video: Cheat Video
The LEGO Movie Videogame cheat video Cheat Video
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Building Bad (10G) 100%
Attempt a Master Build-It with a Non-Master Builder.

Master Builds are where you stand in the green circle, hold in a button, then select three different objects to use in the "Master Build". They are encountered in virtually very level of the game.

To get this achievement/trophy, you simply need to attempt one of these with someone that is not a Master Builder. For example, you can use Emmet to accomplish this.
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How to unlock Robo Skeleton 100%
Robo Skeleton is unlocked in level 13 of the game.

After you unlock him, you can shoot Emmet with him to get the "END OF THE LINE!" achievement/trophy.
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How to achieve "The Special" 100%
To achieve "The Special" in any level of the game, you have to collect enough studs to fulfill that level's stud requirement. Studs are the currency in the game.

There is an achievement/trophy attached to this, though you HAVE to be playing single player to get the achievement/trophy for getting "The Special" in every level of the game.
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Character codes 100%
These characters can be unlocked using the codes in the Extras menu.

Abraham Lincoln - F3VG47
Cleopatra - P4YX22
Emmet (Clown) - FNHLTK
Emmet (Lizard) - uooaqy
Emmet (Old West) - NIHX2B
Emmet (Pajamas) - HJ4C21
Gallant Guard - FXP9AN
Green Ninja - OSSVNI
Lady Liberty - A76DN7
Larry the Barista - k7tdxj
Lord Vampyre - KGJ4DU
Mrs. Scratching Post - up7hjq
Panda Guy - NG73OM
Prospector - FHNCD1
Robo SWAT - GFH2F8
Shakespeare - 31S3I5
Swamp Creature - BID12F
Vitruvious - BC2XJ5
Yeti - V4P96P
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Box codes 100%
Input these codes in the box to the left of the police station.

Angry Kitty and Construction Pants - 6LK78NN9
Blacktron Fan and Music Pants - 6LKMNDHR
Johnny Thunder and Super Secret Pants - 6LK3FRL6
Robo Pilot and Astro Pants - 6LK3RRY4
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Unlock Characters 25%
These are the characters that you can unlock by putting codes into the game.

Ammand the Corsair - ew8t6t
Angelica - dlrr45
Angry Cannibal - vgf32c
Blackbeard - d3dw0d
Clanker - zm37gt
Clubba - 644thf
Davy Jones - 4djlkr
Governor Weatherby Swann - ld9454
Gunner - y611wb
Hungry Cannibal - 64bnhg
Jack Sparrow - vdjspw
Jacoby - bwo656
Jimmy Legs - 13glw5
King George - rked43
Koehler - rt093g
Mistress Ching - gdetde
Phillip - wev040
Quartermaster - rx58hu
The Spaniard - p861jo
Twigg - kdlfkd
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