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South Park: The Stick of Truth Cheats for PC
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South Park: The Stick of Truth PC Cheats

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South Park: The Stick of Truth

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

South Park: The Stick of Truth - Side Quests Guide 100%
Complete and find all of the side quests in South Park: The Stick of Truth!

Read the Guide --> South Park: The Stick of Truth - Side Quests [Guide]
By: Toebin(11868)
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Achievements 100%
The following is a list of achievements for South Park: The Stick of Truth on Steam.

AcceptanceYou accepted your fate and chose the name Douchebag yourself
Animal CrueltyYou've farted on animals 25 times
Are We Cool?You found Jesus while playing as a Jew
Ass of FireYou defeated 20 enemies using Cartman's Ass
AvengerYou defeated 3 enemies in one battle while your buddy was knocked out
Canadian HandshakeYou've farted on people 100 times
Chinpoko locoYou collected 15 Chinpokomon
ChinpokolypseYou collected all of the Chinpokomon
Clothes WhoreYou've collected all of the available costumes
Daddy IssuesYou befriended your father
Day WalkerYou defeated the Boss Hall Monitor while wearing freckles
Dog WhistleYou've farted on a dog while in gnome form
Dragon WrathYou knocked out 3 or more enemies with a single fart outside of battle
Elven HeroYou defeated the Grand Wizard Cartman in battle
Face HoffYou defeated Princess Kenny while looking like David Hasselhoff
First Day in South ParkYou completed your first day in South Park
For the HoarderYou completed the game without selling any items
Friends in Strange PlacesYou befriended both crab people and gnomes
Full ArsenalYou own all the weapons and costumes available in the game
GingivitisGingers have bitten you 3 times without you blocking
HeisenbergYou defeated the Meth Tweekers while wearing the Evil Cartman goatee and bald cap.
Inside JokeWhile inside Mr. Slave, you summoned Mr. Slave
Irritable BowelsYou shat your pants during a boss battle
Junk PeddlerYou sold 300 junk items
Just Saying HiYou've farted on every buddy in the game
KKK HeroYou defeated the High Jew Elf Kyle in battle
Made This for YouYou flung a turd of your own creation at an enemy
Make it Rain!You've spent $500
MasteryYou've unlocked all of the upgrades for a New Kid ability
More Popular Than JesusYou made friends with half of South Park
More Popular Than John LennonEveryone in South Park is your friend
New Kid On The BlockYou have joined the KKK
No Child Left BehindYou completed the game and never ended a battle with your buddy knocked out
NonconformistYou befriended the Goths, like everyone else playing this game
OutpatientYou defeated Princess Kenny while living with Dire AIDS
ParkeologistYou opened all of the garages in South Park
PervertedYou watched your parents have sex for 60 seconds
Poco ChinpokoYou collected 5 Chinpokomon
Pulling MudIn three separate battles, you have taken a shit in your pants
Re-ButtalYou interrupted 5 channel attacks by using a fart
ShopaholicYou have collected half of the available costume sets
ShutoutYou successfully blocked every enemy attack in a single (non-tutorial) battle
Skilled DefenderOver the course of the game, you have blocked 100 attacks
Stay DownYou farted on 10 enemies in the world that were knocked out
Stick SaviorYou defeated Princess Kenny and recovered the Stick of Truth
Too FarYou farted on the corpse of an aborted Nazi Zombie fetus
Truth to PowerYou farted on four major authority figures
Two Girls, One StickYou defeated Princess Kenny in your girl makeover disguise
Weapon ProficiencyOver the course of the game, you have scored 100 perfect attacks
You bastards!You've let Kenny die in combat 10 times over the course of the game
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Alternate Ending 100%
Instead of going inside of Mr. Slave at the end of the game, walk out of the room.
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South Park: The Stick of Truth Guide 100%
Complete every quest with this guide for South Park: The Stick of Truth!

Read the Guide --> South Park: The Stick of Truth [Guide]
By: Toebin(11868)
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South Park: The Stick of Truth - Collectables Guide 100%
Find every friend and Chinpokomon with this guide for collectables in South Park: The Stick of Truth!

Read the Guide --> South Park: The Stick of Truth - Collectables [Guide]
By: Toebin(11868)
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South Park: The Stick of Truth - Equipment Guide 100%
Find all the missable equipment as well as find every other piece of armor and every other weapon possible in South Park: The Stick of Truth. This step by step guide will make sure you don't miss a single piece of equipment!

Read the Guide --> South Park: The Stick of Truth - Equipment [Guide]
By: Toebin(11868)
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South Park: The Stick of Truth - Characters Guide 100%
Master every class and party member with this guide for South Park: The Stick of Truth!

Read the Guide --> South Park: The Stick of Truth - Characters [Guide]
By: Toebin(11868)
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How to block enemy attacks 100%
The blocking system in South Park: The Stick of Truth is not complicated.

Simply wait for your enemies to attack. When they are about to attack, a symbol will appear beneath your feet. Press the A button as soon as that symbol appears to perform a successful block.
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Homeless People Locations 100%
Location of the homeless camps for the quest "The Homeless Problem"

1. Path behind bus stop
2. Next to Kenny's house
3. Back of U-Stor-It truck
4-7. Sewers See the video: Cheat Video
South Park: The Stick of Truth cheat video Cheat Video
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Where to find Jesus 100%
Jesus can be found (both times) at the church. One time he will be in the pews, and the second time he will be behind the podium on the stage. See the video: Cheat Video
South Park: The Stick of Truth cheat video Cheat Video
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How to find all kindergartners (Hide 'n' Seek Quest) 100%
This is the location of the Kindergartners in the Hide 'n' Seek side quest:

1. Farmer Bill's Ranch
2. Sewers
3. Bank, behind desk
4. Tree next to Mr. Slave's House
5. Path near Stark's Pond and the Church
6. Behind lamp post at the Tower of Peace See the video: Cheat Video
South Park: The Stick of Truth cheat video Cheat Video
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Timmy Express Flag Locations 100%
Here is where you can find all of the fast travel flags as a part of the Timmy Express side quest:

1. Cartman's Backyard
2. Bus Stop
3. Outside of Kevin Stoley's House (Neighborhood)
4. School
5. Church
6. Downtown - West
7. Downtown - East
8. U-Stor-It Building
9. Dark Meadows Estates
10. City Wok
11. Kenny's House.
12. Kyle's Backyard

Note that you can't get the 12th flag until you further the main quest a bit.
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Find Mr. Hankey's kids 100%
Mr. Hankey's kids are lost in the sewer. Recovering them is a part of the side quest called "Dropping the Kids Off". See the video: Cheat Video
South Park: The Stick of Truth cheat video Cheat Video
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Location of the monsters to hunt for Jimbo 100%
Here is how to find all the animals that Jimbo wants you to kill. See the video: Cheat Video
South Park: The Stick of Truth cheat video Cheat Video
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Nazi Zombie Locations 100%
How to find all the Nazi Zombies with rings for the side quest "Nazi Zombie Bounty". See the video: Cheat Video
South Park: The Stick of Truth cheat video Cheat Video
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How to find the Woodland Critters 100%
The Woodland Critters are a group of Satan worshiping animals that live in the Lost Woods.

To get to the Lost Woods, you have to fart on the rats that block the path there. Then you have to explore the Lost Woods by going from screen to screen like this:

Right, Up, Right, Down, Right

If you entered the Lost Woods from the right, then you will have to go up, down, or left a screen before you can start making your way to them.

Speak with Beary and choose to accept Satan as your true savior and a bunch of the Woodland Critters will all add you on Facebook.
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Secret Ending 100%
There are two points in the game that you can find the Secret Ending.


The first comes when you are about to enter Mr. Slave's ass. Instead of going inside of him, go through the red curtain on the left.

You can trigger this scene a second time while trying to disarm the bomb inside of Mr. Slave. Fail on purpose during the disarming process and you will get the same alternate secret ending.
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Secret achievements/trophies in South Park and how to get them 100%
There are numerous secret achievements in South Park: The Stick of Truth. This is what they are and how to unlock all of them. Please note that some of these contain spoilers.

Acceptance (15G) - When Cartman asks if you want to be called douchebag at the very beginning of the game, confirm to him that, yes, of course you want to be called douchebag!

Elven Hero (30G) - During the quest "Attack the School", choose to fight Cartman in the fight at the end.

Inside Joke (15G) - First you need to get Mr. Slave as a summon. Do that by completing the side quest called "Mr. Slave's Package". Then at the end of the game when you are inside Mr. Slave's ass, get into a battle and summon Mr. Slave during one of the battles.

KKK Hero (30G) - Choose to fight Kyle in the quest "Attack the School".

Perverted (15G) - When you are standing on your parents' dresser during the Underpants Gnomes quest on your second night in South Park, watch your parents have sex for a solid minute.

Too Far (15G) - During the main quest that takes place in Unplanned Parenthood, there are enemies called Nazi Zombie Fetuses. Defeat one in battle, and then after the battle, fart on its corpse.
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How to kill enemies with Cartman's ass 100%
Late in the game, you will have Cartman as one of your playable party members. In order to kill enemies with his ass, which you need to do for the achievement/trophy called "Ass of Fire", you have to select his middle attack worth 10 pp. Then mash on the Y button. This attack has Cartman shoot a burst of flames at his enemies.
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How to fart 100%
Farting is one of the main functions in South Park, but inside and outside of battle. Outside of battle, you can fart on people, animals, objects, anything else, whenever you want to do so after you've learned the magic farting attacks from the various characters in the game over the course of the main quest.

To fart at any time, pull down the right stick. Then push the right stick forward to release the fart.
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How to befriend your Dad 100%
In South Park: The Stick of Truth, your dad won't want to be your friend for a long time. However, the way you can make him be your friend is simply by having 50 other people as your Facebook friend. So go back and talk to him once you've accomplished this and he will add you on Facebook as well.
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How to get Day Walker achievement/trophy 100%
During the quest where you have to break Craig out of detention, you have to fight a boss in the form of a the leader of the hallway monitor Gingers right before you go into the cafeteria.

BEFORE YOU START THIS FIGHT, make sure you've thoroughly looted all of the other Ginger kids in the school. One of them will have freckles that you can collect and add to your own face through the inventory screen.

Once you have them equipped, start the fight with the boss by trying to enter the cafeteria. Defeat the boss while wearing the freckles to get the achievement/trophy.
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How to shrink 100%
During the main quest, you will eventually gain the ability to shrink down to gnome size. Simply complete the main quest with the Underpants Gnomes to earn this ability.
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How to get four achievements/trophies in the Princess Kenny battle 100%
There are numerous achievements/trophies attached to the final battle with Princess Kenny. Here's how you can snag four in one go during the battle.

First you need to visit Tom's Rhinoplasty with at least $175 in your pocket. Buy the David Hasselhoff nose job operation, and you will now look exactly like David Hasselhoff. That's step one.

Step two is to get Dire Aids. In order to get Dire Aids, go to Canada and let one of the animal enemies there bite you. This will give you Dire Aids, which takes away some of your health little by little. Step two complete.

Finally, the third step is to make sure you have on all of the pieces of the Makeover Outfit. This is what you need equipped:

Makeover Clothes
Makeover Accessory (found in the "gloves" section)
Makeover Wig
Makeover Makeup

You get these clothing items during your quests where you recruit the girls. Anyway, right before you get to the Princess Kenny battle, you will be equipped with some class-specific clothes, so be sure to switch back to the Makeover clothes before getting into the fight. It's smart to save often in case you forget to equip one of the Makeover items or something.

After beating Princess Kenny, you will get three achievements/trophies based on the above, plus one simply for winning the battle! -- assuming you haven't already done that.
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Where to find the Crab People 100%
The Crab People are found in the caves in the sewers. To get to them, you first need to have the last magical fart attack, Nagisaki. Use it to destroy the boulder that is blocking your access to them. Then simply go talk to him.
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How to befriend the Underpants Gnomes 100%
The Underpants Gnomes will become your friend after you complete their main quest for them.
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Underpants Locations 100%
Here is where to find all five underpants in the game for the side quest "Phase 1":

Cartman's Mom's Room
Kevin Stoley's Room
Stan's Room
Stan's Parents' Room
Kyle's Room

Remember to loot all the dressers in these rooms. That's where you'll find the underpants, naturally. Take them back to the Underpants Gnome that is hanging out in your bedroom to complete the quest.
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How to make Gingers bite you 100%
There is an achievement/trophy called "Gingivitis" which requires that you let Gingers bite you without you blocking. This must be acquired during the quest called "Attack the School" when the Gingers turn into Nazi Zombie Gingers.

Just do battle with them and try not to kill them. Wait for them to do their Nazi Zombie Bite attack and instead of blocking just let them bite you. Do this a total of three times.
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How to get the Heisenberg achievement/trophy 100%
To get the Heisenberg achievement/trophy, you first need to get the Evil Cartman Goatee and the Bald Cap. You can find these items at these locations:

Where to find bald cap:
-Police Station in the evidence room
-Kevin Stoley's Parents' Room

Where to find Evil Cartman Goatee:
-Endtable in Cartman's living room

After you have the bald cap and the goatee, equip them both. Then complete the main quest where you have to recruit Tweek for the humans. Do battle with the meth heads and defeat them while wearing these items. You just broke bad.
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How to throw a turd at enemies 100%
You can make your own turds by going to any of the toilets in the game and mashing on the A/X button until the turd is successfully squeezed out of you and into the toilet. Then loot the toilet to get the turd.

You can also find turds in the sewers in the various vents that you can loot, and they are quite plentiful. Get into a battle once you have the turd, and then go to your items. You will find the turd there. Select it and then select an enemy to throw it at.
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How to interrupt channel attacks 100%
When enemies start "channeling", they will glow red, and the game will notify you of their intentions. To interrupt their channeling, you simply need to fart on them. Any of your magic fart attacks will do.

There is an achievement/trophy centered around doing this to five different characters. These are the enemies that will do the channeling:

-Underpants Gnomes
-Mutant Bacteria

I recommend grinding for this achievement/trophy against the Underpants Gnomes.
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How to get the Truth to Power achievement/trophy 100%
To get this one, you need to fart on four people of power. Here are their locations:

Where to find the Mayor - She is at her desk in City Hall
Where to find Father Maxi - Sitting on a bench outside City Hall
Where to find Principal Vic - Hanging out in the Community Center
Where to find Prime Minister - Catacombs in Canada

The Prime Minister is the only one of these that you can actually miss. As soon as you see him in the cave, use the Cup-A-Spell fart on him.

It should be noted that Dragon Shout or Cup-A-Spell can both work for this, but Sneaky Squeaker does NOT count.
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