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Heroes of Dragon Age

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Achievements 100%
The following is a list of achievements for Heroes of Dragon Age.

Arena LegendYon won 500 PvP battles
Arena Veteran IYou won 10 PvP battles
Arena Veteran IIYou won 25 PvP battles
Arena Veteran IIIYou won 100 PvP battles
Blood Thirsty IIYou have won 500 trophies in PVP Matches!
Blood Thirsty IIIYou have won 1000 trophies in PVP Matches!
Blood Thirsty IVYou have won 1500 trophies in PVP Matches!
Blood Thirsty VYou have won 2500 trophies in PVP Matches!
Combinator II2 unit sets combined
Combinator III10 unit sets combined
Combinator IV25 unit sets combined
Combinator V50 unit sets combined
Dumat Slain!You have aided the Grey Wardens in slaying Archdemon Dumat
Experienced IYou reached Player Level 5
Experienced IIYou reached Player Level 10
Experienced IIIYou reached Player Level 20
Experienced IVYou reached Player Level 35
Experienced VYou reached Player Level 50
Explorer IYou unlocked the 3rd map
Explorer IIYou unlocked the 5th map
Explorer IIIYou unlocked the 8th map
Explorer IVYou unlocked the 10th map
First BloodYou fought a battle against another player
Hero Hunter IYou summoned 25 heroes
Hero Hunter IIYou summoned 50 heroes
Hero Hunter IIIYou summoned 100 heroes
Hero Hunter IVYou summoned 500 heroes
Hero Hunter VYou summoned 1000 heroes
Hoarder IYou earned 3000 Gold
Hoarder IIYou earned 20000 Gold
Hoarder IIIYou earned 100000 Gold
Hoarder IVYou earned 500000 Gold
Hoarder VYou earned 2000000 Gold
Map MasteryArlathanYou completed mastery of all quests in Map 6
Map MasteryFirst BlightYou completed mastery of all quests in Map 1
Map MasteryMarch on the DalesYou completed mastery of all quests in Map 8
Map MasteryPar VollenYou completed mastery of all quests in Map 9
Map MasteryRise of the CartaYou completed mastery of all quests in Map 4
Map MasteryThe BlackmarshYou completed mastery of all quests in Map 10
Map MasteryThe Circle TowerYou completed mastery of all quests in Map 7
Map MasteryThe Deep RoadsYou completed mastery of all quests in Map 3
Map MasteryThe HighwayYou completed mastery of all quests in Map 5
Map MasteryZathrian's CurseYou completed mastery of all quests in Map 2
Optimizer VYou used 1000 runes
Power Hungry II10 units consumed
Power Hungry III50 units consumed
Power Hungry IV150 units consumed
Power Hungry V500 units consumed
Power Up!Consuming a unit gives its power to another unit
Ready to Go!You completed the tutorial!
TaskmasterYou have completed mastery of a quest
Team Builder - BlackYou acquired an all Black Faction party
Team Builder - BlueYou acquired an all Blue Faction party
Team Builder - RedYou acquired an all Red Faction party
Team Builder - WhiteYou acquired an all White Faction party
Trophy MasterYou have won 50 trophies in PVP Matches!
Two Heads Better Than OneCombining two of the same unit increases its tier and level cap
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Heroes of Dragon Age Walkthrough Guide 98%
Get ready for an epic history lesson with Heroes of Dragon Age, and read this guide to make sure that you come out of it alive.

Read the Guide --> Heroes of Dragon Age Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12758)
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