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Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Cheats for XB360
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Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare XB360 Cheats

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Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

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Achievements 100%
The following is a list of achievements in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Making Popcorn (10G)As a Cactus, Vanquish 10 Players with the Drone's Corn Strike
Snaretastic (15G)As a Chomper, Swallow 10 Snared Zombies in a session
Split Pea Zombie Soup (15G)As a Peashooter, vanquish 10 Players with the Pea Gatling in a session
Stuck on You (10G)As a Scientist, Vanquish 10 Players with the Sticky Explody Ball
Garden Dioxide (15G)As a Soldier, Vanquish 2 Players using a single ZPG strike
Sun Heals (15G)As a Sunflower, Heal Teammates 25 times using the Heal Beam in a session
Offensive Line (15G)As an All-Star, Vanquish 5 Players using the Sprint Tackle in a session
The Astral Plane (10G)As an Engineer, Build 3 Teleporters in a session of Gardens and Graveyards
Zombie Defense (10G)As an Engineer, Build 3 Zombot Turrets in a session of Gardens and Graveyards
Jackhammer Rush (10G)As an Engineer, Vanquish 10 Players while riding the Jackhammer
Challenge Accepted (25G)Reach Level 10 with any Character
Going Strong (50G)Reach Rank 50
Zombot Removal (15G)As a Plant, Destroy 10 Zombot Turrets in Gardens and Graveyards
No Teleporting Allowed (10G)As a Plant, Destroy a Teleporter in Gardens and Graveyards
Plant Perfect (25G)As a Plant, Achieve a Perfect Win in Gardens and Graveyards
Rocket Man (25G)Vanquish 10 Players and 10 Plant Pots with the Soldier's ZPG
Zombie Vanquished (5G)As a Plant, Vanquish a Player in any Competitive Mode
Garden Weeder (15G)As a Zombie, Capture an Objective in Gardens and Graveyards
Plant Vanquished (5G)As a Zombie, Vanquish a Player in any Competitive Mode
Garden Tour (25G)Be on the Winning Team for 25 matches of Gardens and Graveyards
TVM Veteran (25G)Be on the Winning Team for 25 matches of Team Vanquish
Garden Crazy (25G)Complete a Garden Ops match on Crazy Difficulty
Garden Hardcore (50G)Complete a Garden Ops match on Hard Difficulty
Garden Normal (15G)Complete a Garden Ops match on Normal Difficulty
Boogie Your Brains Out (20G)Vanquish a Disco Zombie in Garden Ops Mode
Gargantuan Task (20G)Vanquish a Gargantuar in Garden Ops Mode
Brain Freeze (20G)Vanquish a Yeti in Garden Ops Mode
Super Boss (50G)Defeat a Super Boss Wave in Garden Ops Mode
Striking First (25G)Earn a 1st Strike Master Boast 3 times
The Healing Touch (25G)Earn a Heal Master Boast 3 times
Most Valuable Vanquisher (50G)Earn a Vanquish Master Boast 1 time
Hang in There (25G)Earn a Revival Master Boast 5 times
Streak Boaster (50G)Earn a Vanquish Streak Boast 1 time
I Helped (25G)Earn an Assist Master Boast 5 times
Cousins (15G)Grow 5 Plant Pots in a session
Grow a Friend (5G)Grow a Plant Pot
Crazy Dave Squad (25G)Reach Level 5 with Every Plant Class
Zomboss Recruit (25G)Reach Level 5 with Every Zombie Class
Hunting Season (50G)Vanquish 100 Soldiers, 100 Scientists, 100 Engineers and 100 All-Stars
Zombie Friends (15G)Summon 5 Zombies in a session of Gardens and Graveyards
I'm Lonely (5G)Summon a Zombie in Gardens and Graveyards
Getting Started (20G)Reach Player Rank 5
Consume This (20G)Use 10 Revive Consumables
Consume This Too (20G)Use 10 Skip Challenge Star Consumables
Weed Whacker (50G)Vanquish 100 Peashooters, 100 Sunflowers, 100 Chompers and 100 Cacti
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How to beat Disco Zombie 100%
In Garden Ops, one of the possible Boss Zombies is Disco Zombie. Disco Zombie has a cane that he will spin around as his attack. When he starts spinning it around, just back away from him until he gets tired.

When he's tired, that means he is left wide open to attacks. Have a Chomper get in close and start biting the hell out of him while the other plants that are fighting him can focus on hitting him from afar with their attacks.
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Garden Dioxide (15G) 100%
As a Soldier, Vanquish 2 players using a single ZPG strike.

This is not that hard to do. In multiplayer, level up the Foot Soldier zombie. When you get to level 2, you will unlock the ZPG. The ZPG is like a rocket launcher on the back of the Foot Soldier.

The rocket launcher can be used once before it has to recharge. The best bet is to wait until you find a healing plant following people around. This gives you the best opportunity to get a double kill with the ZPG.
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Ranking up 100%
The characters each have their own individual levels, but you also have your own rank as a player. You rank up as a player by completing challenges and leveling up the characters just the same, except your overall rank will be higher than the levels of the characters.
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How to get a perfect win in Gardens & Graveyards 100%
Gardens & Graveyards has unique rules. There is a single garden that is to be protected by plants and attacked by zombies.

When that garden is either sufficiently protected (the time runs out) or converted (the zombies turn it into a gravestone), then a new one is picked out. This goes on until all the different garden sites have been completed.

So to get a perfect win as plants, you need to protect all the gardens successfully. To get a perfect win as zombies, you need to convert every single garden.
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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Guide 100%
Conquer the battlefield with this Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare guide!

Read the Guide --> Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare [Guide]
By: Toebin(12091)
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Slenderman Easter Egg 100%
Map: Zomboss Estate
Where: In the woods

Slenderman can be found hiding in the woods near the crashed car.
By: BlazeGhostSword(37)
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Legend Of Zelda Easter Egg 100%
There is a red boat in the dock map that has a parody name of the King of the Red Lions from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
By: BlazeGhostSword(37)
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Fast Money Tip 100%
In Gardens & Graveyards, Try To Be On The Zombies Team Because It Is More Common For The Zombies To Win.

Try To Vanquish As Many Players As You Can While Capturing Objectives Also Try To Get In The Mansion Too For Bonus Points.(When You Get To That Part)

Spawning Zombies Also Helps (All Zombies). Building Teleporters & Turrets (Engineer Only) Gives Bonus Too. Even Every One Zombie Who Uses It Gives You 10 Coins Each Zombie, And So Do Turret Kills

After The Game Ends You'll Probably Have Some Boasts Along With Porbably At LEAST 10,000 Coins To Spend In The Sticker Shop For Cool New Characters And More!

By: BlazeGhostSword(37)
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How to level up your characters 50%
Each character has its own level. Defeating enemies isn't enough to level up.

Instead you have to complete challenges. Press pause to check the challenges in the middle of the match, or go to the character select screen to see the challenges that are available right now.

When you complete a challenge, you earn a star. Each level requires a certain amount of stars to be earned until you get to the next level.
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How to use Plant Pots 50%
The plants that you put in the pots have to be unlocked by purchasing Sticker packs from the Sticker Store.

You will have a limited number of plants that you can put in the pots based on how many you get out of packs. Just go up to the pot, press B, and then choose whichever plant you want to put in the pot.
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How to capture objectives in Gardens & Graveyards 50%
In Gardens & Graveyards, the goal of the zombies is to destroy the gardens and convert them to gravestones. Like "capture objective" modes in numerous other shooters, you capture the objectives by standing in close enough range of the this case, a garden.
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