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Bound by Flame Cheats for PS4
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Bound by Flame PS4 Cheats

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Bound by Flame

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Bound by Flames - Side Quests Guide 100%
Find and complete every side quest in Bound by Flame.

Read the Guide --> Bound by Flames - Side Quests [Guide]
By: Toebin(11713)
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Bound by Flame Guide 100%
Complete every quest with this guide for Bound by Flame!

Read the Guide --> Bound by Flame [Guide]
By: Toebin(11713)
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Personal Quests 100%
There are various characters in the game that have "personal quests", or side quests that pertain to them specifically. You can speak to these characters directly for more information.

These characters are as follows:

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How to upgrade weapons and armor 100%
The upgrading process in Bound by Flame is simple. You can upgrade any of the weapons or armor that you receive in the game, provided that you have the proper materials.

Open up the menu and go to your equipment. If you go to any of the different weapons or armor, there will be a prompt to start an upgrading process. You'll see the materials that you will need to complete the upgrade.

If you have the right materials, simply apply them to the upgrade. The upgrade will occur immediately.
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Characters that you can seduce 100%
You can seduce four of the main characters. There's trophies tied to seducing each of the characters. These are the characters that can be seduced:

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How to use daggers 100%
There are two different stances in Bound by Flame. By default, you will be using the Warrior stance. You can use the bumpers to switch to the Ranger stance, which is the only way that you can use the daggers.
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How to set traps 100%
Setting traps is integral to success in Bound by Flame. By default, you can set traps by using the left trigger and then the face button that corresponds with the trap. Which by default is X on PlayStation systems and A on Xbox systems.
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Achievement/Trophy List 100%
The following is a list of achievements and trophies in Bound by Flame.

...the harder they fall (Bronze) - Vanquish Lord Blackfrost
A fulfilled elf (Bronze) - Accomplish all of Rhelmar's personal quests
And I don't throw things away (Bronze) - Recycle 30 objects
At the lady's service (Bronze) - Accomplish all of Edwen's personal quests
Beasted (Bronze) - Vanquish a Juggernaut
Blacksmith (Bronze) - Make 5 improvements to your weapons and armor
Bloody Hell (Bronze) - Kill 50 enemies with daggers
Buffalo (Silver) - Complete Bound by Flame in the difficulty mode
Captain (Gold) - Complete Bound by Flame in the difficulty mode
Chivalrandy (Silver) - Seduce Randval
Chrysalid (Bronze) - Poison your enemies 50 times
Craftsmanship (Bronze) - Make 100 objects
Erudite Love (Silver) - Seduce Sybil
Farewell My Concubine (Bronze) - Vanquish a Concubine
Firestarter (Bronze) - Unlock all the Pyromancer specialization skills and their upgrades
First come, first served (Bronze) - Loot 20 chests
First steps (Bronze) - Upgrade a skill
General demoted (Bronze) - Vanquish a Deadwalker General
Hawk (Bronze) - Complete Bound by Flame in the difficulty mode
Humanist (Silver) - Preserve your humanity
I'm on fire (Bronze) - Set your enemies aflame 50 times
Ice breaker (Silver) - Seduce Edwen
It's a trap! (Bronze) - Set 20 traps and have them sprung
Just a slaughter (Gold) - Vanquish 150 enemies
Just a warm-up (Bronze) - Vanquish 25 enemies
Just a warning (Silver) - Vanquish 75 enemies
Master at arms (Bronze) - Unlock all the Warrior skills and their upgrades
Master Ranger (Bronze) - Unlock all of the skills of a Ranger and their upgrades
Mercenary (Gold) - Accomplish 20 side quests
Patron (Bronze) - Accomplish all of Sybil's personal quests
Platinum Trophy (Platinum) - Win all of the trophies in Bound by Flame
Psycho Killer (Bronze) - Kill 50 enemies with an axe
Purifying fire (Bronze) - Purify Vertiel by bathing it in flame
Quite a hammering (Bronze) - Kill 50 enemies with a warhammer
Romance with pointy ears (Silver) - Seduce Rhelmar
Sacrifice (Silver) - Use the energy of the Worldheart to annihilate the Ice Lords and save Vertiel
Shot your bolt (Bronze) - Fire 50 crossbow bolts
Sword it out (Bronze) - Kill 50 enemies with a sword
The one and only Lord (Bronze) - Become the most powerful being on Vertiel
Unleash the Beast (Silver) - Accomplish your transformation by following the demon's way
Vulture (Bronze) - Search 50 fallen enemies
Without fear, without reproach (Bronze) - Accomplish all of Randval's personal quests
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