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Insider (the)

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Getting Magic 100%
Create a Sim or a Sim family and have them move into a lot (or just
use an existing family). After you have moved them in a lot, make or
have a door to the outside to have the "Mystery Man" (an NPC) come
to your house. He will drop off a box. Have one of your Sims open
the MagiCo's Magical Starter Kit. A message will appear, describing
what it is. Now, 3 objects will appear (A Hole In the Ground,
The Start Here Spell Book, and a Truly Charming End Table with a
Spellbound Wand Charger). Also, there will be objects in the box
that you will have to add to your inventory (a Magic Wand, Butter,
Toadstools, Toad Sweat, and 35 MagiCoins). These objects will help
you start on you mission to become the greatest Wizard, or Witch in
the Sim world.
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Trick or Treat by Grim Reaper 100%
Buy 6 Jack-O-Lanterns and place them in front of your house. Now,
just wait for awhile. Eventually, the Grim Reaper will appear, ring
your doorbell, then run away and disappear.
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Getting rid of pedestrians 100%
Go to buy mode and enable the move_objects on code. Now, move your
pointer over to the very ends of the sidewalks and click. There
should be a picture of an end table. It is called the
"*Portal-pedestrian". To delete it, press [Delete] or click at the
bottom of screen.
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Recipes 100%
These recipes are not listed in the cookbook, but will be added when
you try them for the 1st time.

Magic Tart: Pixie Dust, Butter, Baking Mix
Magic Nectar: Two Grapes and a Toad Sweat in the Nectar Press.
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Toadstool 100%
Sit on them a lot and mushrooms will grow. Harvest them
to get Toadstools.
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Get magic ingredients for children 100%
Children cannot get MagiCoins. To use their Magic Charger, you have
to get the ingredients using items. *** You can also use these
things to get items for adults. Except for Pixie Dust, Adults can
make them and then have kids pick it up.
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Charm Of House And Home 100%
If you make the Charm Of House And Home, do not use it. It will make
a maid that destroys your house. It will break, clog, and flood
things in your home. Sell it instead of using it.
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Visions Of Sugar Plums (pink butterfly toy chest) 100%
Have a child
play will this a lot and he or she will get Pixie Dust.

A simple way to get Toadstools, Dragon Tears, and Dragon Scales for
your kids without going through all the hassle is to simply have
your magic adults buy the ingredients and put them in the Magic
Bookshelf (downloadable from You can then have the
kids go up to the bookshelf and pick it up. *** The kids have to
fend for themselves to get Fairie Dust.
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Dragon 100%
Brush him a lot to get Dragon Scales and tickle him a lot
to get Dragon Tears.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Turn pet into human 100%
*** This trick requires The Sims: Unleashed. Once you collect your
wand, get these ingredients: Butter, Clown Confetti, and a bag of
Pet Treats (in old Town). Mix the ingredients in the spells
cauldron, to add 1 charge of "A Friend Indeed". Now, get a pet and
cast it on him or her to change it into a human Sim. *** This is
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Easy MagiCoins 100%
Go to Magic Town and perform on stage all Sim day until your Sim
decides by himself or herself to stop. The maximum number of
MagiCoins possible in one Sim day is 675, with full logic. Then go
home immediately, go green up, and then you can do the whole thing
over again to make a lot of MagiCoins.
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Note 100%
Facing some of the vendors will give you more MagiCoins than
the normal Sims. The maximum number of MagiCoins you can get from
dueling is 40 per duel, with a Sim opponent with full logic.
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Easy Toad Swear, Toadstools, Butter, MagiCoins 100%
When you evict sum1 from a house then buy a new one, you get a
parcel from the Mystery Man. He will give you some Toad Swear,
Toadstools, Butter and 35 MagiCoins Save the game and evict the
Sim/family from that house, Move in to get those items again. Keep
doing this to move into Magic Town or to get unlimited Toad Swear,
Toadstools, Butter, MagiCoins.
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Sets whether menu items appear for in use objects allow_inuse
Show memory view window in debug builds of the game memview
Start sim loggingsim_log begin
Swap the 2 house files and updates families swap_houses

Ticks disabledsweep off
Ticks enabledsweep on
Tile information displayedtile_info on
Tile information hiddentile_info off
Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the keyboard
Toggle assets reportreport_assets
Toggle automatic object reset feature auto_reset
Toggle calls to PeekMessage within sim loop sim_peek
Toggle camera modecam_mode
Toggle display of unavailable interactions in person control
menus all_menus
Toggle musicmusic
Toggle object compression in save file obj_comp
Toggle quaternion transformationsquats
Toggle sound log windowsound_log
Toggle soundssound
Toggle web page creationhtml
Total reload of people skeletons, animations, suits and skins
Trigger sound eventsoundevent
Write out an RTE file every time a route is found write_routes
Write out behavior tuning constants to Tuning.txt #export
Cheat mode 100%
Press Ctrl + Shift + C during game play to display a prompt in
the upper left corner of the screen. Enter one of the following
codes to activate the listed cheat function. *** Enter
Exclamation point at the prompt to repeat the last cheat entered.
Enter a Semi-colon between codes to enter multiple codes at the
same time. Additionally, most of the codes will only work with the
unpatched version of the game.

1000 Simoleons (patched game version)rosebud
Add new family history stat to the current family hist_add
Appends the route destination list to AllRoutes.txt every time
a route is found write_destlist
Architecture tools automatically set the level as needed
Automatically import and load listed FAM file import file>
Automatically load listed house, no questions asked house

Check and fix required lot objectsprepare_lot
Completely flush app to VM file when running Windows NT flush
Crash gamecrash
Create moat or streamswater_tool
Create shrunk_text_#.bmp filesshrink_text
Create-a-character modeedit_char
Display personality and interestsinterests
Draw all animation frames disableddraw_all_frames off
Draw all animation frames enableddraw_all_frames on
Draw colored dots at each person's origindraw_origins
Dump entire memory to core_dump_[date:time].txt core_dump
Dump selected person's most recent list of scored interactions
to a file dump_happy
Dump selected person's motive contribution curve to a file
Enable debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs for social
interactions debug_social
End sim loggingsim_log end
Execute "file.cht" file as a list of cheats cht
Floorable grid disableddraw_floorable off
Floorable grid enableddraw_floorable on
Force an assert for testingassert
Log animations in the event log windowlog_animations
Map editor disabledmap_edit off
Map editor enabledmap_edit on
Move any objectmove_objects on
No tutorial object generation when tutorial house is loaded
tutorial off
Prevent web browser crashesbrowser_failsafe
Preview animations disabledpreview_anims off
Preview animations enabledpreview_anims on
Programmer statstile_info
Quit gamequit
Read in behavior tuning constants from Tuning.txt #import
Rebuilds entire control panel/UCP from scratch rebuild_cp
Refresh the BMP_ resources for all people whose IFF files are
writable refresh_faces
Rematch dependent textures and regenerate bitmaps for all user
characters refresh_textures
Restore tutorialrestore_tut
Rotate camerarotation <0-3>
Routing debug balloons disabledroute_balloons off
Routing debug balloons enabledroute_balloons on
Run series of random operations on unhoused families fam_test

Save currently loaded housesave
Save family history filehistory
Say "plugh"plugh
Say "porntipsguzzardo"porntipsguzzardo
Say "xyzzy"xyzzy
Selected person's path displayeddraw_routes on
Selected person's path hiddendraw_routes off
Set event logging masklog_mask
Set free thinking levelautonomy <1-100>
Set game speedsim_speed <-1000-1000>
Set grass change valueedit_grass :
Set grass growthgrow_grass <0-150>
Set lot sizelot_size
Set maximum milliseconds to allow simulator sim_limit

Set time of day (unpatched game version)set_hour <1-24>
Set z offset for thought bubblesbubble_tweak
Sets the neighborhood directory to the path
Sets up the borders of the lot with non-editable flag.
Requires rotation lot_border
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Items from Dragons 100%
Tickling Dragons with get you Dragon Tears. Brushing them will get
you Dragon Scales. Make sure they have a Dragon Toy (obtained from
Viki Vampress) and that they have enough garbage to eat. One way to
get trash is to have your Sims eat snacks and not throw them away.
Now, enable the move_objects on code an put the trash in the
Dragon's room. Make sure you do not let the Dragon out of its room.
Try making 2 rooms and put a Sim in one with everything they need.
They will live in solitude with the Dragon until you have all the
desired Dragon items. Make sure that the Dragon and Sim are trapped
or the Dragon will burn everything.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Winning Magic duels 100%
After your Sim is worthy enough to face other Sim opponents to test
their magic, have them go to Magic Town. Show off their skills by
challenging another Sim to a Magic duel. To do this (if you have not
edited the original Magic Town) is to go to Clowntastic Land or A
Spooktacular Spot, where there is a Diametric Dueling Device. Have
the Sim you want to battle, and click on it. The word "Duel" will
appear. Click on it and it will show all the names of people on the
lot for you to challenge. *** You can face the vendors. When you
choose the Sim that you want to battle, the dueling begins when they
arrive at their post. You get MagiCoins for defeating any Sim. You
get more coins the better you defeat them. The following is a list
of weaknesses and strengths of the magical elements (White
Lightning, Red Wave, Blue Tornado, Black Blizzard, Yellow
The same element against itself is a tie. Do not do this if you
want to get MagiCoins from your opponent.
White defeats Blue and Red
Red defeats Blue and Black
Blue defeats Yellow and Black
Black defeats White and Yellow
Yellow defeats White and Red
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Using your Magic wisely 100%
Do not get caught using your Magic at home around more than one
other Sim visitor or the Mystery Man will appear and fine you for
exposing your magic. However, in Magic Town you do not have to worry
about this, because almost everyone uses it.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Have the best Magic 100%
To get the best Magic and impress the entire Magic Town, have your
Sim get full Logic. Logic is the key to having the best Magic.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

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