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California Speed Cheats for N64
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California Speed N64 Cheats

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California Speed

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Shortcut in Mt. Shasta 100%
Right after the 1st turn there will be a break in the trees on the left go through there and it will cut some time off of the race and most likely you will pass up to about 3rd place.
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Oval Track 100%
To unlock the Oval Track completely win the Light Series.
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Secret Cars 100%
Five-Oh Car - Complete the Sports Series.
Semi Truck - Complete the California Cup.
Predator Car - Complete the Sports Series with the Five-Oh Car.
Mountain Dew Pick-Up - Complete the Heavy Series.
Squirrel Car - Complete the light Series.
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San Andrias Fault Track 100%
Completely win the Heavy Series to unlock the San Andrias Fault Track.
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Fiji Track 100%
To unlock Fiji you must play Sports Series and use the 486se car to get to the 2nd week 5th race and beat it before the time runs out.
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Mirror Series 100%
Go into Practice. Before selecting a track make sure that you set it to "Mirror." Go into the Practice track; but you don't have to race the track. Simply exit and start a "Series" race. Now you can race the "Series" in Mirror Mode. Go back into Practice and switch "Mirror" off to switch "Mirror Mode" off.
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California Track 100%
If you completely beat Series Mode you are awarded the "CALIFORNIA" track.
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