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TowerFall Ascension Cheats for PS4
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TowerFall Ascension PS4 Cheats

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TowerFall Ascension

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Ascension Stage 100%
To unlock the Ascension stage, first unlock three levels in Quest. Then go to the Archives. Go to the "Ascension" page, and then input the following code:

Right, Up, Left, Right, Right, Down, Down, Up, Down
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Moonstone Stage 100%
To unlock the Moonstone Stage, play all of the stages once, then go to the Sacred Ground stage and play it until it the Moonstage Stage pops as an unlock.
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Sunken City 100%
To unlock the Sunken City, choose "Random" in stage select while in Versus mode. Keep doing this until the Sunken City unlocks.
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Towerforge 100%
Beat King's Court in Quest on either Normal or Hardcore difficulty.
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Prancing Puppet 100%
To unlock the Prancing Puppet archer, you first have to unlock the Sunken City stage.

To unlock the Sunken City stage, just keep choosing "Random" in stage select until the stage unlocks.
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Vicious Vessel 100%
To unlock the Vicious Vessel archer, go to Versus mode. Play on the Twilight Spire stage repeatedly and eventually you will unlock this character.
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Ancient Exile 100%
There is a crystal on the Moonstone stage that has the Ancient Exile archer inside of it. To unlock her, just break the crystal.

To unlock the Moonstone stage, you have to play every stage at least once, then play again on the Sacred Ground stage in Versus.
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Forgotten Master 100%
To get the Forgotten Master archer, you have to collect the yellow gems that can be found hidden in every stage in Trial Mode.
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Trophies 100%
These are the trophies for TowerFall: Ascension. Keep in mind that it is possible that these trophies will be patched to make them easier to unlock by the time you read this, but the basic way that you can unlock them will still be the same, just slightly easier.

Ascension (Bronze) - Discover Ascension
Battle Stenography (Silver) - Earn every award in Versus mode
Creation Myth (Bronze) - Discover Towerforge
Crimson Shield (Bronze) - Earn 8 red skulls in Quest Mode
Demented Thespian (Bronze) - Unlock the Cyan Archer
Demon Queen (Bronze) - Unlock the Purple Archer
Exuluna (Bronze) - Unlock the White Archer
Fabled Recluse (Bronze) - Unlock the Yellow Archer
Golden Goddess (Silver) - Earn 14 red skulls in Quest mode
Massive Mythology (Bronze) - Play 20,000 rounds of Versus mode
Omens (Bronze) - Discover Moonstone
Rapture (Silver) - Complete Ascension in Quest mode
Serpent Hymns (Bronze) - Discover Sunken City
Tall Tales (Bronze) - Play 1,000 rounds of Versus mode
Thief's Badge (Bronze) - Beat 30 diamond times in Trials mode
Time Lord (Silver) - Complete all 36 stages in Trials mode, with a total best time of under 2 minutes
Way of the Order (Bronze) - Complete the first 3 towers in Quest Mode
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How to earn Red Skulls 100%
Every time you beat a level in Quest Mode, you earn a skull.

If you complete the stage on Normal, you earn a white skull. To get a Red Skull, you need to complete the level on the Hardcore difficulty.
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