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Campaign 1776: The American Revolution Cheats for PC
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Campaign 1776: The American Revolution
PC Cheats

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Campaign 1776: The American Revolution

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Hints 100%
Keep your troops within their command radius, and they will
perform better and recover more quickly when routed.

Don't shoot until you see the whites of the enemy's eyes!
The weapons of the period were notoriously unreliable.
Accordingly, Campaign 1776 gives units a bonus the 1st
time they fire. Make sure to use the bonus wisely; don't
waste it on frivolous, long-range shots.

Your troops hate exposed flanks. Try to keep units in a
line, with troops on either side of each unit. Place your
strongest units on the end of the flanks.

Forcing a unit to retreat through a zone of control
eliminates it. Attempt to surround an enemy whenever
possible, then attack them. If the melee attack goes well,
the enemy will be forced to retreat and hence eliminated in
the zone of control.
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