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Lords of Legend Cheats for PC
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Lords of Legend PC Cheats

Rating: 4.8/5 VOTE
Lords of Legend Cheats

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Lords of Legend

Rating: 4.8/5 VOTE

A quiet relaxed way to start the game. 100%
When an age begins, you have the opportunity to go attacking right away to see if you can amass enough gold to purchase a barracks. A barracks is needed in order to have a place to house your troops. Troops are needed to build an army. A barracks costs 50k gold. The quiet easier method of starting the game is to register then not attack for approximately three days time. In that time you will obtain gold every game tick, every 30 minutes, and will accumulate 50k gold in that time. You can only be attacked for your gold once you have made an attack yourself. So by not attacking for three days, you remain unattackable and nobody can steal your gold.
By: DracoDirk(25)
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The different strategies to start a new round 100%
There are numerous strategies that many players use when they start a round of Lords of Legend. You start off at 24/25 power and your troop count will double the original amount each new day of the game of the original 24/25. You need your barracks to gain troops and you need your market to gain income. Once your market is open you have 15 ticks until it ends for your day, during those 15 ticks you have an income bonus for the day. You can set the market to accommodate your everyday schedule. There is also an fort which gives you a +25 defense bonus.

The market cost 40,000 Gold, Barracks cost 50,000 Gold, Forts cost 50,000 gold.

Option 1#: You start the game with 40,000 Gold. Some players if patient 'as I do" will get the market the first day and wait until the 2nd day to get my barracks. Trade the game creator has dummy accounts that stay at the bottom 24/25 power. By the second day you will be double the power and can hit the dummy account which replenishes it's gold daily. You also get an income bonus until you reach level one on successful attacks. Another reason why I personally get the market then go for the barracks is due to the invisibility benefit until you win a successful attack. You also may get lucky and catch a runner going for a building which can also help on your first raid. If you happen to miss the barracks then you are stuck and may have to take the option of re doing your game or waiting for your gold to increase and attack points to increase.

Option#2: Some players get the barracks and ease their way into a market. You have the benefit of having a barracks to regain troops but it is then complicated to get the market since you will be visible. If you get the barracks there is no reason to get the Fort since it isn't that beneficial at the start of the game.

Option#3: You can try and shoot for the Fort for the defense bonus, but unfortunately you won't be able to purchase troops and your income will be very low. This usually is not the more favorable option and you have a very high chance of falling behind in the rankings quickly.

Option#4: Finally you can get very lucky and get market/barracks first day or even get all 3 within a 2 day span.

I prefer Option#1 and this is coming from a 20+ round veteran and consistent top 15 Power Player/ Leader of the game.

Choose your options wisely....

- Warlock "W#P"
By: WarlockLoL(55)
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The Adrenaline Rush - Building Runs 100%
Through the first part of building your army, you will need buildings to house your troops. Until the buildings reach a level of 20, there are limitations as to how many troops your barracks will hold. As time goes on these barracks cost more and more. Unfortunately you can't just save up the gold sitting around, most will attack you for your gold if it gets to a certain level. So, in order to get the higher cost barracks each player must do something called a "building run". How this works is a player will scan the player base of players looking for those sitting on the highest amount of gold. The more gold they have the more money you can plunder on a successful attack. So, typically, a building runner will open many browser windows with individual players to attack. Then, very quickly, the building runner will attack each player hoping to win enough money at the end to build that desired barracks. During this time, other players are scanning the field looking for building runners, since they have lots of gold on them during this time and try to cash in on the huge money base.

When going after that level 20 building, it costs 1million gold coins, so there is a pure rush of excitement, fear and finally relief if you actually get the building. It's a pretty intense 30 seconds.
By: DracoDirkLOL(40)
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Gear up 100%
A bit farther down the line, when your account has peaked the income of +50k and you've gotten a lot of buildings though not all, don't be afraid to simply hit the brakes like Tom Cruise in Top Gun

"I'm gonna hit the brakes and he'll fly right by. / You're gonna do what!?

Sorry I digress.

At this point, assuming you are in a top clan and most likely a toplord yourself, that means top 30-50 out of thousands playing. You simply start to fall in the rankings. But have you quit?

Heck no, you're stocking armor, DA (defensive adjustment) above all, basically so much like there is no tomorrow. So when you finally push the gas (lets say a few days later or maybe even a week) on the power rushing again, the top 1-5 clans might think they got this in the bag, they will actually stand no chance when the war is coming. Since you have used the money with the ratio of let's say 70% power and 30% gear, you will cut the enemy like butter in sunshine even if they are stronger in power.

And oh yeah, the war will come. And that's when you'll need the gear to survive the attacks better.

So gear up, WA (weapons adjustment) and WB (weapons bonus) are good to have, but in reality you'll only need 5-10% troops covered, but at the very least 35-50 % DA covered.

By: KovaLoL(54)
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A good start 100%
Hey all, it has been a while since I have been able to play this game, for some odd reason whenever I tried to go to it I was not able to play it =p

Anyways, I will now be giving a guide to a good start from what I do remember, bare with me on this as I try to recall what the best way to play the start is.

The veterans that have posted before me have forgotten that our beloved game maker made a slight change to the game(see how I did that? =p) which gives everyone a free barracks at the start of the round. This addition drastically changes the way the start of the round is played because now people have no need to go on building runs in the beginning.(A building run is when you go on a lot of attacks as fast as you can, utilizing multiple tabs in your browser, in order to get as much gold as quickly as you can so you can get a new building before you are attacked.)

With the free barracks you are able to simply purchase your market with your 40k starting gold and now you have both a market and a barracks day one without even having to become visible! Here is where it gets tricky and this is what you will attempt to do if you are daring and smart....get your first fort as well.

Now it is not easy, let me tell you, and it requires some quick reflexes, a fast processor and internet speed, and quite a bit of luck, but if you are patient and smart you can get all three of your starting buildings(Barracks, Market, and Fort) all in the first day and that will most definitely put you out ahead of the curve.

You won't be in the top ten right away, people who spent their gold on mercs(those are soldiers you can purchase with your gold) and not a fort will be there in the beginning but with the added power the fort gives you, and most importantly the added soldiers you get each day from the fort(forts give you extra soldiers each day just for owning them) you will quickly catch up to them and surpass them, catching them as they run for their own forts later on helping you even more.

Now it is time to merc rush(that is buying as many mercenaries as you can, because the more troops you have the bigger your income will be) and hunt runners(attack people as they go on building runs and have high gold) all the way to the top of the rankings!

The most important piece of advice I can give you is that if you fail on your fort run it is not the end of the world, use one of your three resets(you can start over three times) and try again and if you fail yet again then just cruise along with your barracks and market with the rest of the people that failed...the round will be a long one and there will be plenty of time to make up any lost ground.
By: zardozrLoL(45)
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Week 2 100%
The beginning of the round has come and gone, you did your opening building run, used your resets if you had to, and are now sitting pretty with a market and a fort(If you were lucky) or just a market if you were unlucky.

Safe gold has been pretty low, and no one has been running for buildings because of that, so hopefully you have been stockpiling your aps and not hitting anyone(It is always a mistake to hit for low gold, even more so in the early stages of the round) because you will notice in week two that safe gold(The amount of gold a warlord can sit on without someone else attacking them for it) has steadily been on the rise and that means that you are going to get more gold for your aps.

The rise in safe gold also means that it is just about time for people to start running for buildings again, which means it is just about time for you to hit them and steal lots of their gold.

As soon as safe gold gets to about 10k you can start to keep an eye out for runners(At the 10k stage it will be people who are still invisible who need a last little bit of gold to get a 50k fort) but the real time to keep a close eye out for them is when safe gold gets up to about 15k. When safe gold gets to this level, now is your time to shine because you have stockpiled your aps and can just hunt runners all day.

I would usually say that people will be running for 50k buildings so wait till they are about 45k to hit them when you are busting their runs, but it is possible that they are going for a 40k market(really possible if the test round is any indication) so it is important that you don't get greedy and wait too long when busting them. If you see them anywhere near 40k go for the bust and just hope you are not too late!

You are now gonna fly through the aps you saved. If you have a ton of aps and are above level zero then go ahead and spend the majority of them tick hunting people on high gold(Hitting high gold targets as soon as a new tick starts), always keeping some in reserve for busting another players building run.

You are also gonna fly up the rankings because you are getting a better average gold per ap than all of those people who spent their aps hitting people on 6k gold, the patience you had in the beginning will pay off in the end.

The game is still gonna seem like it is going pretty slow but hang in there, as soon as people start hitting level 5 and clans start getting formed the real fun begins and you will be glad you hung in there and gave this game a proper chance.
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