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Beastmaster Cheats for Dota2
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Beastmaster Dota2

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Beastmaster Stats 100%
These are the default stats for Beastmaster at his various levels.

Level 1:
Hit Points - 587
Mana - 208
Damage - 60 to 64
Armor - 4.52
Attacks/Second - 0.69

Level 16:
Hit Points - 1252
Mana - 598
Damage - 95 to 99
Armor - 8.16
Attacks/Second - 0.84

Level 25:
Hit Points - 1955
Mana - 1053
Damage - 132 to 136
Armor - 12.7
Attacks/Second - 1.03

The following stats are the same no matter what level Beastmaster reaches.

Movement Speed - 310
Turn Rate - 0.4
Sight Range - 1800/800
Attack Range - Melee
Missile Speed - Instant
Attack Duration - 0.3+0.7
Cast Duration - 0.5+0.5
Base Attack Time - 1.7
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Recommended items for Beastmaster 100%
These are the recommended items for Beastmaster. The item is on the left, and the price of the time is in parentheses next to the item.

Clarity (50)
Healing Salve (115)
Iron Branch (50)
Stout Shield (250)
Tango (125)

Boots of Speed (450)
Bracer (525)
Magic Stick (200)
Ring of Basilius (500)

Drum of Endurance (1850)
Magic Wand (500)
Power Treads (1400)
Town Portal Scroll (135)

Aghanim's Scepter (4200)
Assault Cuirass (5250)
Blink Dagger (2150)
Heart of Tarrasque (5500)
Necronomicon 3 (5200)
Pipe of Insight (3625)
Refresher Orb (5225)
Vladmir's Offering (2050)
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Wild Axes 100%
Ability: Target Point
Affects: Enemies
Damage: Composite
Range: 1300

These axes are used to deal damage to enemies, but they are also used to take out trees, which can offer your allies more maneuverability when going on the offensive in the lanes.
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Call of the Wild 100%
Ability: No Target
Affects: Self

Beastmaster has two summons. The first summon is a Hawk and the second is a Boar.

For the first two levels, you will summon a Scout Hawk. At the third and fourth level of upgrades, you can summon a Greater Hawk. All of the hawks have a duration of 60 seconds.

You can't get the boar until the second level. It is a Lesser Boar until level 4. The Boar has a duration of 60 seconds just like the Hawk.
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Inner Beast 100%
Ability: Aura
Affects: Allies
Radius: 900

Inner Beast is an ability that will increase the attack speed of your allies.

Instead of just increasing the attack speed of your allied heroes, it will also increase the attack speed of your "Call of the Wild" summons.
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Primal Roar 100%
Ability: Target Unit
Affects: Enemies
Damage: Magical
Range: 600
Radius: 250
Movement Slow: 50%
Attack Slow: 50%

Purchase Aghanim's Scepter by the time you get this Ultimate, as it will boost the stats of it considerably. This is a pretty typical Ultimate it will stun your target and also deal damage to other enemies that are in the radius of the attack.

Primal Roar will also knock enemies out of your path. So if there are numerous creeps blocking the path or are swarming in front of a tower, you can knock them out of the way easily with Primal Roar.
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Hawk Stats 100%
Beastmaster is unique as a hero as he can summon animals to help him. The first animal that you are able to summon is the Hawk. These are its stats.

Duration - 60 seconds
Hit Points - 50
Armor - 0
Movement Speed - 270
Sight Range - 500/1600
Bounty - 30/30
Experience - 20/20

Once you reach level 3 and 4 in upgrades for the Hawk, it is upgraded from Scout Hawk to Greater Hawk. The Greater Hawk can become invisible, and it also has improved stats.

Duration - 60
Hit Points - 100
Armor - 5
Movement Speed - 400
Sight Range - 500/1200
Bounty - 65/65
Experience - 77/77
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Invisibility - Hawk 100%
Ability: Passive
Affects: Self

Once the Hawk is upgraded to a Greater Hawk, it will have the ability to become invisible. To make the Hawk become invisible, it just has to stay motionless for at least four seconds.
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Boar Stats 100%
Beastmaster can summon a Boar to help him in matches. The Boar can't actually be summoned until you spend two upgrade points on him.

Duration - 60
Hit Points - 400
Damage - 23 to 29
Armor - 0
Movement Speed - 350
Sight Range - 1400/800
Attack Range - 550
Missile Speed - 1500
Attack Duration - 0.633+0.337
Base Attack Time - 1.5
Bounty - 26 to 38
Experience - 59

At level 4, the "Lesser Boar" becomes the "Greater Boar." The Boar's stats are increased at this time in some areas. The Greater Boar also has piercing damage.

Duration - 60
Hit Points - 500
Damage - 43 to 49
Armor - 0
Movement Speed - 350
Sight Range - 1400/800
Attack Range - 550
Missile Speed - 1500
Attack Duration - 0.633+0.337
Base Attack Time - 1.5
Bounty - 26 to 38
Experience - 59
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Poison - Boar 100%
Ability: Passive
Affects: Enemies
Duration: 3

When it becomes a Greater Boar, the Greater Boar can inflict poison on enemies. The poison will slow attacks as well as general movement speeds.
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