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Bane Cheats for Dota2
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Bane Dota2

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Bane Cheats

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Bane Stats 100%
These are the default stats for Bane at his various levels.

Level 1:
Hit Points - 568
Mana - 286
Damage - 55 to 61
Armor - 4.08
Attacks/Second - 0.71

Level 16:
Hit Points - 1195
Mana - 715
Damage - 88 to 94
Armor - 8.77
Attacks/Second - 0.91

Level 25:
Hit Points - 1898
Mana - 1196
Damage - 125 to 131
Armor - 13.94
Attacks/Second - 1.12

The following stats are the same no matter what level Bane reaches.

Movement Speed - 315
Turn Rate - 0.6
Sight Range - 1800/800
Attack Range - 400
Missile Speed - 900
Attack Duration - 0.3+0.7
Cast Duration - 0.5+0.51
Base Attack Time - 1.7
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Recommended items for Bane 100%
These are the recommended items for Bane. The item is on the left, and the price of the time is in parentheses next to the item.

Animal Courier (150)
Clarity (50)
Clarity (50)
Mantle of Intelligence (150)
Tango (125)

Boots of Speed (450)
Magic Stick (200)
Null Talisman (470)
Soul Ring (800)

Aghanim's Scepter (4200)
Arcane Boots (1450)
Observer Ward (150)
Town Portal Scroll (135)

Black King Bar (3975)
Blink Dagger (2150)
Boots of Travel (2450)
Flying Courier (370)
Ghost Scepter (1600)
Necronomicon (2700)
Rod of Atos (3100)
Scythe of Vyse (5675)
Shiva's Guard (4700)
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Enfeeble 100%
Ability: Target Unit
Affects: Enemies
Range: 1000
Duration: 20

Bane can lower the attack of enemies for 20 seconds. Obviously this is how to use him in a supporting role.
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Brain Sap 100%
Ability: Target Unit
Affects: Enemies
Damage: Pure
Range: 600

Brain Sap is another ability by Bane that helps him in his supporting role. It slowly takes away the damage of enemies and then heals Bane, similar to "absorb" in Pokemon.

Since Bane is ranged, you'll want to use him to just constantly be messing with the enemy heroes. Lower their attacks with Enfeeble and use Brain Sap to keep Bane healed as creeps are sure to come after you.
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Nightmare 100%
Ability: Target Unit
Affects: Units
Damage: HP Removal

This ability will put enemies to sleep and will deal consistent damage to them.

You can hit your allies with Nightmare to cause them to go to sleep. This is advantageous because if an enemy attacks an afflicted ally (or yourself), then the "Nightmare" affliction will pass to them.

Unless you are playing with people that you know on your team, then try to avoid using Nightmare on other players. This needs to be a very coordinated thing, because your allies typically don't want to be put to sleep.

Nightmare can be used on Bane himself as well. In this case, you can wake Bane up at any time by re-selecting the ability.
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Fiend's Grip 100%
Ability: Channeled
Affects: Enemies
Damage: Magical
Range: 625

Bane's Ultimate. This move is ridiculous when you land it. It will cause an enemy unit to stop moving completely, it will constantly hurt them, and it will also sap mana away from the enemy. It basically renders them completely useless and vulnerable to be absolutely destroyed.

The major downside is that it has a 100 cooldown rate, meaning that you can't spam it. You have to be precise with this move. You can put an enemy to sleep with Nightmare, and then lay this on them so they have no chance of dodging it.
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