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WWE 2K15 Cheats for PS3
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WWE 2K15 PS3 Cheats

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WWE 2K15

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WWE 2K15 Guide 100%
Complete the 2K Showcase, master MyCareer, and much more with this comprehensive walkthrough and guide for WWE 2K15!

Read the Guide --> WWE 2K15 [Guide]
By: Toebin(12172)
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WWE 2K15 - Achievements Guide 100%
Unlock all of the achievements in WWE 2K15.

Read the Guide --> WWE 2K15 - Achievements [Guide]
By: Toebin(12172)
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How to unlock alternate attires 100%
Pretty much every alternate attire is unlocked in the game through completing the optional objectives in 2K Showcase mode.
By: Horror Spooky(203)
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WWE 2K15 Roster 100%
This is the roster for WWE 2K15.

AJ Lee
Big E
Bray Wyatt
Brie Bella
Brock Lesnar
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Damien Sandow
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler
Erick Rowan
Hollywood Hogan (Collector's Edition)
Hulk Hogan
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena
John Cena (rapper)
Justin Gabriel
Kofi Kingston
Luke Harper
Nikki Bella
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins
Shawn Michaels
Steve Austin
Sting (pre-order bonus)
The Big Show
The Miz
The Rock
The Undertaker
Titus O'Neil
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
Xavier Woods
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Off screen gameplay 100%
This is off-screen gameplay footage that was recorded at Gamescom 2014. See the video: Cheat Video
WWE 2K15 cheat video Cheat Video
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How to do a desperation pin 100%
After hitting a big move and if you have very low stamina, sometimes your wrestler will stay on the ground. If you push the left stick, the wrestler will start crawling on the ground. Push the stick towards your opponent and then press the pin button (B on Xbox or Circle on PlayStation) to perform a desperation pin.
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Stamina explanation 100%
A new mechanic in WWE 2K15 is stamina. Stamina has three levels. It is seen underneath your superstar's health. If your stamina depletes completely, then they will be sluggish and may even fall to the ground.
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How to unlock Sami Zayn 100%
Sami Zayn is unlocked by getting promoted to the Main Event brand in MyCAREER mode.
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How to unlock Corey Graves 100%
To unlock Corey Graves, complete the NXT portion of MyCAREER mode and get promoted to the WWE Superstars show.
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How to unlock Adrian Neville 100%
You can unlock Adrian Neville in MyCAREER mode. Get to the Raw brand to unlock him.
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How to unlock William Regal 100%
To unlock William Regal, you have to be playing MyCAREER mode.

In this mode, you will be given the chance to pursue an optional storyline with Regal. Just accept all his offers and this will in turn result in you unlocking him once you finish the story.
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