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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Cheats for WiiU
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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition - Side Quests Guide 100%
Complete every side quest in the game and unlock the Lore Master achievement/trophy in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition with this walkthrough.

Read the Guide --> Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition - Side Quests [Guide]
By: Toebin(12758)
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Guacamelee! - Infierno Challenges Guide 100%
Get a gold medal in all Infierno Challenges at El Diablo's Lair in Guacamelee!

Read the Guide --> Guacamelee! - Infierno Challenges [Guide]
By: Toebin(12758)
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How to get the "Next-Gen!!" achievement/trophy 100%
Description: Started a New Game on Save Slot #2

Strategy: Simply start a new game in the second save slot. You can do this whenever you'd like.
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How to get the Pollo Bomb 100%
The Pollo Bomb is unlocked by completing the Inferno challenges in El Diablo's domain.

You need to get at least 10 silver medals across all of the challenges. This will unlock the silver door at the base area of the building. Go through the door and you will find the mini Choozo statue. Destroy it to gain the Pollo Bomb ability.

To use the Pollo Bomb, turn into a chicken and then you can lay the Pollo Bomb eggs. They are little purple eggs that blow up. Use them to destroy purple blocks in the game.
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Where to get high combos 100%
There two achievements/trophies related to combos -- one involves getting a 125 hit combo, and the other involves getting a 200 hit combo.

If you've beaten the story and still haven't gotten them, one of the challenges in the Inferno actually requires you to get a 200 hit combo in order to get the gold medal. Since you have to get all gold medals in the Inferno to get 100%, then this is the perfect spot to practice.

To get high combos, utilize throws a lot. When throwing an enemy, you are temporarily invulnerable to the attacks of other enemies. Also use your special attacks as much as possible. It's best to go for these high combos after you've already unlocked all of the special moves and have upgraded Juan quite significantly.
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Combo Chicken 100%
In Santa Luchita, you can go to the gym to meet the Combo Chicken. The Combo Chicken teaches you sweet combos using your various skills and abilities to test out against its skeleton/robot test dummy.

Not all of the combos will be available right off the bat. Revisit the gym in Santa Luchita regularly when you learn new special moves so that the Combo Chicken can teach you new combos.

This is actually considered a side quest, so you should complete it regardless. There are two achievements/trophies attached to the Combo Chicken side quest, called Do or Do Not and Poncho'd Out.
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Arenas 100%
Numerous times throughout the game, you will be walled off and stuck in a specific section where you have to defeat all of the enemies there in order to proceed. These walled off areas are called Arenas.

Completing an Arena without taking any damage will unlock the achievement/trophy called "Flawless".
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Orb locations 100%
There is a total of seven orbs in the game. The orbs complete a luchadore mask. Six of the seven orbs can be acquired before the final boss, and the last orb is obtained by defeating the final boss.

If you gain six orbs, you can get the ability to fly while in chicken mode! Since that's awesome, let's get to where exactly you can find these orbs!

Orb 1 - Once you've gained the ability to flip between the two dimensions and also have the ability to turn into a chicken, you can collect the first orb in the game.

Go back to Juan's house and go to the bottom right corner of his house. Switch the dimension so that you can get beyond the wall. Note that you will need to be a chicken in order to fit.

This will lead to an easy maze. Get through the maze and you will find the first orb.

Orb 2 - The second orb is found in the Caverna del Pollo. You can reach this area through Santa Luchita. Go to the bottom of the town and then go all the way right to find an abandoned mine. Enter this mine to find a series of gauntlet area battles.

You will need the dash special ability before you can fully complete this place. It's best to do this area in co-op or when you have Juan significantly upgraded. I personally didn't tackle it until beating the story.

Anyway, you will find areas to drop down into. This will result in battle after battle, and after each battle, you can drop town into another area. Complete the first area to get a chest. Then take the elevator (to the left) to head to the second gauntlet. Complete it to get two chests.

Complete the final gauntlet to reach the doorway to the second orb.

Orb 3 - Orb 3 is a challenging orb to get. First of all, you need to get to the Tree Tops, which is an area that is not located on the map. Go to the Desierto Caliente first. Then enter the Tule Tree area from the Desierto Caliente area. This will lead you to a blue block that you were unable to break the first time you went through. Destroy it with the dash ability.

Cling to the wall here and then zoom to the top to reach the tree tops. This is basically one giant platforming challenge. What you need to do is self-explanatory, but actually executing the platforming moves is what's challenging about this part.

Anyway, get to the top and you'll have some trolling chickens to talk to. Enter the door at the top and then you can get the third orb.

Orb 4 - Fast travel to the Forest del Chivo. Go to the right to the next screen. There is a hill here, with a small tunnel beneath it. Turn into a chicken and move through the tunnel. Stay as the chicken and go across the platforms floating above the green goop. There's a lever here, so pull it.

STAY AS A CHICKEN. Run on the platform beneath the skull lever to the left. You should hit the top of the wall when you jump, land on the middle platform, then continue exiting through the left, the way that you entered. Stay as a chicken and climb up the hill. Cling to the top wall of the hill that is facing to the LEFT. Then fly to the left.

You'll hit a spiked platform and then drop down through a small hole. However, if you are having troubles getting there fast enough, you can slam a little bit before the spiked wall and then continue on foot if that is a little easier for you.

Down through this hole, you will find another door to the Chaca Mool. Go to the right to find the next orb.

Orb 5 - Go to Santa Luchita. Then enter Sierra Morena from here. At the first checkpoint/save/shop thing, go to the right. All the way to the right here is an opening. Step outside through this opening to see a perilous cliff area. Go back to the room to your left, go to the far wall on the left, then fly through the gap. You'll launch all the way across to a door. Go through.

This leads you to a platforming challenging with disappearing platforms. The trick is to keep an eye on where the platforms will be for the next jump. Not too tough. Complete this to reach another door to another orb. Almost done now!

Orb 6 - To get the sixth orb, you need to get 10 gold medals in the Inferno at El Diablo's Lair. Once you've gotten 10 gold medals, the locked golden elevator that El Diablo wanted to get into will now be open. You can go in there to get the sixth orb. Upon collecting your sixth orb, you will now have the ability to fly while in your chicken form.

Orb 7 - Gained by defeating the final boss. If you've already defeated the final boss before getting the other orbs, simply reload your old save and collect the rest of the orbs before fighting the final boss again. Note that to get the "El Savior" achievement/trophy you will NEED to re-fight the final boss, as it requires you to collect the six previous orbs and then get the seventh orb.
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Greatest Enchilada Ever ingredient locations 100%
At Santa Luchita, go to Isabella's Kitchen. Once inside, speak to Isabella herself. She wants the ingredients to create the world's greatest enchilada, so Juan needs to collect those ingredients for her.

Beans - If you enter Santa Luchita from the Sierra Morena entrance, drop down the first chance you get, right when you see the red house with the luchadore painted on the side of it. A woman will be walking back and forth with a basket on her head. Talk to her to get the beans.

Cheese - Drop all the way to the bottom of the town. Speak to the man that is right to the left of the mine entrance, standing on the platform. He will provide the cheese necessary.

Chiles - Switch to the "dead zone", and then go to the stairs in the middle of town. Across from the middle landing of the stairs will be a skeleton standing on a platform. Speak to him to get some undead chiles for the greatest enchilada ever.

Tortillas - To the right of Isabella's kitchen is a two story inn called the Super Siesta Inn. At the bottom of this inn are two shut double doors. Standing in front of them is a woman in a pink dress (make sure you're in the "living zone"). Speak to her to get a ton of tortillas!

Now that you have all the ingredients, return to Isabella's Kitchen and let her know the good news! Now Juan is a part of history!
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Alux Locations 100%
One of the side quests in the game involve defeating five Aluxes. To get this side quest, go to the town in Pico de Gallo (make sure you have the "Dead Zone" activated). Then speak to the skeleton in the purple shirt standing outside the house with the shining door. He will give you the side quest to destroy the five Aluxes, with the reward of being able to enter his home and loot his basement for supplies.

Alux 1 - All of the Aluxes are in the Canal de las Flores. Fast travel there and then start killing them. The first Alux can be found in the upper right most corner of Canal de las Flores, not far from the fast travel location. There is a block in the way, but you can make it disappear by switching to the dead zone. Kill the Alux inside and then continue your hunt.

Alux 2 - Open your map. There is a checkpoint/shop directly beneath you. Go there to find a small area to move through in chicken form. This will lead to a purple block. Use the pollo bomb to destroy the block. You can get the pollo bomb by getting at least 10 gold medals in the Infierno challenges at El Diablo's lair. There is a quick maze to get through, and after that, you can get to the second Alux. He's next to a sign that says "Barro Kart" when you're in the dead zone. Kill him.

Alux 3 - If you enter the Canal from the forest, keep going to the right of the map until you're about in the center. In the area where there are logs slightly sticking out of the water, turn into a chicken. Fly straight up. Go to the right and you will find a giant. Kill it and go to the right again to find the Alux to kill.

Alux 4 - Pop open the map again. Look at the shop closet to the Forest del Chivo exit. Directly across the shop to the right is the path to the next Alux. You'll know you're going the right way when you encounter a giant chicken. Keep going to the right as soon as you can, and then you'll come across the next Alux. Kill it, then go back to the left through the big area that you just went through here.

Alux 5 - In this big area, use a combination of dash, uppercut, and goat fly to reach the top. If you need an idea of where to go, just fly to the top here in chicken form to find the red blocks that block the way at the top to the next Alux. Kill the Alux up here and then just drop straight back down.

With all five Aluxes defeated, report back to the quest giver in Pico de Gallo and loot his basement.
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I swat you achievement/trophy 100%
Description: Defeated a Chupacabra using only Slam

The slam ability is done by first jumping in the air and then pulling down the left stick while pressing B (Xbox), Circle (PlayStation), or A (Wii U).

The Chupacabra enemy is the flying skeleton creature that shoots fire balls out of its mouth. They are encountered at numerous points throughout the game. Simply spam this attack at them and defeat one with it to unlock the achievement/trophy.
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Map explanation 100%
Press the equivalent of the select button on whatever console you're playing on to open the map.

The map will show you each major area in the game. You can keep track of how many collectibles you have left in each area by their color. If they are bronze, that means you still have collectibles to gather there. If the area is gold, that means that you've found 100% of all the collectibles there.

There are three main collectibles in the game found in chests (not counting coins, of course). There are collectible pieces that give you more health, more stamina, and a large Intenso meter. You can keep track of how many more pieces you need on the map screen.

Other important map icons include the stone heads that offer fast travel between the major areas chests that you have seen but missed for whatever reasons and colored blotches to mark the various blocks that can be destroyed in the game.
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Hard mode 100%
Beat the game on the normal difficulty setting to unlock hard mode.
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How to activate Intenso 100%
Once you gain the Intenso ability, a meter will be underneath your stamina blocks in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

There is a white mark on the meter. Once the meter is filled up beyond the white line, you can activate the Intenso meter by clicking in the left and right analog sticks. Intenso can be deactivated by clicking in the left and right analog sticks as well.
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Abilities 100%
The shop features several abilities to purchase. Some of the abilities, such as the upgrade chunks, can be purchased multiple times. These are the abilities that can be purchased from the shops:

Health Chunk
Stamina Chunk
Health Regen Boost
Stamina Delay Boost
Stamina Regen Boost
Respawn Boost
Das Boot
Aimed Throw
Stun Boost
INTENSO Health Regen
INTENSO Shield Breaker
INTENSO Charge Boost
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Costumes 100%
At the shop, you can purchase a wide variety of costumes. These costumes are purchased using silver coins. The silver coins typically come from pinatas that can be broken after arena battles, but they are also found in some treasure chests sprinkled throughout the world.

The costumes actually change various stats regarding the characters. The only costume you need to buy in order to 100% the game is the Diablo's Suit, so I recommend buying that suit before any of the others.

NOTE: Buying one costume will unlock the equivalent costume for the female character in the game as well. The female character is typically controlled by a co-op partner, but you can choose to switch to her from the Costumes menu in the shop.

Juan (alternate color scheme)
+Bonus Charisma
+Discount at Hernando's

Tostado - $5
+Bonus Charsima
+Discount at Hernando's

Pollo Luchador - $10
+Health regenerates over time
-Stamina regenerates more slowly

Pinata - $15
+Earn money faster!
-You're extremely fragile

El Portero - $20
+Super-powerful throws
-Weaker melee attack damage

Warrior's Might - $30
+You gain Intenso more quickly
-Taking damage drains Intenso
-Intenso drains more quickly

Skeleton - $35
+Infinite Stamina
-No life from red orbs

Alebrije - $40
+Deal massive damage!
-Take massive damage!

Diablo's Suit - $50
+Melee attacks steal life
+More stamina
-Less life
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