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Metroid Fusion Cheats for GBA
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Metroid Fusion GBA Cheats

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Metroid Fusion

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Gamecube 98%
Near the start of the game when the X are tying to make the
environment to their own conditions and block the fans, go to one
blocking the fans (the ones that you have to kill with missiles and
give off X Parasites). It will be floating around. Look at the top
left of it, in the very corner of the X. You will see a Gamecube.
Information in this section was contributed by CJ McIntosh.
Complete Sector 3 the 1st time. Once up on the elevator, an
intermission will start, and the Navigation screen will read
"Incoming Dispatch" with a GameCube at the bottom of it.

Gallery mode (Japanese version):
Win the game to unlock the Gallery Mode option.

Hard difficulty setting (Japanese version):
Win the game under the normal difficulty setting
to unlock the Hard Mode option.
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Defeating Ridley 98%
When you walk into the arena, charge up your beam and shoot it at
Ridley. Do this about 7 to 10 times. Ridley should get red

When his eyes start to glow, charge up your Wave Beam. When he
breaks free, shoot him. When he tries to grab you, you should try
ducking. However, if he gets you, keep shooting missiles at him
rapidly and he will release you, crying out in pain. When he is in
the air, keep shooting him with your charged beam and he should die
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Defeating Tube Parasite 97%
You cannot hurt it at the moment, so prepare. Charge your beam up.
The Boss will jump around. Hold the charge. Wait for the jump where
a disk will appear below it. Run under it and shoot the charged beam
at the disk. Then immediately afterwards, fire a missile after it.
Next, run to the side with the most room. if the disk touches you,
you will be sucked inside and damaged. When the head is left with
the feet, the 1st jump will bring out the disk.

Hint: Collecting "cold" X easier:
After getting the Vira suit, the cold (large blue) X will try to
evade you and leave. Shoot to stun them and easily collect them.
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Collecting all X easier 96%
Once you have the Power Bomb, go to a room where there are a lot of
X Creatures/Parasites. Press Down(2) to morph into your ball form,
then lay a Power Bomb. Do not move away from the bomb. When it
explodes, not only will it destroy all onscreen enemies (unless the
enemy is very powerful) and stun all the X parasites that appear,
but the vacuum will pull all onscreen X parasites back to you. This
can be done as many times as needed, depending on the amount of
Power Bombs you have.
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Defeating Nightmare 96%
When you get to the room with organism Nightmare, wait for it to
fully appear. When it does, it will shoot a group of missiles/lasers
at you. It goes up and down inside the room. When it is up, run
underneath and shoot a missile at it. Shoot at the circle thing
under it. Repeat this process until it only starts to shoot 2
lasers. You must then use the Charge Beam. Shoot at the same spot as
you did with the missiles. Kept repeating this process. When it
starts to explode, avoid the lasers. When its face falls off, jump
onto the ladder on the wall and shoot missiles at it. When it
reaches the wall, it will fly around. This is hard to avoid, but try
to do so. Repeat this process until it turns into the ball. You
should then know how to kill it. You will get the Gravity Suit
ability. *** You should have at least 6 energy bars.
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Samus without her suit 96%
Win the game with all items (100%) to see Samus
Aran without the suit, wearing something similar to a bathing suit

Alternatively, win the game in under 2 hours with at least 50%
of the items collected to see Samus without the suit, leaning.
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Pseudo Screw attack 96%
To kill a host of an X parasite without being attacked, charge your
beam to full power and perform a spinning jump into the enemy. This
will destroy most minor enemies in one hit. The stronger ones (for
example, Zebesian Space Pirates) will take more hits, but you will
sustain damage each time you hit them. This maneuver will also work
on certain Bosses. The real Screw attack gained by defeating Ridley
X is far more powerful. granting you invincibility and the ability
to destroy all enemies (except Bosses) on contact.
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Defeating Sirrus 96%
When fighting Sirrus when it is zooming around the room, attach
yourself to those things you can climb on to the ceiling.
Information in this section was contributed by Pikachu946500057.
When fighting Sirrus, stay on the middle block on the floor (the one
that started the battle) until he comes at you. When he does that,
jump up and grab the ladder on the ceiling.

Be very careful. It can appear from anywhere. When you have a clear
shot, hit it with a missile in the head. Do not worry if you miss;
as most of this is luck. If you hit it in the head, it will pause
momentarily. Get out of the way. It will go around very quickly. You
can only hit him once he calms down. Repeat this until he is

When you enter Sirrus' lair, climb up the ladder in front of you.
Run and jump across the platform until you reach the other side.
Watch out for Sirrus when you do this. When you get to the far side
(the side that you exit later), jump onto the ladder and climb to
the very top. From here, Sirrus cannot hit you unless he does a high
jump. To hit him, fire missiles at his head when he is not flashing.
Alternatively, you can use the Charge Beam to hit him. You can also do
this if you run out of missiles. The easiest way to defeat the X at
the end is to dive underwater and hit it with missiles there.

First, go onto the platform and run around on there until you hear
an earthquake. Now, quickly go onto the ladder on the right and you
can fire either five missiles into Sirrus' head or charge up your
beam and fire 4 times. When he cries out in pain, get your
missiles ready. Now, just shoot the Core X until the thick membrane
is destroyed.
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Defeating Arachnus 96%
Fire a missile when it takes form (its stomach). It will now do one
of 2 things. If it throws a blue slash at you, jump over it and
fire another missile. If it spits fire at you, jump up and grab the
small ledge. Press the D-pad in the opposite direction and prepare
to jump. Jump immediately before he hits the wall. Repeat this until
Arachnus is defeated.

When the 1st set of fire comes down, turn into your Morph Ball and
go all the way over to the fire ball on the right. Wait until it
starts to go to the middle. Now, keep shooting missiles (when the
spider is charging up) until it shoots the 3 fire balls. You
will get hurt, but at least you will hit him. You have to keep going
next to the fire balls until he loses his legs. Once this happens,
you can go to the right of the stage and shoot missiles up at him.
When he turns red, go to the left of the stage and shoot up.
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Samus without her suit 95%
Win the game with a time under 6:30 and all items (100%) to see Samus Aran without the suit, wearing something similar to a bathing suit.
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Hidden Energy Tank 95%
When you are in the 1st Boss's room (that says "target" and makes
the beeping sound on your map), ledge jump until you collect your
1st Energy Tank. Proceed until you reach a hole, but do not drop
down. Instead, stand at the left platform one unit before the hole.
Fire a missile into the ceiling. If you shot the correct location, a
hole will appear. Shoot a beam into the hole in the ceiling and jump
up. Go to your right. Drop down to receive an Energy Tank. Wall jump
out and drop into the hole you passed earlier to fight the 1st
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Hyper Screw attack 95%
This move is used while performing the Speed Booster. *** You will
also need the Screw Attack. While running in hyper mode, jump
forward into a Screw attack and do not stop moving forward. You will
notice that you will still be in hyper mode while airborne. If you
continue the Screw attack with the Space Jump and never stop moving,
you will remain in hyper mode until you run into something solid or
stop moving. This technique is very useful for breaking boost blocks
with no extra running space around them.
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Wall jump 95%
To reach platforms easier, spin jump next to a wall, press the D-pad
opposite to the direction that you went, then jump. Samus will touch
the wall and propel herself off it in a another jump. This can be
done repeatedly. Once you have the space jump, this is unnecessary.
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Skipping levels 95%
After you go through the restricted section, go to the navigation
room just beside the elevator. When you chat to it, it will instruct
you to go to another place. If you want to skip a couple levels,
chat to it again. It will instruct you to go to the Operation room
to set a collision course with a planet. You will now be able to go

Hint: Glow:
Go to the main deck and stand on top of Sector 6 elevator. Now, run
until you are going turbo. About five seconds after doing this,
press Down(2) and Samus will keep glowing for a few seconds.
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Wide range missile block destruction 95%
Once you have received the Diffusion Missile upgrade, go into a room
with missile blocks that are difficult to reach. Launch a Diffusion
Missile. When you do this, all the missile blocks in the "diffusion
ring" will be destroyed. This is useful if there are several missile
blocks in one area.

Hint: Speed boost warp:
Once you have defeated Serris, find a place to run. Keeping going
until you get your speed boost, then press Down, A and choose the
direction you wish to move. Samus will warp at very high speed,
destroying anything in her path until she strikes a solid object
that is not made of speed booster blocks.
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Defeating Omega Metroid 95%
This trick is easy to do and with some luck, you will not get hit at
all in the entire battle. When the Sa-X sacrifices itself, get the
Ice Beam. Now, when you start shooting the Boss in the chest,
rapidly press B to keep hitting it. The Omega Metroid should cry in
pain several times and will not be able to hit you.

In the battle with the Omega Metroid, when it swipes you, Samus will
become motionless for a few seconds. However, if you rapidly press
Up, you will cut this time down dramatically.
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Fire over ledge while hanging 95%
You can fire over the ledge that you are hanging on by charging the
Beam and releasing it. *** This may only be done with the Wide
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Super warp jump 94%
This is slightly difficult to perform and may require a few
attempts. Find a place to run until your Super Run kicks in. This is
obtained after you defeat Serris. Now, quickly press Down. Samus
will kneel down and glow. Now, jump. Samus will fly upward until
she hits a solid object not made of speed blocks.
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Glitch: Power freeze 93%
*** This can be done once. When you reach Ridley, you can slow
down time momentarily while fighting him. When you enter his room
and Ridley's eyes glow, plant a Power Bomb. Now, quickly leave ball
mode and begin charging a Diffusion Missile. Shoot it exactly at the
same time the Power Bomb detonates at Ridley (for the best and
longest effect). Ridley should have done its battle cry and it will
sound slower than normal. Your movement will slow down as well. This
effect will remain as long as the 2 explosions are still on
screen. This can done even while Ridley is in flight.
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Defeating SA-X 93%
When you 1st get into the room where you fight SA-X, charge your
Power Beam and go up to the door. Stay with ground combat. Since it
is charged, keep it like that and wait until he is normal (and not a
green ball and invulnerable). Take the 1st shot, then hold it down
to charge again. He should jump into the air and land next to you.
This is your chance to shoot. Do the same thing repeatedly until he
gets fuzzy. When you hit him he will turn into a giant monster. The
only way he can hurt you is to jump on you. Charge up your beam and
hit him in the face 4 times. His eyes will go red. Walk next to
him and he will die. On the spikeball, charge up your missiles, When
his eye opens up, shoot then jump over him immediately. If you run
low on health, use your Screw Attack and hit him. A group of Xs will
appear. Collect as many as needed. You can do this repeatedly.

When SA-X enters, freeze him with an ice missile and charge up your
beam. Continue this to defeat Sa-X in about 2 minutes.

Charge up your beam and spin jump to get him to follow you. While in
the air, jump to reach the bottom. When he jumps, shoot your beam at
him. Then do it all again until he transforms. Next, stand on the
middle platforms and shoot him with a charged beam, then jump to the
other side and do it again. When he changes again, treat it like the
wide core-X. This requires practice.

When SA-X appears, charge up your beam and jump to the bottom floor.
He will soon follow. Now, quickly jump up to the top right
platform. If done correctly, he will jump on the platform.
Immediately jump to the bottom floor and shoot at him when he comes
down. Repeat this process several times until he turns into his
monster form. The only way he can attack you is by jumping on you.
You must charge up your beam and shoot him 4 times, including
dodging his jumps. He will then turn into a large Core-X. Charge up
your missiles to full then shoot his eye when it opens. When he
takes damage, jump over him before he shoots you. Repeat this
process a few times. If you run low on health, jump into him with
your Screw Attack and he should release some.

Go into the room and make him appear. Now, just fall down onto the
little ledge above the 1st door. When he tires to jump up by you,
keep blasting him with your charged weapon. Then on the X, just use
your charged Ice Missiles to kill it when its eye opens.
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Delete saved data 93%
Turn on the Game Boy Advance while holding L + R. Keep the buttons
held until the message "Do you want to erase all saved memory?"
appears. Move the missile over to "Yes" and press A.
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Glitch: Transparent X 91%
Go to sector1 and kill the dog-like creature. Get the X (health)and
nothing will happen for a while. Later on, you will get health.
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Samus without her helmet 91%
Win the game with a time less than 3 and a
half hours and at least 48% of the items collected.
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Increaced 91%
When you have to do the last objective with the wind machines,
gather X Parities to get a lot of life.

Hint: Invincibility:
Charge up Charge Beam (if available), and do a Spin Jump.
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Defeating sa-x easier and faster in 1st and 2nd form 83%
When you start battling the sa-x charge a diffusion missile then freeze the sa-x charge the wave beam and fire a missile as fast as you can repeat untill she ducks now second form of sa-x charge your wave beam then shoot sa-x in the eyes when you do that sa-x will jump fire the wave beam up repeat 1 more time you have finished by:thewinner6000
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Avoiding sa-x in sector 5 (ARC) 75%
After getting power bomb you will find the sa-x go right and then use jumpball to make a passageway you did not use a power bomb
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Lv 4 lock after secret 71%
After you unlock the lvl 4 lock you will reach a room with trapped creatures notice a small area in the wall go into morph ball inside the small indent in the wall and you will find a tunnel then go down lay a power bomb to kill trapped creatures avoid the X and kill the gold monsters then the hatch will be available in the next room lay a power bomb and you found a life tank
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Yakuza 69%
When battling Yakuza the spider, if you got picked up, press left and right as fast as you can and you will be released
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Seconds slow 63%
This cheat works for the ridley boss when you kill the gate eye charge your missle then go in and activate the boss then when ridley blurs  shoot missles continueously sand time will slow down
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Hints for serris 62%
To defeat serris easier, when you enter a room that is very big, run on the platform ( it is on the top of the water). don't worry it won't break. go to the right of the platform go on from there
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Hint for beating serris in 2-3 hits 59%
Charge you beam to full power and shoot him in the head
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Hint 57%
Dont go in a door untill sa-x leaves then when it leaves go running the way the sa-x did then jump but wait untill it leaves
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Ride missles 55%
While batleing riley put down a power bomb get up and charge your ice missle and fire at the same time as the power bomb and them when you freeze time shoot a missle and jump onto it

by:mystery metroid
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Walk in air under water only-Metroid Fuison 53%
When you defeat Nightmre and your under water freeze an enemy. Then plant a power bomb. Then before it explods jump on the enemy. When it explods and kills the enemy Samus should stay in the air.
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Eazy way to defeat sa-x 47%
When he appears start the charge beam. Keep jumping over him untill you know its going in a cycle and when you land shoot at him keep shooting at him untill he transforms. Then ever time he jumps jump so if he hits you it wont hurt. Shoot charge beams at him untill he dies..... almost.
By: lilmouse(452)
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Phazon suit need gameshark equipment. 36%
If you have the master code go to enter the cheats it is. 443566709baf def002dac544 daceea13260a that,s all.
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Metroid 27%
Orange suit
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Instant health 23%
When you need health hold down the down button plus the b button
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